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I absolutely HATE personal trainers!  I, personally, don’t think it’s worth the money.  My experience with two different trainers was horrible. Just learn how to use the machines at the gym properly and go at your own pace.  Gym memberships are expensive enough!


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I am by no means wealthy, but having a personal trainer is my splurge. I figure it’s worth X$ to buy myself good health and the confidence it brings. Trainers help me so much with discipline. I will go to the gym and run for an hour, lift a few weights, and head home, but I won’t push myself out of my comfort zone. My trainer is constantly pushing me and challenging me, and I love it! I really didn’t have much weight to lose originally, but when I started with a trainer 1x a week I went from 120 to 100 lbs (5’0″) and have kept it all off for over a year. Now I am working to get even stronger and improve my overall health. Strength training does so much great stuff for your body.

Get a trainer, 100% worth it. If you decide it’s not for you – you can always stop!

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I’ve had a personal trainer before.  He was awesome!  If you make sure your personalities are compatible and the trainer accepts your goals, not their goals for you, it’s a perfect combination to get you started on a long-term practice of fitness.  I don’t use a trainer any more, but habits and exercises he taught me have made a lasting impact on my health.  Plus, he could push me further than I would have ever considered and without that I may not have had such success.  However he did not act like a drill sergeant and treat me like Gomer.   Best wishes!

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@LilySarah:  I don’t want to offend anyone in the profession, but I don’t see the value. If you are not motivated to make a change on your own, no one can force you to do it (and you are motivated – look at you losing so much weight already!). I went to a gym for years, but I have recently started doing Jillian Michael’s DVDs at home – I love it.

It is so much cheaper, she is a great coach, and I am not going bankrupt. She does explain how to do the moves, and you can get great (free) tutorials online. I would stick with free weights at home, but if you’re set on a gym, someone there can show you how to use the machines for free (I was forced to go through one of those sessions, even though I already knew).

This is just what works for me. Good for you no matter what you decide!

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There are some gyms that offer free PT’s certain days of the week.

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I enjoy working with a PT. To me its in investment in my health and to learn do the moves properly to lessen my risk of injury. Also, I know that they push me harder than I would normally push myself and teach me moves and modifications. The workouts I do with them are defintely more effective than what I can do my own. Because I can talk myself out of putting on that extra 5lbs or getting off the treadmill 10 minutes earlier. But they don’t take my stuff. I’ve had two wonderful experinces with PTs (one male, and my current PT is a female at my gym).

I think the key is to find somoene you will enjoy working with personality wise and whose background aligns with you goals. I’m interested in getting more involved with bodybuilding (more on fitness/bikini level than hardcore lifters). After I had my comp PT session at my gym, turns out that the PT assigned to me, has actually done natural bodybuilding competitions and is certified in Olympic lifting (amoung other qualifications). And I love her. You have to interview them as if they are applying for a job, which technically they are.

If you attend a gym, what I usually do is wait for promotion on PT packages. Because I can’t really afford the full rate either. But when its discounted, I’ll make the sacrifice. Also, Groupon always has specials with trainers. I always double check their reviews of yelp.

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I used to personal train- and I can see that if you have had experience with bad trainers, or don’t really need the extra motivation- then they do seem pointless. However I have helped dozens of clients achieve the body and confidence they always dreamed of. Personal trainers don’t just tell you to work out and motivate you. They help you shape your body by knowing what your personal goals are. General workouts are not effective for everyone. For intstance, I had a girl who used to be a cheerleader- she was is fantastic shape- maybe 10-15lbs over weight. When she was done cheering, she wanted her muscle mass to go down so she wouldnt look as bulky. She paid me for my knowledge of the body and how to “trick” the muscles into shaping the exact way she wanted to look. Good trainers, spend hundreds of hours studying the body, metabolic break down, and the muscle structure. Just like paying for any profession- you are paying/investing in your body to someone who knows more than you. 


There are   A LOT of PT scams out there, that can give us a bad rep. However trainers are by no means worthless 🙂 


If you have the money to spend on a good trainer- then you will see results and realize your body is the best investment you can make! 

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@LilySarah:  My Brother-In-Law is a personal trainer, so my (limited) knowledge comes from him. It seems like he’s done a great deal to help some of his clients really transform their lives. He actually got into this profession after losing 135 pounds himself! However, I think it depends on the person. Some people need that accountability, and for people with really limited fitness knowledge, it’s good to have someone show you technique. You can hire someone independently for pretty cheap. However, it’s a useless thing for other people.

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i cant imagine ever using one b/c i just feel like it would be so awkward..can’t really explain why, though!

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@mrshighnote:  They help you shape your body by knowing what your personal goals are. General  workouts are not effective for everyone. …. She paid me for my knowledge of the body and how to “trick” the  muscles into shaping the exact way she wanted to look. Good trainers, spend  hundreds of hours studying the body, metabolic break down, and the muscle  structure.

+1,000. Exactly. There are literally hundreds of execises and I simply don’t have the time to try and figure out whats best for my bodytype. I’d rather rely on expert who has board a base of knowledge.


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Over the last three-ish years I’ve worked with two personal trainers (we moved) and I credit my weight loss/far better body image in part to them. For me it’s about accountability. If I’ve paid and made an appointment, I’m not going to skip it. If I’ve promised that between sessions I’ll do a certain number of hours or reps, I will do it because I feel held accountable. I’m only down 20 pounds, on the scale, but I’ve built so much muscle and lost so many inches it’s incredible. For me, it’s been worth it.

Personal trainers are a luxury, sure, but when I worked it into my budget I cut things like Starbucks and eating out (which had a double benefit, obviously). Everyone has their vice, mine, apparently, is a gym membership/personal trainer.

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When I joined a gym a few years ago I got 2 free personal training sessions. Honestly I didn’t want them, but they kept calling me to press me into scheduling them so I gave in. I’m sure that there are some really great trainers out there, but I was not impressed with the two that I had experience with. At one point we were talking about nutrition and I asked them what percentage of meals should be protein vs carbs vs fat etc. The guy said, “oh it doesn’t matter, as long as you eat x amount of calories it doesn’t matter where they come from.” Are you serious?! You’re telling me that eating a wholesome meal worth 300 calories isn’t any different and won’t have better results than eating a 300 calorie doughnut? C’mon man.

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@LilySarah:  ive never had a personal trainer….but i do crossfit. which absolutely teaches you CORRECT form.  we have multiple coaches that are watching you/helping you at all times so its kinda like having my own pt….that is something i see way too often at “gyms” something as simple as the proper form for a squat.

strength is an important part of fitness, if thats what your going for.

lifting/cleaning/squating are all things that will help your body tone & develop beautiful lean muscles. plus you will get stronger which is always an awesome thing.

i am 5’2″ and probably 130(ish) i honestly havent weighed myself in a year, but i can deadlift 200lbs which i never thought i could do!!

try it out! i think its totally worth it.

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I had a personal trainer and was in the best shape of my life. It affected others areas of my life as well…I was less stressed and did a better job at work, had more energy to keep up with my niece, etc.

We cut back on it right now because we are saving for a wedding. But it’s one think I really miss having! 

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