(Closed) Tiffany: Worth it?

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  • poll: What is your opinion on Tiffany rings?

    BEAUTIFUL and SO worth the price!

    Gorgeous, but there are other rings just as pretty at half the cost.

    I love them and they're way better than other rings, but I still wouldn't buy one due to price.

    Don't care for the rings regardless of cost.

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    Diamonds are graded to give a comparable standard, but not all metal is created equal. If you buy a 14k gold ring it means that it is 58.5% gold, but each manufacturer can alloy it with their own mix to make up that remaining 41.5%. White gold can be particularly dicey because some people add nickel to obtain that white-ish color which many people get a skin reaction to.  Also, many mixes look nowhere near white and are really just a watered down yellow. Comercially, white gold is almost always rhodium plated to give it a more silver appearance, but this plating will wear off, especially with a ring which has a lot of skin contact and constant wear. In addition to the metal used there is the construction too, which if poorly cast will have porosity (pits in metal) and other irregularities. And stone setting is a skill which is often mangled.

    Hope that wasn’t too boring, but the point I’m getting to is, yes, Tiffany’s prices are very high in part because of the name, but they do have incredibly exacting standards of quality which is how they got that repuation as “the best”. Plus their jewelry is made in this country by skilled craftsmen (not pushed out for pennies an hour in thailand workshops).

    If you get the tiffany’s ring you will get a very high quality ring, but if you don’t want to spend the money there are alternatives. I would not, however reccommend going to one of the big chain mall type jewelry stores or internet superstores. My advice is go find a local independant jeweler who you feel comfortable talking to and can give you personal attention and work with you to meet both your budget and design needs. You will feel more confident in knowing what you will receive and you can also feel good knowing your money will be going to a person instead big company ๐Ÿ™‚

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    My dream ring has always been their Ribbon Ring. I love Tiffany, have tons of jewelry from there- and that ring has always stood out to me. But as most said, it just wasn’t in our budget. So he found a setting that looks super similar to the ribbon ring setting but with a little more character so that it’s not a dup, but still holds similarities. And I’m super happy with it ๐Ÿ™‚ So money not an object? Heck yes, I’d love a Tiffany ring. BUT, I still love mine just the same!

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    Speaking on completely technical terms I feel Tiffany’s prices are completely justified.

    The cost of their jewelery is appropriate to their quality and service. From the stones to the purity of their metal.

    To say Tiffany’s is overpriced is like saying a Ferrari is overpriced. Yes, a Honda Civic will get you from point A to point B just like the Ferrari, but it’s not about that for everyone. Only you can determine if you want/can spend your money on the quality of materials and craftsmanship. 

    Out of 100 independent jewelers maybe 25 will have the expertise to make you a beautiful ring that rivals or exceeds a Tiffany piece. Out of those 25, maybe 10 will be willing to work extensively with you to give you their BEST work. At this point you will have either spent MORE money and time OR you will have become a jeweler yourself! And definitely stay away from chains who stamp out generic settings to plop any stone into.

    Being a jeweler, I admire Tiffany’s quality. It is very difficult to match and this is why I suggest that my customers buy a Tiffany ring rather than have me try and replicate it. I have my own style and this is what makes independent jewelers unique. Similarly, why do vegetarians try so hard to replicate meat products?

    When people say you are buying the name, you are, and everything that is behind that brand such as the research, expertise, and attention to detail. 

    Remember though, an engagement is not about the ring. It is about the union of two people in love. Buy the ring that makes you happy.

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    I may be wrong but I believe that Tiffany diamonds all come from North American/Canadian mines so they cost more, if you’re worried about where your diamonds are coming from ask at other retailers, but that may be one reason for the higher cost. I still voted that there are lots of rings that are just as beautiful for way less, look around and pick what you both love ๐Ÿ™‚

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    My ring is a Tiffany replica (I got the one from Excel Diamonds) and it is identical to the “real deal”. Seriously I’ve looked at my ring right next to the ones in the store and they were exactly the same. If you like a Tiffany style, I highly suggest getting a replica. You can get the same quality for MUCH less money.

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    I personally would rather my Fiance spend $$$ of a bigger/better stone, than a blue box no one will see. A diamond is a diamond no matter where you buy it from (obviously I am not talking about dealing with scammers, etc), and if you find a great jeweler, he can make a ring just like any Tiffany ring and not charge you for a brand name.

    In fact the wedding band I want is a Michael C Fina design, but I refuse to pay for the brand name. I am having the jeweler who did my e-ring make an exact copy of the Fina ring for a 5th of the price and with better quality diamonds. Can’t beat that.

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    @lionskitty:  Spence diamonds are also conflict free.

    I don’t get Tiffany rings.  I took a walk through the store and didn’t really see any settings I would want.

    I had a request for my ring – that it came from a chain.  I know people who had issues with diamonds coming loose while elsewhere and waiting to deal with it at the independant store.  It would be worse if you moved.  I would have the same problem with Tiffany as there are so few of them.  There isn’t even one in this city, I would have to travel 3 hours to get to one.

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    My setting is based off the tiffany novo and we ordered it from an online vendor.

    Because this vendor does not have brick and mortar stores we were able to get my setting and diamond at less than half what it would have cost at Tiffany’s. And I was able to get a diamond of higher clarity than we would have been able to get at Tiffany’s without having something special shipped in.

    Getting it resized was no issue, I just took it to a local custom jeweler. 

    It has pave side stones and I’ve had it for a year and a half now with absolutely no issues with lose diamonds or issues with the setting.

    The quality of the setting is fantastic, I would have hated if DH had gotten this same ring at Tiffany’s and paid more than 2x as much for it. Only for a blue box and a small engraving on the inside of the band saying T&Co.

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    My engagement ring is from Tiffany and Co and I love It. Sure it would have been cheaper to buy elsewhere but hey I’ll be wearing it forever so it’s worth it to me and my fiancé ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I enjoyed this article:


    “What is it about the Tiffany six prong setting that has so captivated the masses, making it the most popular traditional solitaire diamond ring of all time?

    There is more than one answer to this question. However, one reason in particular is the foundation for all others and is the basis of this article.

    There is a very core difference in philosophy and objective between the designers of the Tiffany classic setting and the designers of other fashion jewelry rings like Tacori, Verragio, and Scott Kay (to name a few). Many of the manufacturers for designer engagement ring settings have a primary goal of commanding the attention of the viewer to the ring setting itself. They would like the observer to immediately notice not the center diamond but the actual engagement ring and to recognize it as their “branded” setting. To accomplish this goal they will often design ring settings that are extremely “busy” with a lot of filigree and detailing. Many of their creations also feature accent diamonds in different shapes, sizes, and configurations. These jazzed up and gaudy settings effectively overpower the center diamond and draw attention away from the diamond to the ring. Now this is no big deal in an instance where the center round diamond is of poor cut quality and (consequently) appears dull and lifeless to the viewer. In this type of scenario, the ring setting becomes a positive diversion from an awful looking diamond. However, in the case of an Ideal cut diamond which has been crafted to achieve a high level of beauty and brilliance, it distracts the viewer from what should be the prize of the entire engagement ring ensemble; a magnificent and sparkling ideally cut diamond.

    The designers and creators of the famous Tiffany Classic Engagement ring setting had the primary objective of promoting the beauty of a well cut diamond in mind. They were preoccupied with creating the ultimate complement to a high quality loose diamond. Theirs, would be the type of ring that would literally push the diamond into the light and highlight its beauty and brilliance for all to see. There would be no distraction from the prize (center diamond) to the ring setting. At the same time, they made every effort to create a setting that would be timeless, understated, and elegant; an engagement ring that would radiate class and not scream fad. Thus, the magnificent Tiffany diamond engagement ring was born.Here is a direct quote taken from the Tiffany website:

    “Over a lifetime a woman may look at her engagement ring one million times or more. Design is important. Every Tiffany setting shoulders the diamond with consummate respect, honor, and grace. The diamond is the Hero. The stone is held properly by the girdle, to maximize light moving in and out. The prongs are thick enough to hold the stone tightly, yet thin enough to be a beautiful design element. Each Tiffany ring has balance and pleasing proportions. Design gimmicks and fads are eschewed.”

    What we found during the course of our extensive research was that everybody selling any type of cheap six prong setting was calling it a “Tiffany style setting”. We were truly amazed that these the diamond vendors and companies selling these generic, cookie cutter settings were trying to pass them off as “Tiffany replica rings”. The fact of the matter is that these settings share nothing in common with the actual Tiffany setting. They are usually of poor manufacture, less than pure platinum, lightweight, and don’t look or function like the actual Tiffany. Any person who is even remotely familiar with the beauty and grace of the actual Tiffany ring can immediately recognize the tremendous discrepancies in these cheap fake Tiffany rings and knockoffs.

    They are poorly constructed in lightweight “platinum” or “14kt. gold”.

    They have porosity all over the place.
    They don’t look like the actual Tiffany.
    They don’t feel like the actual Tiffany.
    They are not of the same quality as the actual Tiffany.”


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    My thoughts? I have a Tiffany ring and I wouldn’t change that for the world. It’s what I’ve always wanted and I love it beyond belief.

    Each to their own.

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    @intheknow:  If you pay for a cheap knock off, you will have a cheap knock off. If you pay for a quality ring with quality platinum/gold and from a good jeweler, you will have a quality replica and no one will be able to tell the difference.

    Tiffany has gorgeous rings, no one is doubting that. But there is no way they employ every good jeweler capable of making such rings.

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    I can’t find anything about the content of Tiffany gold, or even if they rhodium plate or not. The purity of the gold is simply the karat number, and a nickel alloy is the most common kind of additive to white gold. Therefore the Ferrari vs. Civic argument doesn’t really work. Maybe Civic vs. Civic with a pretty blue bow on top…

    I believe that the designs are simple and beautiful, they seemingly have excellent customer service (if you’re a paying customer) and their name is highly regarded. If that is all important to you, then Tiffany’s all the way! But like  @CheekyWedding said, there are some exquisite replicas that cost a fraction of the price. 

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    I don’t think people should look at an engagement ring as an investment.  It’s not going to go up in value, it will only go down, and you aren’t going to sell it anyway.  This is why it’s hard to answer whether Tiffany is “worth it” or not.  That depends on the couples’ priorities and what they like the best.  If they like Tiffany the best for whatever reasons, then of course it’s worth it. 

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