(Closed) Time to brag on on our fiances!!

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Yayy for our fiances! I’ll play.


1) Made sure that my “waiting” period wasn’t a long one. Took him three months from the time we discussed getting married to the proposal (which was really romantic and well-planned, +did fantastic with my ring)

2) When our mothers were pressuring me on the various venues, he took a day off work to comes venue hunting with me and our mothers, just to show them that his support was with me.

3) Automatically pays for everything unless I fight him off πŸ™‚

4) Hugs me patiently when I have my big, teary bridezilla moments but has trouble concealing his knowing smile because he thinks it’s cute and funny.

5) Is not much of a sap but still writes me cute letters.

6) Is super embarrassed to walk into flower shops because he doesn’t think it’s manly, but has still managed to bring me bouquets on every special occasion (including his birthday)!

7) Really dislikes shopping but now knows our local Tiffanys inside out (especially the bathroom and the corner where he can sit and play on his phone haha)

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Oh yay!!

1. He’s fantastic around the house…will do laundry, dishes, sweep, vaccum…all without being asked or complaining!!

2. Takes such great care of my daughters. Has always treated them like his own!

3. Supports me in everything I do….example, I’m currently on WW and in the first 2 months was doing great but then my gma passed and I had a hard time focusing. So, jump to 3 months later and I finally hit my 5% goal and he was so sweet and had me buy a new shirt to celebrate because I went down a size!!!

4. He lets me get excited about my colored beads and flower petals arriving from China like I won the lottery lol

5. Took the day off work to go shopping for centerpiece vases and my wedding shoes!

I could go on and on….He’s very sweet and loving and makes sure I know he supports me in everything I do! I couldn’t have gotten any luckier!

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  • Wedding: August 2011

My fiance has been incredible through the whole wedding process, that I love him a hundred times more.


1.) I planned my wedding long distance and he was my stand wedding planner lol He shopped for four hours with me for the perfect wedding shoes, gave me actual opinions, told me the programs was “necessary and very cute

2) Wrote his vows months in advance. We were talking about them months before the ceremony, and he’s like “oh yeah, those have been done forever- I had so many nice things to say, it didn’t take long.

3) Has been my absolute rock after having 3(!) bridesmaids drop out of the wedding and a lot of family drama. He reached out to my other bridesmaids and they organized a “cheer me up weekend” after I got the horrible news

4) He travels a lot for work and knows I can’t even boil water, let alone cook, so he orders me the best take out and has it ready for when I get home for work.

So cute πŸ™‚

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I love this. πŸ™‚ 

My amazing man takes such good care of me in every way he can! 

1. I love the way he constantly shows me he’s crazy for me. Bringing me flowers when I am groggy asleep still in bed after his early work interview. Making me breakfast nearly every day because I feel unwell in the mornings due to medications I am on. Rubbing my hands and feet almost every night ( I have a mild case of fibro and this is just so wonderful). 

2. He’s romantic! Probably more than I am myself. He takes the time to write me love letters and leave them where I will find them and even seals them in wax sometimes. 

3. He has a huge heart and is always willing and ready to help out friends or family when they need it. Although he’s been hurt a lot in his life, he’s still the first to open up again to people when they need help. 

4. He’s a looker! (isn’t really a reason but certainly doesn’t hurt! :P) He’s a very attractive guy inside and out and makes my knees weak even after being with him for so long. 

…I could go on and on… πŸ™‚ I love him! 

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@Crisark: OMG, hard to find #1 in guys! lol. lucky you!

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My guy ROCKS in every way!

#1 He is a master mechanic (not by trade, by hobby), and takes care of ALL maintenance on both our diesel trucks, the mustang and his lil commuter car. I cant brag enough about how much he knows about trucks and that eh can build them in his sleep~

#2 He is up at 4am, faithfully, to walk our three dogs. And it doesnt matter if its snow, cold, rain, a holiday, his birthday, jesus birthday..guy is up at 4am every. single. day.  And has done it for the last 10 yrs.

#3 He brings me flowers, and I mean big huge bouquets of roses for no good reason at all, because he knows i love it.

#3 He is super romantic..more than any other guy I have ever met. He loves to leave post-its all over the place, and he has this cute little way of signing his name upside down. He calls me just to leave love messages and then asks me to play them over and over during the day so I “dont ever forget” how he feels about me~

#4 He does automatically pay for everything when we are out, and even when I do fight him, he almost always wins.

#5 He is a systems engineer for work that stresses him to the nines, but if my laptop so much as has a hiccup, he never ever hesitates to fix it for me and not ever complains.

#6 He has no problem expressing his emotions and feelings, and yep Ive seen him cry. (NOT to be confused with him being super crybaby sensitive and bawling when he sees dolphins swim by lol)

#7 He is very helpful around the house, and will cook for me, wash up dishes, he does laundry, folds too! He carries the laundry up and down for me, he always keep the inside trash and recycles empty. I also never have to ask him to cut the grass..he just does πŸ™‚

My list could go on and on and on! I love him for way more reasons beyond these, and have no doubt that he is my dream come true! Im the luckiest girl in the world that he wants ME!


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Sugar bee

I have one from earlier tonight!

We’ve been having issues finding an officiant – first one we were interested in turned out to be a real jerk and then the one we really wanted was not available. I got really upset and overreacted and wailed about how we’ll never be able to get married because we can’t find anyone to marry us…haha.

He came over and did his best to cheer me up. He came up with a good solution, and then tickled me until he got me to smile. I love him so much. He always puts things into perspective and helps me realize I need to calm down and stop focusing on the negative.

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@waterloobee – “4) Hugs me patiently when I have my big, teary bridezilla moments but has trouble concealing his knowing smile because he thinks it’s cute and funny.”

YES! Mine too – one of my favourite things! 

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He cooks (very well), cleans (ridiculously well), makes me laugh, picks me up when  i’m down, puts me in my place when I’m being a bitch and thru it all he’s my #1 fan and supporter.

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Okay, I’ll play!

  • He hugs me everyday.
  • He is never rude or mean to me. (Not that I’d allow it.)
  • He brings me flowers or little surprises all the time. Like, a sandwich and remembers my favorite drink.
  • He does the dishes every night.
  • When I was driving his truck and couldn’t get the clutch in right and rolled down the hill he never laughed – not even once. πŸ™‚
  • When some of his family were thoughtless to me, he took my side. Took him awhile to see his family was not perfect, but he saw it and stood up for me.
  • He writes me songs and leaves loving notes for me most mornings. Yeah!

He’s awesome and I luurrrvvvveee him.

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First thing that comes to mind:

We’re going to try to get pregnant right after the wedding.  A few days ago he called me from work to say that he’s been looking at coupons for diapers and do I think we should start stocking up?  Also, he knows I want to stay at home with our children as much as possible so, do I think my work will allow me to work part time so we don’t have to put the baby in day care?  LOL  What baby!!  LOL  He’s so cute.

PS he does all the housework and the laundry.  He’s very OCD about it.

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– He makes me laugh. Constantly

– He so badly wants to be a daddy and ‘put a baby in my belly’

– He is very touchy-feely. Even if its just putting his foot against mine, he loves to be touching and he loves to kiss and cuddle

– He shares my dreams and ambitions and will do what he can to see they are met

– When he mum told me she never liked me, told me I was stealing her son away and basically dumped 5 years of resentment on me, he took my side. I regret that they have no spoken in a year, but knowing he supports me is such a nice feeling

– Above all he puts up with big old emotional me. I cry at stupid things, like sappy songs about love and baby commercials. He will roll his eyes at me, but will give me a huge bear hug and a kiss anyway.

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@bklynbridetobe: The best!

This is an awesome topic.

  • We have ‘blue’ house jobs and ‘pink’ house jobs… the blue ones are the ones I don’t like to do and he took them on immediately after recognizing I didn’t like them… cooking, laundry, and dishes. What a man for taking my most hated jobs.
  • He pokes fun at me constantly… When I’m PMSing this doesn’t work, but every other day it gets me laughing at myself. He makes fun times happen even when we’re doing mundane things.
  • When he goes on tour with his band he writes me love letters and mails them… every couple of days. They say the most amazing things. They’re the kind of letters you keep for your grandchildren.
  • He doesn’t make me feel special every day- he waits for a great moment when he knows I need it and brings me flowers, my favorite wine, or something I’ve been talking about wanting. He just listens and knows when it will matter most.



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