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@princs.sweetie:  I would much rather get a no name or unique ring, antique or estate even and buy a little blue box to keep it in LOL

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@JustLove25:  I was totally going to say that!

I had a coworker who had many little blue boxes because her ring was from Tiffany.  I would borrow one and have him propose with the blue box lol.  THen again this thread is a year old so I wonder what they really did.  I didnt read through all the posts beforehand.

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@Mrs Christopher:  Haha great minds think alike! LOL I would be that girl buying a Tiffany box off EBay haha

Wow I didn’t realize how old this thread was.

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@Jacqui90:   Yeah me either.  $660 is too darn much for my matching 2mm platinum knife edge band!  LOL   I’ll be ordering that elsewhere.


I’ve “sampled” rings from just about every company discussed here on the Bee, diamonds, moissanite, gemstones.  They didn’t work out for me, I expect a little bit more for my money.  But I’m cheap so I price shopped like crazy to get the best deal on an Ex Ex Ex diamond with VS1 clarity and a good color.  Tiffany came up only slightly more $ than Whiteflash, etc.  Platinum (and metals in general) are just really high right now.  My husband wanted a physical store that we can visit in almost any state (we’re military, we move a lot) and get service at.  So we bought from Tiffany, I’m okay with that.  I don’t tell people in real life, I tossed the blue box in the closet and haven’t see it since.  The really cool part is that my ring is on the small side and no one can tell how much it was, so I don’t feel like I’ll ever be robbed for it.

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 Sure it’s possible get the same quality or better outside of Tiffanys’ stores. But WILL you? Will you (the generic you) develop the expertise necessary to evaluate diamonds? Most people don’t have the time or inclination.

I recently stopped by the ring counter at Sam’s Wholesale club to check out rings. The ratings on those stones were all, each one of them, universally low. I didn’t even have to look at “cut” which I’m not especailly knowledgeable about–its was clear why they were inexpensive. I mean, I was SHOCKED at how bing, blingy, and ugly  some of those rings were. Inclusions clearly visible when sitting in a setting and inside the glass case type ugly. Yellowish, visible (and I’m not real picky about color.)

If you (the generic you) are content with Sam’s type rings, that’s fine. I don’t, for instance, require a Tiffany quality ring. Not eveyone does.

But I respect what Tiffany’s does–carry only high qulaity products so that you don’t have to sus out the good from the bad.

One online source I read estimated that you are paying 20% for the “name” and ease of selection of a quality item. For many people 20% more that saves time and hassle is well worth it.

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At first glance, I couldn’t identify a Tiffany ring from a non-Tiffany ring to save my life. I’d go with the no-name ring way before the Tiffany Ring, personally.

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You’re paying Tiffany for it’s name, not for it’s quality. Yes, their diamonds are top of the line but in my opinion, their setting quality is just mediocre. Besides, no one can tell it’s a Tiffany. If you like their designs, you can have it custom made by jewerlers at a way less cost. 

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Apologies in advance for the long winded rant…and any spelling or grammatical mistakes.  I spent almost 9 hours driving today on less than ideal rest so I’m a bit tired.

I’ve been lurking for about 2 months and only made a name recently and have seen these threads come up so often I just can’t ignore it anymore.  As a guy I find it amusing what some women will say about designer rings and some will say about non-designer rings…but at the end of the day all that matters is if the ring you have is what makes you happy.  There are so many people that offer unsolicited hatred about designer brands (whether it be Tiffany, De Beers, Cartier, Tacori, etc.) about how you could get so much bigger diamond going somewhere else or designing it yourself with a jeweler.  

You know how a lot of people in this thread are saying they don’t care about the Tiffany name?  Guess what…there are a lot of people that don’t think bigger is always better too.  Perhaps it’s always been a fantasy since being a little girl to receive the blue box…perhaps you were obsessed with Audrey Hepburn.  Yes you pay for the name, yes you could probably build a similar ring (but never exactly the same).  If it was always a dream of yours to see that little blue box, so what?  You don’t need everyone to know it’s Tiffany as long as you do.  It really is very amusing how many people trash Tiffany because of the name and use the “no one will know it’s Tiffany” as their excuse.  Then most promptly turn around and advocate a bigger diamond (from a local jeweler) because you’ll be jealous of your friend’s big rings compared to your small Tiffany stone.  To a guy that sounds like a lot of girls don’t like Tiffany rings because the expense isn’t advertised openly like carat weight is.

As a guy, the easiest thing I can compare this to is watches.  I am absolutely in love with the Omega Speedmaster Professional.  The Omega store in the mall has it listed at a retail price of $4,500.  Guess what…I bet that $50 electronic watch that syncs with the atomic clock is just as accurate, and if you don’t know anything about timepieces then you probably wouldn’t be able to tell an Omega from a Rolex or even some homage watches like Invicta’s.  I don’t want the watch because of how other people will look at it.  I want the watch because I love the look and the feel…the history of how it came to be and the raw beauty.  I don’t care if there is a replica out there that looks 98% like it and maybe they put some better, more modern movement in it.  It doesn’t have the same meaning.  So one day when I finally save up enough, I’ll still spend the money buying what I actually want rather than getting the one that looks and functions mostly like it.  If you love something, you love it.  Perhaps you can describe why, perhaps you can’t, but that doesn’t make it any less valid to want it.  Some girls just want a designer ring, but they seem to constantly have to defend themselves because of it.

And last thing…I see a lot of people get so shocked at designer ring prices (and diamonds in general; yes I know all about the monopoly).  CNBC did a study that showed the average number of cars bought in a lifetime was around 9 cars.  If you consider that to be one car roughly every 7-8 years and when you consider average depreciation is around 60% after 5 years and even more if you keep it longer…a lot of people will probably throw away the equivalent of $100,000 on cars in their lifetime.  What’s even more shocking is that those people won’t ever think twice about it either.  But you talk about spending $5,000…$10,000 or even more on a ring that she will wear for the REST OF HER LIFE (and perhaps even other generations in the family) and people go crazy.  If you want and have the means to spend $10,000+ on a ring…more power to you.  

Now girls that demand stuff are completely different, but for those who don’t…the joy of seeing her face when you make her little girl fantasy come true is something I don’t even think can be put into words and something I can still only imagine.  No matter what that fantasy is.  

As a side note to actually address the topic of the original post..if you (anyone reading this) have the option…get what you want; don’t let others tell you what you want is stupid because it’s not what they want.  You’ll regret it later if you make your purchase because you thought it would look better to everyone else.

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@FauxPas2012:  +100

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@kurapika168:  their settings are not “mediocre” by a long shot which is why so many try to copy them. You also said: “You’re paying Tiffany for it’s name not quality”.

The reason why Tiffany has such a great name is for their quality, their unique designs and customer service. It’s part and parcel.


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@Arbeetrary:  +1

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@Arbeetrary:  THANK YOU! You could not have said it better 🙂 like most luxury goods out there you are indeed paying a higher price for the brand. I bet most of the women who criticize Tiffany’s would probably have some items in their closet that are branded which they would have paid a much higher price for than a non branded item. The same logic applies here. If you love a brand and it makes you happy to own the items then why should there be an issue?

I don’t care that my Fiance paid a price at Tiffany’s for my ring which is a .38 ct with execellent specs when I could have gotten a one carat at a smaller store. For me the brand is an icon and I love the movie “breakfast at Tiffany’s” .

And FYI ladies in all honesty even though my ring is quite small….people have noticed that it is a Tiffany’s design. Just because you got a bigger diamond at a fraction of the cost of a Tiffany’s ring doesn’t necessarily make you smarter..which as a new member is the impression I get from a lot of women’s comments. Each to their own I say! 

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