(Closed) Thoughts on this article about Marissa Mayer's recent Yahoo news?

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I think it’s kind of crazy that people are upset they actually have to GO to work.

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You might want to read some more articles about yahoo and Melissa Mayor before you form any opinions. this blog post is not exactly giving both sides of the story. the thing is, she pulled this company out of financial ruin, and did this all as a brand new mother. I think she is a rock star. 

what would you rather choose: you and your many co-workers being laid off? or choosing to leave your job because you can’t telecommute anymore?  that’s basically what it was coming down to at yahoo.

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I worked for a company that provided telecommuting for special circumstances (ie drs appointments, sick but not deadly, inclement weather) but not on a regular basis.  No one abused it either.  I dont see telecommunting as an expectation or a right.  You go to the office and you work.  It’s not a big deal. 

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Fiance and I were talking about it the other night.  Having to go into work has nothing to do with maternity leave…so the arguments that she is a hypocrite fall flat for us.

Yahoo needs to make a lot of changes or they just aren’t gonna make it.

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I think working from home all the time can hurt a company. I think people are just more effective when they can work together in person. Turning to someone and saying “hey what do you think” is going to lead to better results than an email. She’s not saying you can’t have flexible hours, she’s saying you have to go into an office to do your job.

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I work from home 100% of the time for a global firm. 

Unless you work from home, I think it’s really hard to understand.  I take calls at 10pm at night because I need to talk to someone on the other side of the world.  I get up in the middle of the night when there’s a system issue.  I hate going into the office because I feel like I get VERY little work done.  Too much time is wasted with people chit-chatting and coffee breaks. 

I am pregnant now and think about how much sick time I would have had to have taken if I weren’t at home.  I don’t know how well barfing 2-3 times a day would have gone over in an office during the first trimester.  My team is scattered all over the US and in a couple of other countries.  Of that group of folks, my lowest performers are stationed in offices. 

Personally I’ve stuck around at this job at this rate of pay because working from home is such a huge benefit.  If I were told tomorrow that I’d have to sit in an office, I’d immediately look for another job.  There is definite give and take when it comes to working from home.  Sure I might work weird long hours sometimes, but it’s great to be able to easily walk the dog during my lunch break.

Edit:  I will add that good insightful conversations can happen over the telephone or via skype.  Either you produce or you don’t.  If someone doesn’t produce, they maybe management needs to be a little more active with trimming the fat!

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For the people hired specifically to telecommute, this is total bullshit.  Instead of trying to find an innovative way to improve accountability and find advantages in this technology (which, hello, you work for Yahoo) she’s totally backtracking with giving a very vague reason.

Yahoo is totally doomed.

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@kmarie719:  of course I agree that it totally sucks to lose your telecommuting! I would be super angry if this happened to me. 

what I meant is that if it comes down to it, would you rather choose to leave your job voluntarily, or have to be fired because your company is going under? 

EDIT: but to regard telecommuting: there are some jobs that absolutely benefit from it (like programmers). it is too bad that she made a blanket rule that everybody has to come in. they might lose some very valueable employees as a result.  there are other positions that don’t do so well with telecommuters (such as positions where peole need to be innovative and bounce ideas off of each other) and the company benefited massively from making them come in. 

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I don’t think there is anything wrong about any point made in the entire article. I agree – own your lifestyle choice. You want to play with the top dogs who put in 80-100 hour weeks in order gain and maintain control of their Fortune 500 company? Great! Do that! You want to have a 40 hr work week so there is more stability and time for the family you want? Great! Do that! But don’t think that you can do both. Or should be allowed to. I would like to work part time and make a 6 figure salary. It’s impossible and I should delude myself otherwise.

I don’t believe that means every 40-hr week company should expect their average workforce that is not comprised of start-up-company-go-getters to live and breateh work to the point of abandoning their families. That company can’t have everything either. Just as I can’t work part time and have a 6-figure salary, they can’t pay their workforce mid-to-low wages with crappy benefits and expect 100hr work weeks until they can provide the appropriate compensation. 

There will always be businesses that operate at that break neck speed and that’s fine. They work hard, but the reward is HUGE (big salaries, executive positions, incredible benefits, giant retirement packages). But the people who CHOOSE to be employed by those companies can’t go into it thinking they can just sit back and let the money rain down on them. They’re gonna have to do the legwork. But those companies will also need to realize that those speeds can lead to high turnover and low morale because most of us are just people and sometimes we fatigue.

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I used to work for Yahoo! It annoyed me to no end people working from home (still does) It’s true, a lot of issues are solved by the water cooler. Relationships are formed at work not over email. 

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