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Busy bee
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Go. To. The. Doctor. Jesus.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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OMG please don’t mess around with a bite in that area. Tell him to go to the doctor.

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Busy bee
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He may not have gotten the tick’s head out. Their heads burrow under the skin when they bite and suck blood. Yeah, gross. A common mistake in tick removal is to just peel it off with your fingers or take it off with tweezers. No, no, no! That can cause the body to break free of the head which is stuck under your skin!

Best method for tick removal is to take a lighter and carefully bring the flame close to the tick. The tick won’t like the heat so it will un-burrow quickly. It hurts when they do that so suddenly as a result of the flame, but it’s the safest way to remove them.

I get the doctor hate, but he really shouldn’t fuck around with this.

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Has your hubby suggested you try sucking the tick out? Many men claim that will work.

Ooooorrrrr… you could see a doctor. Either way, tell him to stop itching!

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Worker bee

mudgirl420:  this is coming from a woman whose life has been ruined by Lyme disease. Go to the doctor and demand at least 30 days of antibiotics!!! It took 4 years for them to diagnose me becauSE no one thought to check for Lyme and when they did, the HIGHLY inaccurate tests showed negative. And now there ares studies showing it can be sexual transmitted. I’m happy to send You information on LLMDs (Lyme literate medical,doctors). Also if you can watch the documentary “under our skin” available on Hulu or Netflix or you can catch it on youtube I believe, it will explain the controversy On Lyme. I promise you, this is important! I had to leave my social work job, had my ex fiancé leave me becauSE I’m so sick from Lyme, and have spent 10s of thousands of dollars on this disease, ( and I’m only 34) it’s not to be messed with! I will never have my life back fully and I would never want another person to go,through this hell. Best of luck!

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CorvusCorax: For real. 

mudgirl420: I’m not a medical doctor, but I doubt there’s a concern for you. Regarding your husband, however, I fail to see how this is even a question. Dude got bit by a tick and the bite is now apparently infected from his scratching. Whether this secondary infection goes away on its own is one thing, but just because there’s no bullseye doesn’t mean the tick wasn’t carrying with Lyme. By the time you see a host of the symptoms, it’s incredibly difficult to treat with antibiotics. Why on god’s earth would you risk that because “you hate doctors”?

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Busy Beekeeper
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He needs to quit whining and go to the doctor. Tick bites can lead to infections and other very unplesant things. Depending on the nature of the infection, it may be spread either elsewhere in his body or yes, even to you– probably not highly likely, but definitely not impossible if you have sex. While a condom may protect you from infection, the condom may actually irritate his wound. So no sex till he is better or at least gets a doctor’s ok.  I’m not a doctor. This is just common sense that anything red and swollen may be infected, that the infection may be spread to others, and that anything that causes friction on an infected area might irritate it.

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If this were on, say, his arm I would agree with your husband’s wait and see approach. But if this gets infected … it’s his dick. I feel like his dick should be pretty important to him. doctor, NOW.

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Busy bee

Had the exact same type thing on my leg. It was so itchy. After 4 weeks I finally asked my boyfriend (who is a doctor) to look at it & he checked it and discovered a pinscher was left in there. I have a lovely scar there now. Tell him to be a man, be an adult, be responsible and get it checked.

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Busy bee
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I wonder how cranky he would be after no sex because his tick infected dick fell off.

In all seriousness, he needs to see a doctor.

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I don’t know a man ALIVE ON EARTH who would just “wait and see” if something was wrong with his PENIS.  For fuck’s sake.  He has got to go to the doctor.  Is there something mentally wrong with this guy?  My husband would have been at the ER the second he saw a tick SUCKING BLOOD OUT OF HIS PENIS.

Sorry for the all caps festival, but I am just stunned by this.  

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Bumble bee
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lol these posts above me are hilarious. but in all seriousness, some men really fear going to the doctor, especially when it comes to down there. my fiance’s the same way. but, this seems like a really unique situation that warrants a visit. tell him to suck it up and just go! 😛 

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