(Closed) Three weeks of clean eating…then fail. Please help!

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Perhaps just re-motivate yourself. Write down all the reasons why you’ve decided to make these changes, why you want to eat healthier and lose weight.

Realize that every once in a while you’ll fall off the healthy-eating wagon, but that tomorrow is a new day and you can decide to eat healthy again and work out (if you do that).

Don’t beat yourself up too much just because you eat non-healthy foods for a day or two, it will make you feel worse about yourself and you can sink further away from making better eating decisions Because you feel bad about what you ate.

Don’t keep junk in the house and spend Sunday (for example) cutting up all your fruits and veggies for the week to snack on. Pre-plan meals so you aren’t rushing to make something quick to eat. 


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it works, its easy, its awesome.

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Helper bee

One of the most helpful things I was ever told about not falling off the band wagon (in general) was that if you are in your car and you get a flat tire you don’t give up and pop the other 3, you change the tire and move on. It’s ok to have a few rough days because it’s not one bad day that got you to where you are now. 21 good days for sure out weigh one bad one! You just have to keep trying to sustain good habits and beating yourself uo when you make a mistake is not a good habit!

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Fantastagirl:  LOVE this advice. But also remember that you will be going through withdrawal (perhaps not medically defended withdrawal, but a withdrawal of sorts) for the first say, month, which makes it a lot harder to stick to. Just try to get through the first month.

I don’t know much about Weight Watchers but Lite n’ Easy works very well. Absolutely EVERYTHING you need to eat for the week is provided for you. Every egg, slice of bread and packet of jam. (except milk). This means that you don’t have to go grocery shopping, so there is no temptation. You barely have to cook, mostly microwave (I love their dinners, still crave tandoori chicken) which means less time in the tempting kitchen and more time for yourself/exercise. You might find yourself hungry in the beginning but often it’s because you haven’t had enough water or eaten the piece of fruit they gave you for the day or because you were eating way too much before going on it. Like I said, the first month is the hardest but then it becomes much easier. 

Also, find exercise that you love to do, I hate most exercise but found that I LOVE pole dancing. It is so much fun that I hardly notice the hard work. Plus, building up muscle means you burn more energy even when resting, so that helps! Perhaps you’ll find that you love dance, yoga, horseback riding, basketball, soccer, running, swimming, rock climbing – just find something that you enjoy and preferably that has classes you can sign up for and pay in advance (to motivate you to attend).


Good luck!

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I have so been there. My advice, stop counting calories and start counting carbs. Eliminate sugar and grains, this helps your cravings tremendously! A book called the grain brain has helped me dramatically! I’m losing weight and I feel amazing.  I never have to be hungry. Also , throw away the scale. Go off how you feel and the way your clothes fit. Lastly, let go of all or nothing thinking. Just because you blew it at lunch doesn’t mean you have to go off the rails all day. Just because yesterday was a bust, today is a new day. Be kind to yourself and focus on health not weight. You can do it!

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The only way to lose weight is calories in < calories out. So, counting calories and exercising in other words.

Download myfitnesspal and use it to track your food, exercise, water intake, weight, measurements. Yes, it will be tough, but its worth it to know you are improving yor health (I’m not saying heavy people are unhealthy or start an argument btw, but there’s no way anyone can argue with the fact that eating well and exercising is bad for you).


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TiffLee:  One day does not make your whole pattern off.

Sometimes, having a planned cheat day every week or two is REALLY helpful. That way, you can save your cheat for that one day, you don’t feel deprived because you’ll get what you crave, and get that craving out of your system. 

4 Hour Body is helpful. I have done well on it, and maintained some of my habits from it.

Weight Watchers is helpful. I like the meetings because they keep me accountable to weigh in and concentrate on how to better my actions towards my goals each week.

I also like using 21 Day fix. Combo of workouts & portion-based eating plan. There are containers for veggies, starches, proteins, fruit, cheese/nuts, seeds & fats and for your weight/activity level there’s a goal for how much of each to consume each day. It’s whole-foods based, so it takes some getting used to, but I really really like it for guiding my food choices. 

I still fall off the wagon every so often, but I get back on because I know what my goals are and I know how crappy I feel if I’m off my game for a few days.

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TiffLee: You didn’t fail…you suceeded for three weeks! My suggestion is to take it one day at a time: it doesn’t matter what yesterday looked like and it doesn’t particularly matter what’s on tomorrow’s menu – make a goal for today. Tomorrow, make a goal for tomorrow. Since you have trouble sticking with it, perhaps you’re being too harsh on yourself? Do you typically give yourself a “cheat” day? 

I’m not a big fan of WW, but it might work for you. I prefer MyFitnessPal (basically just calorie recording) so I suggest checking that out!

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TiffLee:  Perhaps institude a cheat meal on a regular basis (once a week?) so that you don’t have to be perfect all the time.

With all the temptations in this world we ALL fall off the healthy eating wagon many times.  The key is to not beat yourself up, but just to dust your self off and get back on.  A few days of eating junk does not negate several weeks of good choices.  It’s jsut a very minor set back.

If you are eating well but are still signifigantly over weight, I think you need to look seriously at your exercise level.  Regular exercise is great for mood disorders as well!  Gotta love something that will do double duty!

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It’s not your fault 98% of all diets fail long term, this book is about hunger directed eating ( eating whatever you want ) and it’s amazing and works !

How to have your cake and skinny jeans too by Josie spinardi , it’s on amazon.com

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