(Closed) thoughts on getting a second cat?

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Busy bee
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Well, my first cat was very needy, so I got a second cat to keep the first company….and I just ended up with 2 needy cats!  (I have gotten very good at the “petting two cats with two hands and two different speeds” technique!)

Both cats get along and do occasionally play together, but there are times when I think the older one would be happy if it was just her.  

BTW- my cats are ~ 3 years apart in age….I think if you get 2 of ’em when they are both younger, they are more likely to play with each other.

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We had our first cat for about 6 months before getting our dog. Then we waited another year before getting our second cat. We didnt choose to get a dog or a second cat, they just found us and we took them in. Our first cat was very needy but he immediately loved our second cat. Now, I cant imagine not having two cats. They love each other so much. They snuggled together, clean each other, play and chase each other. All of are animals are male. Not sure if this makes a difference.

ETA: Both of our cats are around the same age. We got the first one when he was approx 12 wks old and the second one was approx 1 year old when we got him.

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I dont really have any past experiences and/or advice but I am really interested on seeing what responses you get. We have a cat we got at the humane society he is two. we think he might want someone to play with  so that is why we are thinking of getting him a brother 🙂 not sure though….

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Peter was about 6 months old when I got Smee. He seemed lonely and I thought a playmate would be good for him. It worked out well except that Peter was really playful and Smee was a cuddler, so the match wasn’t perfect. Fast forward 10 years and we got Glory (a kitten). Peter and Glory are fast friends who sleep and play together and I think it really helped Peter get some much needed exercise and get through Smee’s passing. If you think your cat would benefit from a playmate, go for it. If they end up simply co-existig, it’ll still be fine. If she’s a big snuggler already, she might appreciate another cat to curl up with, you never know!

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Bumble bee
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We had our first cat for a few years.  I took him off to college and my parents wanted another one so they got a new kitten.  They LOVE each other.  There will likely be a “boss cat,” which is mine because he was there first lol.  But they love to play together and sleep and bathe each other, etc.  My cat sleeps in the bed right next to my pillow and the second cat sleeps at the foot of the bed.

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Buzzing bee
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My older cat Charles was about 2 when Louie found us (he was a baby that just showed up at our doorstep).  At first Charles would hiss at him, avoid him, etc but now they snuggle and clean eachother constantly.  I’ve heard female cats can be more difficult to introduce to another cat though, but I can’t speak to it personally.

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@EleanorRigby: I just wrote a very similar post about 3 days ago! Great minds think alike. Haha. I had actually heard the OPPOSITE, that cats prefer to have company, especially if the cat is young and you’re gone during the day so they’re all alone. My parents had a cat (female) for 4 years before adopting a second one (also female), and while there was a ton of hissing and some other pretty bad behavior at first (read: peeing on the carpet), they get along well now.  Some of the other bees told me that if you’re going to get a second cat, introduce the two very slowly by first acclimating them to each other’s scents and then allowing them to sniff each other, etc.  Someone else also mentioned that sometimes a shelter will allow you to adopt a kitten/cat on a “trial” basis, so that you can see how your cat will handle another. Good luck, please let us know how it turns out!

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Helper bee
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We decided to get a cat friend for our 10 year old male Loois because he was always sooo needy and lonely. Loois had lived with plenty of other cats before so we didn’t worry too much about it.

We got Amir (a 6 year old male) about a year ago… they have NEVER gotten along. Some days they just ignore each other but other days they fight. They constantly have weird territorial things going so they pee on stuff around the house. They are both really nice calm cats on their own, but for some reason they just don’t get along.

I would do ANYTHING to go back to having just one cat. I love them both, but life was simpler, Loois was much happier, our house didn’t smell like cat pee… It really bothers me and stresses me out but I will not take Amir back to the Humane Society and can’t find someone to take him.

Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say is if you get a cat friend for your existing cat be prepared that they may not ever get along…

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Bee Keeper
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We got a 7 mos male kitten for our over weight 4 year old male. It did take some time (over a month) for things to settle down, they now love to play with each other. Not super cuddly with each other, but I think that is more personality than anything else.

Try to adopt a young cat. Also try to find one that been in a foster home. They can give you a better idea of the cat’s personality. When I emailed a rescue organization about another cat that I saw on their web site, she was going to be too prissy for our rough and tumble boy. So they suggested another boy with a personality that they thought would work better. Because they are kept at someone’s home, they get a better feel for what they are really like in a home setting.

Good Luck!

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Helper bee
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I agree with some PP that you just never know what will happen.  We got a second (younger, female) cat for our needy male cat and they hated each other at first.  Also, Sophie is more finicky about the cleanliness of her litterbox, so I don’t dare scoop it less than once a day, as she’s peed on furniture three times (read: ruined bean bag chair and futon mattress).  She has a different personality than George, so it’s been harder to bond with her.  It’s taken me a long time to not regret getting her, actually.  They sometimes snuggle and clean each other, but mostly they sleep in separate spots and ignore each other.  I think getting two kittens together probably works better.

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Bumble bee
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You never know. 

We had a cat and when we got a 2nd cat, they fought so badly that there was blood. So, we gave the 2nd cat to the neighbour, who really liked the 2nd cat anyways. 

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Busy bee
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We got a second one when ours started stalking and attacking us because he was bored. It took about 2 weeks before I was comfortable to leave them home alone in the same room because the kitten was pretty small compared to our other cat. They are about 2 years apart, both male. We were told the baby was a female but that wasn’t the case… But they get along great and are pals. They play together, sleep together and clean each other.

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