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otterbee :  The other thing is are you sure you will even need two weeks off post surgery? I was told I would have to stay in hospital/be off work for at least week after mine due to having a chronic illness but I was back at work four days later. Unless your career is based around your voice or you have serious health concerns that can hampen recovery then two weeks sounds like a lot of time off.

I had chronic tonsillitus and the post surgery pain was much better than inflamed tonsils!

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Dude, live your life!  

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I don’t see how this would look bad on you, granted im am in the UK but even in the US unpaid leave or sick leave is separate from vacation leave.  

It is unfortunate that they are so close together but it is what it is. 

It doesn’t take that long to recover from a surgery like this, you can probably still check emails and do some light work from home after a few days. 

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Bee, take your medical leave (I refuse to call it vacation) and your honeymoon and don’t feel guilty! 

I massively disagree with the US vacation system in general as I think employees are more energized and productive when they get time off to decompress, but I also realize that employees need to play by the rules of their employers.

You’re definitely playing by the rules. If you’re really that concerned then discuss these concerns with your supervisor. I wouldn’t approach the owner unless you already have an established working/mentoring relationship with them. In that case I would brickb the subject not from “is this leave okay” but instead as “these are my ggoal for the coming years, I’d like to make a roadmap of what I need to do to make these goals possible”. But honestly if you’re only looking to get promoted in the coming years, your overall performance is going to drive that decision more then some medical leave and vacation you took months and months prior. I don’t think such a conversation with the owner is strictly necessary to check the validity of your leave requests – but it may be a good conversation to have generally. Although up to you who the best person in your company is to have the discussion with.

Ambition is a powerful and important driver in life, but be careful to always keep an eye on your priorities – health and (a functional) family should always come first. 

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You’re fucking kidding me right?! (Granted I’m in the UK where we get 4 weeks annual leave plus 8 public holidays as standard plus actual sick leave (with pay)) but still …

you need an operation and you’ve booked a holiday (not just any holiday, but your honeymoon) 

go take the time you need and if anyone makes you feel even slightly shit for it, find a new job where they would rather people took the time they needed and didn’t burn out / leave because their employers are being dicks.


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Do you qualify for FMLA?

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I would not stress about it. Provided you are not one of those flaky employees who is always calling out or having some sort of issue at work they likely will not bat an eye at it. 

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Westwood :  it doesn’t seem like that would matter much in her situation since she’s already been granted the time off and her job doesn’t seem to be in jeopardy. 

otterbee :  take your medical leave and your honeymoon. Any job that would hold those things against an otherwise amazing employee is stupid and not worth busting your ass for. Life happens. I’m lucky that when I asked for an extended maternity leave one of my bosses said “I’m fighting with the other partners to make sure you get it because I know that you could get another job in a heartbeat and you’re the best we’ve ever had. I’d rather lose you for a few extra months than forever”. THAT is a boss worth busting your ass for – not one who would be mad about taking the bare minimum necessary medical leave just because it happened to pop up around the same time as a long-planned honeymoon. 

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If you are an employee in good standing, this should be fine. If they blacklist you for taking time off for health reasons + weddding, I’d happily be looking for a new job if I were you. 

Can you work from home at all during those 2 weeks? Why do you need 2 full weeks off? (I have no idea, never had tonsils taken out)

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