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On my 5th cycle TTC, I had an early miscarriage and had some basic hormone testing through my OB-GYN.  My TSH was 5.2 (Slightly high) and T3 and T4 levels were normal.  I was referred to my GP and she started me at 25 mcg of Synthroid.  Eventually it was increased to 50mcg then 75mcg before my TSH level dropped – overall it took another 6 months until my TSH was below 2.5.  

I started seeing a fertility specialist around that the time my TSH levels were stabilized (anywhere from 1.2 – 2.4)  I had another early miscarriage the first cycle after seeing the RE.  4 cycles later (18th cycle overall) I got pregnant via IUI and am almost 13 weeks now! 

My cycle length did not change pre or post treatment (It was around 30 days unless I was doing a medicated cycle).  I did not notice any other effects either – no change in energy, weight loss, etc.

good luck to you!

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I had sub clinical low T4 treated prior to TTC. (TSH and T3 were normal) I can’t remember the number exactly but was .2 away from being under the lab level.  I had pretty long cycles and was O’ing on day +32. After I started taking meds for it (I can’t remember the name) my cycles shortened by about a week and I was O’ing on cd25. I felt a HUGE change in my energy and mood. Huge. We got Pregnant the first cycle TTC and I 100% believe that would not have happened had I not sought treatment! 

Eta: I’m getting my levels retested next month but my dr was in no rush to retest since I got pregnant and was able to stay pregnant. 

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I am not planning on TTC for many years still, but I have Hashimoto’s and a TSH of around 80 when I stop taking my synthroud. So my endo and I are already talking about plans for this and giving myself a little bit more time then most other people would need. I highly suggest an endocrinolgist that knows about thyroid and women’s health (while mine does, and she is amazing). They may have to change your dose throughout your pregnancy, so you just need to keep getting your bloodwork done like clockwork, and feel for the symptoms- cold intolerence, extra tired/brain fog, achy joints, to kind of notice if your TSH is elevating. Good luck 🙂 you will have a wonderful pregnancy with this little bit of help!

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Doctors (at least mine) prefer that your TSH be below 2.5 during pregnancy, so if yours is higher than that and you plan to TTC, I would persue treatment. 

Adequate thyroid hormone is essential for the survival of the fetus. I had a freak out around week 6 of my pregnancy when I was absolutely exhausted and found out my TSH was almost 5.  

It was only then I was told your body uses 30% more thyroid while pregnant (despite asking the right questions, apparently of the wrong people). 

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That said, my hypothyroidism was not subclinical, but not as bad as futuredoctorbee’s; my TSH was about 22 at diagnosis.

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I was ttc for over a year before I had my levels tested. My TSH was slightly elevated at 3.23 with normal T3 and T4. I was put on 25 mcg of synthroid and when I was re-tested 8 weeks later my levels had actually gone up to 3.79 so my dose was upped to 50 mcg. I got pregnant that cycle and my levels were normal (1.5) next time I was tested.

ETA- It didn’t affect my cycles at all, I was charting and had completely normal ovulatory cycles. I really didn’t have any symptoms of hypothyroidism at all.

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When I was first diagnosed with hypothryoid, my TSH level was 5.5. My doctor initially put me on 50mcg levothyroxine (generic form of Synthroid), which brought my level down to 2.7. Since the goal was to be below 2, the doc suggested that I take 50mcg M-Sat and 100mcg Sun. Now my level hovers around .9-1.3 and I’m 24 weeks pregnant. I don’t think hypothyroid impacted my cycle length but I do think that having a level below 2-2.5 helped with conception. 

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Level of (I think!) 2.4 here, identified in a last-minute blood test right before starting an IVF cycle. It was flagged up to the Dr but she didn’t want to treat it or change the protocol or anything – so whilst not *perfect* in TTC terms, she obviously doesn’t think it’ll be a problem. In the TWW wait now, s time will tell… I’ve never had a BFP though, so no link for me between hypothyroidism and early loss.

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Feist:  Absolutely pursue treatment.  Thyroid production is one of the most important needs for healthy fetus development.

I have subclinical hypothyroidism.  At diagnosis, my levels were 6.79.  After treatment of 25mcg Synthroid, they reduced to 3.10.  Doctor upped my dosage to 50mcg when I wasn’t getting pregnant.  Levels are more stable now below 2.0. Treatment of my hypothyroidism has never impacted my cycle length. 

My doctors have informed me that optimal levels for TSH are between 1.0 and 2.0 for getting pregnant.  From someone who has been trying for over a year, I would totally recommend paying close attention to your thyroid because you don’t want unnecessary barriers to getting pregnant when it may be something you can control.

Good luck!


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In my case my hypothyroidism was discovered while I was pregnant. It standardly hovers around 3 TSH and I think that might have been a contribution to our taking 7-8 cycles to get pregnant. My TSH jumped to 5.2 while I was pregnant then dropped to 3.4, but my doctor still wanted to put me on 25mcg of Synthroid. A week later I miscarried (it takes 3-4 weeks for the medication to kick in), so I guess the damage had already been done. Increased risk of miscarriage and damage to fetal brain development is a known side effect of hypothyroid.

Since then it has been about a month and my levels haven’t gone down that much (currently about 3), so I will probably have my dose increased to 50mcg next time I see my OB. Definitely be proactive and get your levels checked regularly if you are pregnant or TTCing. I don’t wish this nightmare on anyone else.

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