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I’m not pregnant, nor do I have PCOS, but I do have to take thyroid meds every day.  If you’re a little hypo, that would give you mild tired/slow symptoms that taking a small dose of synthroid (or whatever) would relieve.  Even a little dose change can make a difference – mine just got upped a tad and I’ve been hungrier and more awake these last few weeks and only just realized that it’s probably because of the lower TSH.  So yeah, lowering that TSH can definitely give you a mild energy boost.  Unless you’re hyperthyroid though, the meds will just bring your energy to where it *should* be on its own.  

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ItsPronounced_ABear:  It sounds like you’re pretty early on so it’s not uncommon to not have many symptoms.  My mom had her thyroid removed and was on synthroid when she found out she was pregnant with my sister.  She didn’t have any complications due to the thyroid issue and my little sister is now 13 and in gifted advanced classes.

If you’re lucky you won’t get morning sickness at all.  It different for everyone.

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ItsPronounced_ABear:  I had my thyroid removed 2 years before I got pregnant. I can tell you that before I had my thyroid removed my TSH was .7-1.5.  I get sluggish at 3ish and totally depressed and running on empty at about 4.5-5.0  I’ve had no issue maintaining my TSH during pregnancy.  At 12 weeks we up’d my medicine level from .15 to .175 and I felt much better.  As far as morning sickness goes, I felt bad between 8-12 weeks and the worst around 10 weeks. BUT, my “worst” wasn’t that bad compared to most people.  You just don’t know how you will feel until you are through it. 

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I am hypo, and yes anytime your hormones change, like with pregnancy or birth control pills your body’s need for thyroid replacement does too…sometimes women swing hyper than hypo with early pregancy…the pregnancy hormones estrogen and progestrone change your body’s absorption of snythroid..just get your levels checked frequently during pregnancy, thyroid testing unfortunately is not an exact science becuase one person’s body may natutally need a higher or lower TSH to function..it’s not a one number fits all 🙁 wish it was!  THats why I think subclinical hypothryoid diagnosis for many patients is BS, because for their individual body “subclinical” may actually be full blown hypo…that happened to me, and I spent years miserable with a doc that didn’t “think” hypo thyroid was the case!

When I first went on thyroid replacement I felt like a brand new woman!  My energy level soared, sometimes when youve felt like crap so long you forget what feeling normal feels like!

Congrats on your pregnancy:)

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ItsPronounced_ABear:  Ahh and one more thing, I was diagnosed with PCOS too about 5 years before I actually was able to be diagnosed as hypothyroid and get a dr to give me thyroid meds.  As soon as I got on thyroid replacementt the PCOS was gone, and I mean completely in two cycles.  Truth was I never really  had PCOS, as I assume soooooo many women do not, but they get diagnosed with it bc many docs don’t look into thyroid.  HYPOthyroid causes PCOS, it is a symptom of it, as many other things are…i wish more docs would think outside of the box and actually listen to their patients…

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I was boarderline hypo and went on synthroid for TTC purposes. When I got my BFP, I just was monitored more frequently. My doseage hasn’t changed. I doubt it affected my symptoms. I’m 12w now. Some people just don’t get fatigue, just like some don’t get morning sickness. I didn’t feel any different when I started the synthroid before we got pregnant, so I don’t think it did much in terms of how I feel after the fact.

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I had my thyroid removed about 13 years ago and have been on synthroid ever since.  THey monitored my levels every trimester but I never needed to change my dosage, nor do I now after my peanut was born.  I definitely had a rough first trimester with nausea, headaches and tiredness..I  guess it’s different for everyobe.  Sounds like you’re really being attentive to it which is great! Hopefully you’ll just have a nice symptom-free first tri!

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