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Love this!! Okay.. let’s think… i’m going to go for all old stories.

When my mum was in the hospital waiting for me to arrive, my grandmother was getting impatient and shouted “oh for goodness sake, will someone just SEDUCE her already?!” and my mum laughed so hard she went into labour. I was brought into this world through laughter – hella yes.

I ran into a waitress when I was 2 years old and black coffee was spilt all down me. I was scalded all over my body and luckily my mum picked me up and ran into the kitchen and threw cold water all over me. One of my arms was around her neck and she missed that bit, so now I have a huge scar the size of my palm on the inside of my left arm. it’s in the shape of Africa, though – and it’s awesome.

When I was also 2 (what a great age) I was having a tantrum and my parents had put up one of those gates to keep us from falling down the stairs. well, i shook that gate so much that I broke it, and I fell down the stairs. I was so distraught that I peed on the floor. I’ve never been able to forget that.

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When my sister and I were kids we wused to sell various things from the end of our driveway. We sold:

  • Lemondae


  • Cookies


  • Arranged a tag sale with old toys


  • Fish we caught from the lake


  • Flowers we stole from neighbors’ gardens


  • friendship bracelets and


  • a chipmunk that we caught with a toy dog crate.

I have a couple medals from a waterskiing club I was a part of, I learned how to water ski when I was 7 years old.

I was pulled from dance class when I was a kid because I sat down on the stage and cried through the whole performace. 

ETA: Also when we were kids and my cousin would come over to visit we would make a “surprise” for my sister so we could hang out without her which meant we took hours creating a whole other world in the finished basement complete with scenes made from construction paper on the walls and 3D props.

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@GroovyHippieChick:  That is funny to be addicted to circles. I have honestly never heard of anyone having a favorite shape. I love it. 

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Hhmmm. Lets see. I want to tell something good.

 My grandma passed away 3 months before I was born and still to this day everyone says I look just like her. Its strange resembling someone so much that you have never met.

 I love dipping french fries in chocolate shakes! Its my favorite thing to eat and I have to only allow myself this special treat once a week because well, lets face it greasy fries and chocolate shakes are not that good for you.


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@turkey22:   chocolate shakes are not that good for you.

They’re not?  bwaaaahhhh!

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@happyface:  I know it was news to me too! LolSmile


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Ok I wanna play..

I have a twin sister, so when we were 6 I used to tell my mom my sister did, we would get each other in trouble


I lied and told my sister she was won on the price is right as a prize… she was upset for months…LOL

then in middle school, my sister kiss my boyfriend and he didnt know the difference.that it wast me. UGHHHH ( mind you he was 13 he should have known)



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I spent many years doing a polar bear swim on New Years Day where I went “swimming” in a river in my hometown in Indiana.  Some years they had to break through the ice covering the river.

When I was little, I somehow learned to climb out of my crib.  My parents couldn’t figure out how I was doing it so they decided to video tape it.  They put me in my crib and then turned on the camera and encouraged me to “come to mommy and daddy”. I get this big grin on my face and start climbing.  Then I lose my balance and fall back into the crib and hit my head.  And it’s all on tape.

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This is fun let me see:

I have been singing since the age of 4. I was raised in church and every sunday or maybe everytime we had church I was the one that everyone wanted to hear. Took choir in high school for 4 yrs and when I auditioned the teacher asked how I knew my pitches. I was born for this I told her (jijijiji). Twice wanted to try out for American Idol but my mom always said God gave me the gift to sing for him not the world (yes very religious). So finally had a chance two yrs ago get invited to sing at a  Christian Latin Music Festival which was really cool.

I cannot eat chicken mcnuggets unless I peel the skin off first and If i am in a hurry I get upset cause I didnt have time to peel this skin(very weird but true)

I cannot stand to have my ears touched. It drives me crazy and upsets me. My DH thinks it funny and tends to get me when I least expect it.

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@turkey22:  I do that too!!! Chocolate shakes and french fries! It’s my chocolatey salty carb snack!!! haha I’m glad someone else does that!!!



   My parents thought I was crazy when I was a little over 2 years old because I remember everything.  Brought me to the DR and I took a bunch of tests and it turned out I have a Eidetic memory.


 I have broken my ribs 7 times. 

  I am called tiny tears because ANY thing will make me cry. My parents swore I could ‘feel’ what someone else was feeling because i’d cry for them lol.

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I’ll bite… let’s see..

I’ve never broken a single bone in my body and hope that I never do.

I have two marks on my cheeks that are from my bout with the chicken pox at age 4.

When I was 2 my mom took me to Guyana to show me off to her siblings that still live there.. and apparently I thought it would be great fun to chase some chickens in the yard. Well they were not amused and decided to give chase to me and I ran and cried my little eyes out.

The very best birthday of my childhood was my 5th birthday. My brother made me an entire playhouse out of cardboard boxes and painted them and put all of my toys in them. This was a few months before my parents split up so it is a very special memory to me.

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