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I workout at midnight sometimes. I sacrifice sleep to workout if I have to. Wake up early, squeeze it in before my swing shift, whatever I have to do. I’m addicted =)

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You could make up for it on weekends?


Other times… just get into your workout gear without ‘thinking’ (ie: dont give yourself the chance to make excuses, just get changed on autopilot) and just do it.

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I used to make the excuse that I was too hungry to work out once I got home from work. Then, after dinner I wouldn’t work out because my stomach was full. I started eating a yogurt or banana about a half hour before leaving work and that was enough food to help me get through my work out without an empty tummy. I do it immediately when I get home from work. If I sit down and turn on the TV I will not get up again to work out.

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I changed my sleep pattern – meaning, going to bed earlier to wake up earlier (5:15am).  I used to workout at night – but, like you, the double shower thing got super annoying and old.  Working out before the sun rises ensures I do it… now if I wait til the evening my motivation drops.

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The first thing I would do is try to work out a schedule for yourself so you don’t feel guity on days when you get home at 9 and can’t push yourself to work out. Perhaps just working out on the early days and having rest days when you get home late. So anywhere from 3-6 days a week depending on how may late nights you have.


I work out at home at night. Sometimes I do it in the late afternoon (between 5 and 6) and sometimes I do it at 9 pm. I work out at home since I definitely do not have the time or money to get myself to a gym. I also dislike using working equipment since I find it boring and I would either have to use the workout room in my building or go to my mom’s house. I don’t like people watching me work out – I like total privacy. So what do I do?


Jillian Michaels DVDs. Right now I’m on level 3 of the 30 Day Shred. They are awesome, quick and fit right into all of my requirements. First off, they give you a total body workout that really makes you feel and look great. And no I’m not a spokesperson – just someone who has come to enjoy working out because of the results I’m getting! Second, I can do them alone in my house with no one watching me. Third, they are only 20 minutes! My sister tried it out with me one day and she said she was going to do the video with me and then do the elliptical at my mom’s after because 20 minutes was not long enough for her. After the video she realized she didn’t need to do the elliptical because the 20 minutes had just absolutely kicked her ass. If you want a longer workout you can always combine levels for a 40 min workout, or do two DVDs one after the other. I’m thinking of making Sunday my long work out day and doing two levels on Sunday.


You don’t know me, but I went 22 years without working out (I’m 22 by the way, just to put that into perspective). I hate working out and feeling the pain. After starting this DVD out of self loathing I have come to view it as my “me” time and I enjoy it. There are still days where I have to push myself and where I don’t want to do it, but the positives outweigh the negatives, and I really do have a whole new outlook on what I’m capable of and how strong I really am. I hope some of my advice was helpful. 

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I’m just finishing my PhD in neuroscience next month and I exercise a lot, but most grad students don’t. My schedule is not consistent, so sometimes I’ll get up at 5:30 or 6:00am to workout, and some days I won’t go until the evening (in fact I’m running out the door right now). I just make it a priority and not really a choice, I work out daily and it’s not negotiable unless I’m sick or absolutely cannot fit it in that day. Sometimes it may only be a 30-min run or DVD in my living room, but it’s better than nothing!

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I second the idea of having an afternoon snack and then just working out right away when you get home.  Of course you don’t want to work out once you’ve already switched to relaxation-mode!  Really I used to have that same feeling of being starved and wanting to just eat dinner, but I realized that if I just worked out those feelings of hunger just went away during the work out (and usually I will not be as ravenous afterwards).  

Also same thing with feeling physically exhausted. Working out will actually make you feel more energetic not less.  I get home and just get my clothes on and start the workout and then usually that feeling of being physically exhausted is gone when I’m done and I have a whole second wind for the evening.  (I’m not trying to be critical, just to motivate you!)

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Every day when I get home from work unless I’m sick. Getting into my workout clothes is just part of my routine now (it took awhile, but I’m there now), like brushing my teeth. I workout from like 730-830, shower, and eat dinner around 9. It’s no big deal to eat dinner a little later (I make sure to always have a snack before I work out so I don’t like…die). There’s no way in hell I will wake up earlier in the morning to work out (I’ve literally fallen asleep at the wheel before when waking up early, it’s a safety issue, no joke), I can’t workout during lunch at work, so this is my only option. Since I want the results, I do it, simple as that. It sucked big fat hairy balls at first, but now on a day like today when I feel sick and am not working out, I actually miss it and feel so lazy eating my dinner and watching tv without having worked out first!!

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@Kat_Kit2000:  excuses are exactly why you’ll never be consistent with exercise, until you stop giving them. Everyone, I don’t care who you are or what you do, has 20 minutes, 3 days a week to get a workout in. And PPs are right, you just have to make yourself do it. I get in 30 minutes in the AM and another 20-30 minutes in the PM, 4-5 days a week, especially now that I’m four months from the wedding. I like to look at this picture when I think of not doin my workout for the day 🙂

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I just make time.  I’m in grad school, I work fulltime, I get up at 430 am for work, and I still manage to get an hour or so in to work out most days.  

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@RunnerBride13:  I think this is key – it not really being a choice. I read something a while back that really helped me to change my perspective, and then recently saw something else that restated it very well.  I wish I could remember where I read it either time!  Anyway, the gist of it is that to really make time, you need to turn your attitude towards exercise from “should” to “must.” Just like you must eat and must shower, you must exercise.  For me, this helped in carving out time to do so.  It just became another thing I had to do, so that made it easier to avoid finding reasons not to do it, if that makes sense.

Also, another option is to make your exercise less of a work out and more of incorporated into daily life.  I don’t always go to the gym or do something really active, but I always bike the 12k to and from work, walk to groceries or other errands, etc.  This is easy for me b/c I work and live in a city, so obviously won’t work exactly as well in different situations, but I think the general idea translates fairly well. 

When I was in university, if I had to go across campus, I’d choose a rather crazy route that involves lots of stairs, throw on some pumping music and just get there as fast as possible.  These kinds of little things really add up, imo.  It’s not as beneficial as dedicated exercise time, but better than nothing!

Also (and I know this is a friggin novel over here, so apologies), but I just try not to worry about the sweat.  When I get to work (esp on warm days), I’m pretty gross sometimes, but I just go to the washroom and freshen up as best I can.  I’d rather be a bit damp and disheveled than miss out on my exercise.

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I wake up at 4am for work, so yeah there is no way I am getting up earlier to work out. I try to do it about an hour after dinner. When I get home I am STARVING and cannot put off eating, haha. Then I’m full and sluggish, so need a little time to relax.

On the days where I’m super busy and can’t fit in a whole workout (which is like 1.5hrs) I try to at least do something. Even if I just take a little time to push out 100 pushups or a quick 20 minute ab routine. I notice that once I go through more than 2 days without doing anything then I get really lazy and its hard to get back into the routine at all. I have a punching bag too so sometimes I’ll do a quick 30 minute boxing workout if I don’t have the time/desire to do much more.

I work out late sometimes just to get it in, but honestly I try to avoid this because I have trouble sleeping if I workout too late at night.

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I get off work anywhere between 10pm and midnight on any given day and I go right after I get off work. I don’t stop by my house beforehand because I know I’ll get comfortable and end up not going. Pack a snack, keep your gym stuff in your car and just go because it’s never going to be convenient. 

Also it’s better to go at night because then you don’t have to worry about rushing to take a shower and then getting to school. I am African American and I have to blow dry and flat iron my naturally curly hair eveytime I wash my hair so I know what it’s like to have to plan your day around taking a shower and it’s so much easier to just leave the workout and shower until the end of the day.


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I do a 20 minute work out during lunch, it sucks, and i get sweaty, but i feel like i need to do something!

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