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  • poll: What is your opinion on Tiffany rings?
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    Gorgeous, but there are other rings just as pretty at half the cost. : (436 votes)
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    I love them and they're way better than other rings, but I still wouldn't buy one due to price. : (51 votes)
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    A Tiffany ring is definitely worth it. I have friends with solitaire rings similar to mine from other stores, and none of them sparkle nearly as much as mine. I also love the security of knowing that I can always have it cleaned or fixed with top-notch service.

    I LOVE my ring and I will be getting the matching platinum wedding band to complete the set.

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    I fell in love with the tiffany Novo ering months before I became engaged. My ring (picked out by Fiance, with minimal hints from me) turned out looking very close to it.

    IMO, T&Co is beautiful, but you will be paying a HUGE markup for the brand name. I’d rather have one of their signature/unique pieces than an ering. With the money you save, you can go for a bigger stone. [attachment=586921,76730] [attachment=586921,76736]


    PS. I was at the flasgship T&Co store last month, and one of the saleswomen called me over to compliment me on my ring. Oh, and round cut are the sparkliest out of all diamond cuts, while fancy cuts, like cushion, have an additional markup because there is a lower demand for it (though that makes them more unique).

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    I agree with most of the posters who said that Tiffany’s, while beautiful, is just too much money to spend for the name. And for the people who have had excellent customer service there, that’s great–I personally had an awful experience there when my mom and I went to look. They basically ignored me for 20 minutes and chatted to each other while we waited to ask them to take some rings out of the case. Granted, this is the NYC location and so I’m sure they’re used to tons of tourists who come to look and are not planning to buy, but still! It definitely turned me off.

    I also don’t really buy the whole “conflict free” guarantee. I’ve heard that stuff is pretty easy to falsify. Not to disparage Tiffany’s claims, I would just be wary of that in general.

    As for free cleanings and prong checks, etc, I would think that’s par for the course at any reputable jeweler. I know my ring cleanings are free when we take them to our guy (in the Diamond District).

    Of course, the appeal of the blue box is undeniable! And if you do have a great experience at Tiffany’s and want one of their rings specifically, more power to you!

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    I was in love with the Tiffany Legacy setting but didn’t like the graduated sides because I wanted my band to sit flush with my e-ring.  We ended up going to a jeweler inthe diamond district and had the ring made to my specifications.  I chose stones from their inventory online that I wanted to see and was then able to pick the one I liked best.  I was able to specify the size, cut, and clarity and even was able to see the dimensions so I didn’t end up with something that looked smaller than it’s weight would imply.  It turned out to be a great experience and I got a much bigger stone, more personalized service, and the exact setting I wanted by going this route.  I really like Tiffany but am grateful we didn’t get my rings there.


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    I would’ve loved a ring from Tiffany, but it just wasn’t in the cards. I wanted an aquamarine and theirs was just so expensive. Ended up going with an estate ring from Bela Dora and couldn’t be happier. I crushed my setting in the trunk of our car a month after we were engaged and they fixed it for free, without questions.

    I will totally be frank and say I wanted the Tiffany ring because of the Tiffany name. But with the savings I’m getting my wedding band from Dior, which is way better anyways 🙂

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    Man, I love the 2 carat Tiffany three-stone emerald cut. What is it? Like $50,000? I’m not gonna lie, if my SO got it for me, I would be happy happy happy over the moon excited. BUT I’m also a realist and a sentimalist, so really my ring doesn’t matter. I’m sure he’ll choose something beautiful.

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    Hi , we went to tiffany store and saw a 0.83 c top quality one, a 1.2 near top quality one and 1.55 medium quality one (quality in terms of 4c) and the price was 12k, 15k and 18k. Ihave small finger so i like the classic style. we also saw cartier and debeers but we prefer the 6 claw classic of tiffany.

    however you thought about ‘store of value’ and think we should get a same size but top quality one (1.5 cr looked the best on me)

    my Fiance is thinking of bluenile but I am wondering how you get to polish ,resize or inscribe your ring if you get it from internet? for example, i know that your finger gets big when you are pregnant and afterwards it become smaller again..

    I would prefer tiffany for this after service purpose but it is really his choice what he is getting as he is paying for it and i am not sure if i should tell him my thoughts.. as i also dont want him to spend too much and i want him to feel happy about what he is paying for too




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    Yes you are paying for the name, but also the quality, guarantee, & customer service that stands behind it. I have a lot of Tiffany jewelery, but more because I like the style.  I’d rather forego 3 pieces of costume jewelery and get something from T&Co.  My e-ring is from Tiffany, but it’s not a solitaire –just a ring I fell in love with (Tiffany Hearts Collection), but couldn’t reconcile with the price for any other occasion.  I do think Tiffany is overpriced for e-rings, and a beautiful e-ring of the same quality (and sparkle!) can and probably should be purchased elsewhere.  If I had wanted a solitaire, I would have inisisted on it (buying it elsewhere, that is!).

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    As someone who’s shopping for rings, I thought I would chime in as well. (I am the man, looking to buy a nice ring for my fiancée.)

    We both love the Novo, so this is the only style of ring I’ve been looking at. I’ve also only been considering cushion-cut stones. Some of my comments may not apply to more common cuts like rounds or princess. For simple styles (like the classic solitare), I would almost certainly say that Tiffany’s is not worth it and you should buy elsewhere.

    I believe the worst quality Tiffany’s carries is H color and VS2 clarity, and the setting is only in platinum. If you do not care about all of these things (e.g., you’re looking for an SI2, I-color in white gold), then certainly you are going to be overpaying at Tiffany’s. Let’s suppose you do in fact want this a high a rating and do a fair comparison at that point. There are a few things to keep in mind.

    1) Color: GIA ratings round color favorably. Tiffany’s rounds color unfavorably (this is assuming that the salespeople were honest with me). It’s very unlikely that you’ll find a stone that is exactly say an F color. Instead, it probably falls somewhere between F and G. At Tiffany’s, this would be rated G (again, assuming that the salespeople were honest). At any other jewelry store, this would be an F. So to compare stone prices you really have to compare with a 1-color difference. This should mitigate some of the overpricedness.

    2) Cut: Aside from rounds, there is unfortunately no (objective) third-party rating of the quality of the cut, which makes it very difficult to compare the “quality” of the stone. In the end, I’m looking for something that is as brilliant (sparkly) as possible, which seems very hard to guess just looking at ratings and numbers on a certificate. I have been happy with all the Novo’s I’ve seen, but i have not been happy with many of the cushions I’ve seen from other vendors. To be fair, I never compared two different products side by side in the same lighting. Moreover, the stones I looked at from other vendors were all unset. It’s possible that both lighting and being set make the Tiffany’s stone look sparklier. That being said, I feel confident in the quality of all Tiffany’s stone whereas with other vendors it requires a lot more effort to pick out something nice.

    3) Carats: I absolutely hate it that carats are the standard for measuring the size of a stone. Carat is weight. You can’t see weight. Really what you should care about is the area as seen from the top of the stone. I don’t mean just the table here, btw, or numbers like table%. I mean considering things like diameter. If all stones were cut with exactly the same proportions, then sure, weight would be a good proxy for area. But they are not all cut exactly the same way, particularly not for less common cuts like cushion. The Novo stones seem to be lighter than stones from other vendors with the same diameter. For example, a 0.83c novo I looked at was about 5.65mm x 5.7mm. When I checked on Bluenile, this was about the median size of their 1carat stones. To be fair, some of Bluenile’s stones at 1carat were quite a bit bigger as well, but in general, my takeaway is that Tiffany’s doesn’t cut to maximize carat weight, so their stones are “bigger” than similar weight stones elsewhere. Going up about 10-15% in weight seems the fair point of comparison.

    4) Shape: The novo cushion is very close to square (probably only about 1% out of square, with roughtly a 1.01 length to width ratio). Personally, I do not like elongated shapes, so getting a square cushion is important to me. It seems that the most common cushions are at least 10% out of square, so most jewelers do not carry a good selection of stones. Naturally, if you shop around, this point can go away. I’m just saying that it’s easy to get at tiff’s.

    5) Craftsmanship: The quality of the setting is better than for the few knockoffs I’ve seen as well as for similar (but different) styles from cheaper stores. The most obvious difference is in the mounting: at Tiffany’s, the mounting is sized for the stone being used, but at cheaper places, it is usually generic, which means it may look too bulky or too small depending on the size of the stone. Moreover, there may be a gap between the bottom of the stone and the band, which doesn’t occur on the novo. As a whole, the Novo’s side stones seem to be set very nicely, whereas in custom jewelry, I fear they will be slightly uneven. 

    6) Look of the setting: I really like the look of the Novo setting, including from the side. I’ve seen other styles that look similarly nice from the top but kinda yucky from the sides. I’ve yet to see a copy that pleases me, including the seemingly popular replica from excel diamonds. To be fair, I am very good at noticing details, whereas the little differences probably don’t bother most people out there. 

    So I guess I’ll weigh in on how fair tiffany’s prices are. I think once you factor in what I have above (particularly (1) and (3), as those are the more objective things), the Novo is not that ridiculously overpriced for small stones. When you get to larger sizes (say exceeding 1 carat), the price grows astronomically, and I would say the Novo price is overpriced.

    Another thing that stinks is that Tiffany’s inventory doesn’t match the “starting from prices” you see on their website. If you think you’re going to go in and buy a novo for that price, you’re probably sorely mistaken. Those prices assume they have an H color VS2 of the size in question, which they probably don’t.

    I am still deciding whether to get the Tiffany’s ring or some copy elsewhere. Unfortunately, what I really want from Tiffany’s is the setting, because that part of it i think is actually reasonably priced (at least extrapolating from their prices across stones of different sizes). Unfortunately, the craftsmanship part about the setting being made for the stone means you can’t buy just the setting. I guess what’s going to happen is if we settle on a 1carat (or just under) size as being the right size, I’m likely going to get the Tiffany’s. If we settle on something larger, we’ll get a copy and I’ll just pray that it doesn’t offend me as far as some of the details are concerned.

    Oh, and there’s one more feature that makes Tiffany’s nice, assuming you have the money. At tiffany’s, you can walk right in off the street and buy something that looks wonderful. Their default size (6) also happens to be my fiancée’s ring size. Of course, when you’re shopping around, another few days shouldn’t matter.

    @KellyV, do you have any other pictures showing more detail and perhaps a side view? And can you refer your jeweler? I’m looking for someone whom I know can do a good copy. From that small picture of yours, the top view looks nice at least.

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    My ring is a family heirloom, from FI’s grandmother.  The original ring was the classic Tiffany solitaire.  I loved it, except it was set in yellow gold. 

    We actually had a horrible experience when we went to T&C to talk about resetting it.  It would have been thousands extra to remove their diamond and use FI’s.  Plus, since the stone was round, I was very limited on the bands I could choose.  Of course, we could have paid another couple thousand extra to break from one of the signature pieces, but in the end it just wasn’t worth the hassle and the salesperson left a sour taste for us. 

    So we took our Tiffany diamond to a different jeweler and I ended up with a beautiful set I could not be happier with.  I love Tiffany, but for me I have the best of both worlds – high quality diamond in a setting I lovelovelove.

    T&Co is worth it if you want it.  Everyone has different priorities and that’s perfectly ok.

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    A guy’s perspective: I know nothing in diamonds. Tiffany was/is the widely known long-term surviver I felt I can trust, so I did not have a second though.

    My wife (a fiancee-to-be at that time) did not know I was going for Tiffany (she never mentioned the Tiffany, or probably even did not expect the ring – ER are not in our culture). With the ring I got she appreciates Tiffany’s, she appreciate its balanced quality and set and also she appreciates the thoughts and efforts I put into it. She also was glad I was not size shopping. In my turn I appreciate that she liked that small stone I propose with. 

    Now with several years under our belt and a baby to come we would look into an upgrade, but that would be a well earned upgrade for us.

    I am sure there are may beautiful diamond rings and the most important thing from my opinion is to appreciate the fact that your guy put thought and efforts into it and because of that every choice should be respected.

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    Nothing against Tiffany rings, I just don’t get the hype. You can custom make something to your exact specifications without the insane markup.

    Plus, they color and chemically treat their gemstones and pearls. Um, HELLO, gems and pearls should only be that price is they are NATURAL!


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    I like to know I am getting quality, and I feel I get that with Tiffany.  A lot of stones are not set properly (in other jewelery, jewelry in general)- this drives me nuts.  A lot of jewelry is pretty “cheap” – quality wise.  So, if I know I am getting something that reflects the quality in the price, I am okay with that.  Plus, to me it is worth it to pay for a Tiffany that can actually hold value over time.

    However, a skilled reputable local jeweler should be able to deliver similar quality. 



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    I would get one of their key necklaces…something more signature Tiffany if I really cared about brand name.  No one will notice if your ring is from Tiffany or not.

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    I think this is always a hot-button issue but my ring is from T&Co. It was the first store we looked in, and actually the first ring I ever tried on. I went from being afraid that all the rings looked the same, to loving the first ring and horrified I might love them all 🙂 But really I did love that ring the best, and he noticed. 

    We went to a few other stores that day, and i did like some other rings. T&Co was not the be all end all, but I didn’t love any other ring as much and i guess my face showed it. I actually was trying to to convince him that I didn’t need the Tiffany’s ring. 

    But he did propose later with that ring.

    I wasn’t sure it was worth the money, so I designed my exact stone and the closest setting on blue nile and it came out to be about 1k cheaper. ( He still doesn’t know I did thisEmbarassed) In the grand scheme of things not a lot. My ring has been resized twice for free, and the service has been excellent. And Fiance loves that he got me “the tiffany’s experience.” I think it mattered more to him. 

    So when people say not worth it, I guess I don’t agree, but I understand.  The platinum setting is more expensive which is part of it, conflict free adds some on there too, but of course you are paying for the box and the brand.  It isn’t any different than buying a Mac over a Dell or Coach rather than fake. I don’t love it BECAUSE its T&Co, and i would never tell people unprompted where its from. I do love my ring  and I love the store and its history, so it does make me happy. I would not have been sad if it was from somewhere else,  and I am lying by omission to some of my cousins who would lecture me that it was “a crazy waste of money!” if they knew where it was from. 

    However, if the blue nile version had been something crazy like 6k cheaper I would have felt horrible, so I am sooooo happy it wasn’t a very large price difference! Cool

    And sorry in advance if this post offended anyone!

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