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I was going to say I hated clusters, but then I saw a lot of very pretty clusters posted on this thread! Wow!

So I used to work at a jewelry store in the mall years ago (owned by one of the big chains, but actually was the cheaper offshoot, a kiosk). We had these cluster engagement rings that were just in the shape of princess cut rings and round rings. They were meant to look like solitaires. I just always thought they looked awful (also this is like the cheapest jewelry you can find, not only is the chain store crap but it’s the crappiest store they own). Guys would come in to buy the engagement ring, and they’d straight up tell me that their girlfriend wanted a big diamond but he couldn’t afford it so he was getting her one of the cheap cluster rings. I just always really hoped that their girlfriends would actually rather have a cluster than a small solitaire!

Personally I would much rather have a small solitaire than a cluster, if it’s a matter of money. I’m actually going to be having a purple sapphire instead of a diamond though, because I love colored gemstone engagement rings.

Anyway, clearly after looking through this thread I saw that there are actually some really pretty cluster rings! I especially love the artsy ones (like a flower or a cool shape) and the vintage looking ones (I really like the vintage look).

I would still make the sure the girl would like a cluster ring, as I think it’s like the heart shape – you either love it or hate it. I still wouldn’t like it for myself, as (besides wanting a colored gemstone) I like a more dainty look for myself. And I still don’t like the ones that are meant to look like one big solitaire because I don’t think they pull it off at all and I just don’t like the chunky look. Buuut if the girl likes clusters, there are definitely some really pretty ones out there!

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I have an antique cluster/halo, 1.68 tcw- or rather, I will have one when he pops the question. I helped choose it, and when we did, I wasn’t even thinking about what others might think of it, or if it would look like it was trying to be something it isn’t (and I don’t think it is), though I know it isn’t a traditional ering choice. I knew I wanted something Victorian, and this one really stood out to both of us the most (and we must have looked at thousands O.O) If I had to choose another, more modern ring, I wouldn’t go for a cluster of any kind. I just really love my cluster ring I guess.

Here’s a couple photos, though they really don’t do it justice at all. The OECs are super sparkly irl

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The thing is that opinions & tastes are as varied as the amount of girls on the bee, so it’s all aout what your friend will like.

Since you asked…I would not be happy with a cluster ring, but I’m also not a fan of bling. Ultra dainty (as in 1.5mm band with no stones) solitaire is more my style but some people hate solitaires…

It really is all about personal preference.

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I don’t like clusters or halos for that matter. 

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Cluster threads never turn out well.

I find it hard to pick a side. I like some clusters, dislike others, and that’s the same with halos, three stones, solitaires, etc. I think clusters get a bad rep because there are many made with I3 or promotional quality diamonds, which would make any ring style look bad. Clusters are beautiful in their own right, and if that’s what someone wants, that is a legitimate choice like any other style. There are many cluster rings in my area, they are very popular here.

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If it were me, I would not want a cluster because I would be constantly worried about damaging or needing to re-set the stones.

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So I have a couple of sincere questions (and granted, it might be better suited if I just started a new thread) but anyway, here’s what I’m wondering:

–If people assume that a cluster is done to basically get more sparkle and finger coverage, having the look of a larger stone, then why are halos so popular and clusters so hated? Because honestly, if you have say, 1/2ct in a halo, which ends up looking like maybe a 1ct or bigger on the finger…then how is that different from 4 .25ct stones in a single setting which might to some resemble 1ct or more? 

–Even IF someone bought a cluster to “pass” as a bigger stone…in what way does that personally harm you? Do you personally, as a result of their having a ring that is “lesser than” the carat it appears, now have less of a ct size on YOUR finger? Are you that insecure in your own ring, that it personally offends you that someone might have a ring that looks bigger than yours? That reeks of entitlement on your end (general you, not anyone specific). I would actually like examples of specific instances in which someone’s own ring was in any way affected by another woman’s cluster ring. Please provide if possible.

–It is not wrong to hold an opinion about a style of ring (or about anything). “I don’t care for cluster rings on myself, as I’d prefer a solitare.” Great, get a solitare. However, we seem to think in this country (and others, I’m sure) that your right to have an opinion somehow overarches being a dick in your delivery of said opinion. For example: “I don’t like chicken.” Cool. Opinion. “I don’t like chicken…I swear everyone who eats chicken is ridiculous like yes you’re eating protein but we all still know you’re not eating steak.” See, that last part was rude.

Sorry if this is threadjacking I am just genuinely curious why tf any of it matters  

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I think they can be very Pretty. Lady Chatto (Princess Margaret’s daughter) has one so if it is good enough for her than it is good enough for me. 



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I have one- it is six invisible set princess cuts (OH THE HORROR) with a halo (DOUBLE THE HORROR) and sapphires and diamonds going down the band.  I used to have pictures on here but removed them all.  I was not disappointed at all to receive it.  I find solitaires to be too plain, boring, and common (no offense to anyone who has one).  I have seen some gorgeous ones on other people but they just weren’t me. I wanted something different. It looks vintagey with a touch of contemporary, which I love.  Not to mention the sparkles are just insane!  It doesn’t look warm or murky (unless it needs cleaned). I am not sure of the exact carat weight- prob between .50 and .75 if I had to estimate.

I don’t find it harder to clean.  I just soak it in windex or soapy water and then do a gentle scrub with a toothbrush or use a diamond dazzle stick.

Mine does not get caught or snag though it is set a bit high- but that’s also because he knew I wanted a ring where the band fits flush against the engagement ring. I have not had an issue with any diamond coming loose and falling out. 

I would see if she likes them first because as you can tell they are either a love or hate kind of thing. I have to disaggree with a lot of the comments on here.  It’s not always about the dollar amount- some people actually like the look. Cluster does not always equal cheap or low cost. Are there bad examples, of course.  You look across the board at any ring style and there are good and bad examples.  And furthermore how does a ring pretend to be something it is not?  It’s a ring! There is a lot of snobbery when it comes to clusters on here and it is kind of irritating.  I am not less engaged because my ring is not one center stone and someone with a single center stone is not engaged more.  Why can’t a ring just be a beautiful ring.  Did I miss a commandment that says “Thou shalt have one center stone only?”

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mrsginger :  This, so this.

I have always thought it was funny how halos are accepted when clusters aren’t. I guess the giver put in their dues by putting a big rock in the middle, so it’s ok to have a ring of little rocks around it? But with the cluster there probably wasn’t a big rock (making it cheaper) so how dare them for getting the same coverage?

I have a moissanite solitaire. LOTS of people will do this kind of thing with moissanite vs. diamond too. I think some people find it unfair that some of us get the coverage we want without going crazy in debt. What’s funny is when I tell people I was either getting a 1ct diamond or 1 ct moissanite and we went with moissanite, it gives them an attitude of relief. Like, oh well they could afford a 1ct so she’s not showing off wealth she doesn’t have! That’s what it’s about for some people. Gotta show that status, and make sure that status isn’t somehow manipulated by these small stones or alternative stones. The concept of an e-ring itself is really about status, if you think about it, so I guess I understand why it’s a loaded topic.

It would be helpful if OP came back to join in. Does OP want an opinion on if the cluster is socially acceptable to most people? If it’s a popular style or trend? What’s the point of the question?

Anyway, I don’t like new clusters, I like antique clusters only, for reasons I explained several pages ago. It comes down to design. If anyone wants to decorate their finger with whatever (tiny specks, giant rocks, cz’s, moonstones, emeralds, etc) you go ahead and do it! Not my bling, not my deal. πŸ˜€

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i have an invisible set ring that is not my ering but, before i was engaged, nearly everyone assume and/or asked if it was my ering. and i got lots of compliments on it.

i think cluster type rings are just as pretty as any other ring. they can be a great way to satisfy a taste for big bling without breaking the bank. i definitely have seen some clusters that go overboard or are made so cheaply that they don’t even sparkle, but the majority of them are beautiful. 

i do think that your friend should get an idea what his Girlfriend wants, i mean, she might say, that she would prefer a higher quality smaller stone, or she might like a diamond alternative or she might have always had her heart set on a solitaire or a certain shape. going in totally blind and coming out with a clsuter is defintiely on the risky side. but, if she’s into sparkly things and would like the most bling possible, then a cluster might be the way to go. 

here is mine for reference:

i will say, i did have one of the white diamonds fall out once and then before i could even get it back to the jeweler to have it replaced, another popped out. invisible set are not as secure as something with prongs, so in rings, you definitely have to be aware and be gentle.  

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trianglecoast :  I love Moonstone. I almost considered getting a stand in moonstone e-ring. I should get a moonstone cluster with a double halo of simulated stone and really freak people out!

I’ve also wondered if people had to choose between a diamond cluster or a non diamond solitaire (moissy, CZ, white sapphire) what these people would choose? It seems like the people who hate clusters are usually the ones who hate diamond alternatives too.


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trianglecoast :  πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

I ❀️ all of this.



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mrsginger :  well said and here, here!

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