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@big_monchhichi: Budget isn’t a huge issue for us but we actually got 18K white gold because it looked good quality and did not look “less than” in comparison to the platinum.

But hearing from someone else that white gold can crack…is that really true for 18K?

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@Gerbera: And if what everyone is saying is true that these “designs” are in fact the intellectual work of Tiffany designers why aren’t they trademarked, patented etc so that others can not copy them? I would think that would be the smart thing to do?

Not sure about their other designs, but the Tiffany Legacy and Tiffany Legacy with Graduated Stones are trademarked.  That’s why it’s really hard to find a reputable jeweler who will do an exact replica.  Most change 1 or 2 design elements to cover their butts.

To see which E-Rings are protected you can look at their website.  It says which ones are and which are not.  

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@CaliforniaLove: I believe the Lucida is also trademarked/patented



@Evie19: My ring is 18k, 24k would be too soft.  This is what my co-worker has.  Her setting is actually warped.  But don’t let this discourage you.  The cases I’m sighting might be isolated…

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@Gerbera: The color difference was what made me choose platinum.  I couldn’t stand the warm color of unplated white gold.  I think the weight was an issue for me b/c I was not used to wearing rings and my finger became bruised from my ring flopping around.

FOR THE RECORD – I love Tiffany.  I’m wearing my gold tiffany necklace right now.. I’m probably just bitter because they don’t make rings in my size.. hahahaha

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haha. Awesome. I was just mentioning because she is probably secretly really hoping for the Novo due to the reaction you said she had to it. If that were me I could totally see my husband hiding the blue box as a joke. Because that’s the only way you can tell it is THE Novo, correct? Or I’m sure there’s an inscription on the band?


Thanks for the tidbit. πŸ™‚

I’m already married and not in the market for any Tiffany jewelery.

Oh, interesting about the Platinum bruising you! πŸ™ I bruise really really easily, like I have mysterious bruises from when I hit tables or whatnot. Anyhoo, that sucks!

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@Evie19: For your information, my dad has been in the industry for over 50 years and has students. I asked him this question before he made our wedding bands. My mom has 6 rings that he / his students made. All 18K. There is 1 that she wears every day. So many years, it still looks as good. My dad sometimes uses some special methods (I don’t know what, but I can ask him) to clean the ring and make it shine as much as a new one. 

I can’t tell you that an 18k certainly won’t crack. It is made of gold, and gold is soft. But according what he tells me, the chance of cracking is low unless you do something bad to the ring… like purposely damage it or crack it. 

Another possible is, maybe the ring is made too thin, then it cracks easily. I had a gold ring size 11 (bought 15 years ago). I told my dad to make it bigger because it doesn’t fit me anymore. I told him to make it to size 13. He said the gold will be too thin and will break easily. 


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personally i think tiffany’s is a waste of money but if you want to tell people you’ve got a tiffany ring then get it girl. Tiffany’s has amazing quality diamonds it’s true however they come with a big price tag because of the name. if it’s worth it then go for it. 

My fiance got my ring from a jeweler, he looked for almost 8 months for a diamond he was satisfied with that was within his price range. The ring was designed after the tiffany channel setting which is what i wanted. if i had tried on and fell in love with a harry winston i would have told him to have that made instead. no need for a name brand for me. That’s just ring though.. talk to me about dresses and i’ve got a different story Sealedlol

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@Gerbera:  LoL!  The bottom tidbit wasn’t for you, it was a general statement.  I only responded to you b/c you included me in the bottom of post 102.  πŸ˜‰

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@Evie19: Do you think platinum is worth it?

it all depends. platinum will last longer. I kind of feel like if you have a really expensive diamond ring that you want to pass down in the family for many generations, it’s worth it to get the platinum. here is a website that explains the difference  http://users.lmi.net/~drewid/PWR_Platinum_vs_White_Gold.htm 

personally, I would love platinum. but my e-ring is white gold and I wanted the two rings to match. I’m ok with getting my ring plated every once in a while.  mine is 18k, which means it’s even a tad bit yellower than 14k. it’s been a very long time since it’s been plated (maybe it has never been, it’s antique), and I like the color. it looks white enough to me. it’s kind of “off white”. the barely-there tint is not noticeable at all until you put it next to a new ring. I might only get it plated once (so it matches my wedding and) and then after that, maybe I’ll never plate it again– as long as the two rings match.

but then again, there are different qualities of white gold– the color depends on what other metals were mixed in.

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Because I like bigger diamonds (go figure) I would go for the no name. My ring is from Shane Co. and it has a good reputation aroung here. I’ve always wondered what the hoopla was about Tiffany Co, so I looked on the internet to see their rings. I think they are beautiful, but too plain for me. I guess it’s all personal preference though. If it’s your dream to have a Tiffany, and you don’t mind the smaller carat, then that would be awesome! πŸ™‚

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@trojanwr21: I have no Tiffany hate. I just don’t particularly care about the brand name. Some people do and good for them πŸ™‚ However, I don’t see where you can say you’re not paying for them name, when it’s clear that you are….without a doubt. There’s nothing wrong with paying for the name if it’s important to you but I don’t see how anyone can say you’re not paying for the name (and the little blue box).

Of course a jeweler will claim that their diamonds are the best, but Darling Husband and I shopped around together a LOT before buying and went to a variety of jeweler and after awhile you can TELL which diamonds are better quality and which ones aren’t.

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I mean honestly, who goes around telling everyone they have a ring from Tiffany’s? When people compliment your ring do you say thank you and then say it’s from Jared or Tiffany’s? or wherever you got it from? No, because it comes across as bragging. If I complimented someone’s ring and they told me that it was from Tiffany’s, I’d be like who cares. I didn’t ask you where it was from. It almost reminds me of that one girl who posted on here that she was upset because no one was giving her compliments on her custom Tiffany ring that was flown in from another store just for her. Who cares.

Of course no girl is going to turn down a proposal but I’d be bummed that he didn’t ask for my input seeing that I’m the one who has to wear the ring for life.

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@Miss Tattoo: I had a friend on FB post “Tiffany = MAJOR bragging rights” under a pic of her ring.  I had the “WTF?!?” look on my face for a good 10 min.  LOL!

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@CaliforniaLove: I got to pick my ring out too.  My husband is clueless about jewelry or womens fashion and things like that so he probably would have picked something horrible out lol plus I’m just not a ring/”top of the line” diamond person.  If I really wanted to, I could have picked out a real diamond ring from a local jeweler..he can certainly afford something real or could have financed something, but I wasn’t into rings enough to push for it.

I chose a thick sterling silver band with a bunch of mini czs around it and I love it:)  It’s very blingy.  I have no intention of ever expecting an upgrade with a real diamond later on either.  But that’s only because I’m not into rings.  I love watches and Chanel jewelry.

If I were a guy and proposing to my girlfriend, I’d propose with an empty box and give her a budget and say “let’s find your ring”.

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