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    @wifegoodman:  I think I am in the same boat as you! We are doing Clomid without a trigger but timed intercourse right now (I’m CD10). My RE’s nurse has said that she thinks he won’t do more than one round of Clomid + timed intercourse because of hubby’s borderline SA. Realistically (being honest), I am not a huge fan of IUI. I feel like there are a lot of bees on here and Hellobee that have had failed IUI’s. I can think of one successful (Candy_nee I think?) IUI off the top of my head. But, financially, we can afford one cycle of IUI with maybe injectibles, so if no go this month we will move on to that (unless I can convince my RE to give us one more month of Clomid). Otherwise, we will save our money and shoot to do IVF in a few years. But I suppose if you can afford it comfortably, it’s worth a shot to try IUI. My fingers are crossed that you don’t have to go down that road!!

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    I did one natural cycle IUI (no meds) and one injectables cycle with IUI (only one follicle). Neither was succesful, unfortunately.

    IUI success rates are as high as 20 percent without any mitigating factors. IVF success rates can be close to 50 percent per cycle.

    I don’t know what’s right for you. I only know that at this point, I would do IVF in a minute if it was covered by my insurance. I am approaching the 2 year mark in our TTC journey (and 2.5 years NTNT) and I am so over it. I just want to be done.

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    I did one injectable cycle with IUI which got cancelled due to too many follicles (more than 9!).  

    We now know that I respond to the meds way better than expected (I’m dealing with Diminished Ovarian Reserve and was supposed to be a poor responder) and we’ve decided not to do any other IUI cycles. We’ll be doing our first IVF early 2013.

    Even thought we didn’t even get a shot at an actual IUI I’m glad we opted to try it first. It was a good learning experience (if you can call it that) on what to expect from an actual IVF cycle. It’s a very emotional roller coaster where you need to always expect the unexpected. Things are looking perfect one day and are looking hopeless the next. 

    Wishing you all the best!



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    @wifegoodman:  Because I had a good number of follies we actually opted to convert the cycle to IVF. But then after two more days of injections my LH levels dropped significantly and my doc recommended to cancel everything. I guess we were just too late in the game to switch procedures.

    Total cost for that converted cycle was $ 3,500 but that includes everything including injection teaching class, monitoring, supplements (1 month), acupuncture sessions and of course the meds. We paid $2,500 out of pocket. An IVF cycle will be $6,700 for the IVF plus the meds and everything. We expect to pay $13-15K for a fresh IVF cycle minues 50% of some of meds that will be covered by our insurance. So let’s say we’ll propably be paying around $11/13K out of pocket.

    Hope that helps! Please feel free to PM me should you have any more questions as I’m not visiting the boards as much as I used too. I also have some blog posts on my experience so far in case you’re interested. As I said, just PM me. I’m happy to share  my own journey with you.

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    I did IUI with injectables 5 times with my exH.  It never worked for us.  They never found anything wrong with either of us but he had borderline low sperm count.  My current RE told me that he was definitely low sperm count and they shouldn’t have done IUI at all.

    Darling Husband has a problem with his sperm swimming upwards so our RE said we needed to skip the IUI and go straight for IVF….which will happen after I have a laprascopy. 

    I also did the Clomid thing a few times but I will say that the IUIs were way more emotionally difficult.  I lived every day according to my cycle day which is really no fun.

    Best of luck to you! PM me if you want….I’ve been TTC for a long time (with my exH and current Darling Husband.)

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    For me, it worked the first and only time I tried it.  I will say, though, that it was our last option as it wasn’t covered by insurance and I just wasn’t mentally ready to jump into IVF.  I did 3 rounds of oral meds (2 Femara 1 Clomid) that were epic failures.  Like I’m sure my ovaries were laughing at me epic failures.  Then, after being referred to my fabulous RE, we discovered my husband had no sperm in his SA and went about trying to fix his blockage.  Once that was fixed, we did 2 injectable cycles with timed intercourse.  My insurance covered both of those cycles.  I did, however, over order my meds on my second cycle b/c we knew if it didn’t work we’d be moving on to IUI which wasn’t covered at all by my insurance.  So, I had enough to get me through my IUI cycle, and didn’t have to pay out of pocket for the meds, just the monitoring and the procedure itself.
    For my IUI cycle, I kind of bullied my doc into letting me take a super high dose (225 IU vs. 75 or 150).  It worked so well, that they ended up bumping down my dose b/c I was getting quite a few little follies and my progesterone was becoming elevated.  I even thought they’d have to cancel the cycle.  They ended up doing an HCG trigger instead of Ovidrel b/c they were concerned with overstimulating me.  I ended up having 4 eggs that were big enough to be released.  Darling Husband had an excellent sperm count – I want to say 15 million or so.  It was a success.  HOwever, with all 4 eggs, and such an excellent sperm count, I am pregnant with a singleton.  Super excited to have just the one, but I can’t help but feel if I had even one fewer egg, it may not have worked.
    In my injections class, the nurse did say that with each cycle of injectable meds, your odds go up with your third cycle being your best shot.  The odds sort of plateau at that point.
    I will also say that I have a super high ovarian reserve (I don’t ovulate on my own, so I’ve just been hoarding them for 29 years) and for my first two cycles, I only had one egg each time that was big enough to be released.  As PP said, the odds are just better with IVF.  However, the cost difference is HUGE.  I think all in all, we paid just under $2,000 for our IUI cycle.  But, again, that was without the meds being included in that.

    I wish you the best of luck and feel free to PM me with any questions!!!

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