(Closed) Tiaras…tacky or fabulous?

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    Of course, seeng a pic with audrey its hard to say tacky… but there are so many things you can put in your hair. if you want bling, you could use a skinny headband, or pretty clips, even a flower brooch thing. You could also use real flowers in your hair, or find amazing fake flowers on etsy. ( http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6296630 )

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    i say: go for it!

    a tiara isn’t for me — but i completely disagree that it could be judged  to be tacky or in poor taste any more than, for example, a giant, (faux) satin princess ball gown is.

    this is simply a matter of fashion: dressing like cinderella is popular and accepted these days; big crowns aren’t so popular these days… but why is everyone in such a rush to look like everyone else? why go with the flow, if a tiara’s your dream?

    if you think about it in the context of wedding-fashion history, i think you will feel more confient: have you seen the giant headdresses worn in victorian times, and edwardian times? or the wax-flower crowns worn up thru the 1940s? those were “faux” — they weren’t actually diamonds, or even real orange blossoms — but they were the fashion then. and loooking back, they look FABULOUS to our eyes, today.

    if you love a crown, this is your ONE TIME to wear it.

    in short, i think brides who live in glass houses (and wear crinolines or cinderella gowns or miles of machine-made lace or any of the other fabulous faux-fashions) shouldn’t cast stones at your dream!


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    As someone said above that tiaras are kind of dated but styles always come back around.  I wore a tiara (actually it was pretty small but I guess you would still consider it a tiara) 7 years ago when I got married and I loved it and I can tell you it didn’t look tacky.

    I thought I might want to wear one for my wedding but I have decided to go with a flower/feather fasciantor.  I designed it and then had an awesome gal on etsy make it for me and I love it.  I will still wear a veil and then for the reception put the flower in my hair!  I definetly will have some Texas hair poof going on, I am wearing my hair up but want some volume in the front so a lot of you girls might call it tacky but I gotta show my family some texas love since I am getting married in Colorado and my whole TX family will be there. 

    I am sure I will look back 5 years from now and thing what the heck was I thinking wearing a flower with a feather sticking out of it. HA!

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    Starcharades- I meant to include this in my post but here is a pic of my fascinator.


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    I wouldn’t wear one because I’ll leave that to beauty and prom queens. BUT sometimes they can look lovely – I agree with the previous poster that you can’t look at a picture of Audrey Hepburn then say “tacky”.

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    It depends on the wearer.  I couldn’t pull it off, no one would take me seriously, as I tend to wear dollar-store tiaras at the drop of a hat.

    My bf once mentioned wedding hats, at which I got the vision of a glorious satin top hat, with or without embellishments.  

    I don’t know what my dress will look like (I don’t really think about that sort of thing), but there will most certainly be a satin top hat.

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    Imo, I don’t really think they are tacky as long as they are more subtle. Not like “bam! look at me” If the first thing you see when looking at a bride is her tiara, it might be a  bit much lol I DID have a tiara, even though originally I didn’t want one. I didn’t have one for prom or anything before. I tried one on though and as sold. I figure it was my last chance in life to wear one, so I did! It will also make a great heirloom if any future daughter of mine were interested. Mine was actually barely visible in my hair most of the times lol Granted, it was probably a bit further back than it needed to be. I also didn’t go crazy with accesories. Don’t worry if something is “dated” or tacky though. If you REALLY like it, then give it a try because you’ll never have this opportunity again!

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    If it were real diamonds then yes, it would be fabulous.

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    I never considered a tiara for my wedding… I dreamt of wearing a long cathedral length veil that just tucked into my hair – it looked very timeless. I feel like the tiara “trend” is kind of making its way out for modern brides.

    I wouldn’t worry as much as what other people think, though, everyone has a different style. One of my friends just got married last October and wore a tiara and she pulled it off. Just because it may not something some of us would want to wear, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear it if it is YOU. All of our weddings here on the bee represent our own styles… just do what makes you happy. I’d hate for you to regret not wearing it just because of something we would say.

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    You know what’s funny?  In five years someone may write the same post like this for faux flower fascinators, skinny headbands, birdcage veils, etc.

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    i want to say NO, but it is your day and your day should include what makes YOU happy and if you always wanted to be the princess… do it …. BIG!

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    The only way I could see them as tacky is if a 2009/2010 bride wore a big one with a big pouffy 80s wedding dress.  But remember, those dresses weren’t tacky back then. 

    I’m just a tiara girl.  I once wore one on my birthday.  My friends took me to a museum that had Christmas displays and such (Dec. birthday) and so I wore it.  They all wore silly hats.  One lady said to me “you must have great self esteem” meaning you have to be proud and okay with how you look to put one on and pull it off without looking silly.  I told her it was my birthday, normally my self esteem is only so-so…haha! 

    I think it’s all about the look a gal is going for, the dress, her personality, and whether she feels good in the tiara or silly.  If you feel silly in it, you probably won’t pull it off. 

    Now granted there are some crowns that even I would think are a bit much for a wedding.  My friend played the Fairy Godmother in a production of Cinderella and borrowed this huge rhinestone crown from a friend who does drag beauty pageants.  Up on stage in that crown and her dress it was perfect.  But if she had worn that crown with her wedding dress-it just wouldn’t have worked at all! 

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    Girl, its YOUR wedding, if you want to wear a tutu, you should, and with everything Etsy is crankin’ out these days, surely you can a non-gargantuan rhinestone concoction!

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    I agree with the others. I don’t think it is “tacky” but I like a more simple headband…but I still love ones with beading/rhinestones.

    Like the one below 🙂

    good luck!


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    If you really want to wear one, you will need to adjust your hairstyle, makeup, accessories, and dress style to accomodate it, just to make sure that it’s not over the top. It’s difficult to say if any one accessory would work because it all depends on the “whole” look and how it looks on you (not models or mannequins). If you really like tiaras, I would say that it’s worth you putting your whole look together and then deciding then whether you want to wear any specific tiara. You can always ditch the tiara if you decide that it doesn’t work.

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