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What do you do in the new year? You hang out with your friends, you remember who you are as a woman and not as a ‘we’. 

Stop letting him play with your ball on his court.  You’ve been playing his game for how long now? Take back your ball, go find your court, and never ever give your all to someone else without giving your all to yourself first. You don’t remember what it’s like being single, you don’t remember who you were. Go find that person and learn to value yourself again.

Dont wait!  Imagine standing in line and it’s not moving.  All the other lines are moving.  When do you get out of your line and try a different one? Every day you’re just standing there waiting for him to call your number.  Stop it!  YOU make this decision because YOU are not getting your needs met not because HE missed a deadline and doesn’t value you enough. 

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Sugar bee


This man told you WHEN YOU STARTED DATING that he never wanted to marry. 

Since you started bringing it up a year ago, he has been resistant every step of the way.

4 months ago he straight up TOLD YOU he DID NOT WANT TO MARRY YOU.

In late August you learned he hadn’t even bought the ring yet, even though he had the money to.

Now there are 3 weeks left in December, and you are SURPRISED he hasn’t proposed yet???

The writing has been on the wall from the very beginning.

I advised you 4 months ago to STOP listening to his words and start watching his actions. Your reply was to insist he is a “man of his word.” OK. Do you still think he’s a man of his word?

It’s not looking good.

For the New Year, you should buy a WHOLE bunch of books focused on being a Bad B*tch, deprogramming from being “The Nice Girl”, and how to set high expectations of the men you’ll allow to take up your valuable time. 

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i wouldnt wait any longer. stop caring for his feelings when he clearly doesnt care for yours. 

“hey i want to circle back on a future marriage, . is this something you want with me? if not i need to go out and stop wasting my time”

everything esle is an excuse. walmart rings are 20 buck and getting married at the court is 90. EVERYTHING else is a bs reason why he is stalling.

you deserve to be able to take ahpd of your future. these are your golden years.

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Of course we understand what it’s like to have all that time invested in someone.  Everyone does, they e even done studies on it.  It’s called a sunk cost fallacy.  

Dom’t think our advice comes from a place that doesn’t understand. ❤️

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Honey bee

Give him the rest of the year, since that makes you feel better. Break up with him on Jan1, 2019. Don’t delay it, by that date he’s had his time and elected to do nothing. Your first duty is to yourself and the relationship is going to continue to drag you down the more you wait for a proposal that may never come. It’s hard but you owe it to yourself.

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Blushing bee

So sorry to hear you’re in this predicament, bee. I gave my FH a timeline of 2 years before we even became exclusive. I told him if we’re going to become a couple he needs to accept that he’s got 2 years to propose because I’m not interested in being a professional girlfriend. He started bringing up marriage 1.5 years in and has already purchased my ring.


My advice to you is to walk away while you can. He’s shown you for the better half of a decade who he is and you keep coming back for more despite it being incompatible with what you want. Don’t end up like my friend – she spent 12 years with someone who from the very beginning told her he didn’t want marriage or children despite wanting those things for herself.


Now she’s in her 40’s having an impossible time dating and trying to conceive via spermbank and IVF. Honestly, it sounds miserable AF and all I can think is how stupid she was to walk right into this kind of life with all the warning signs in the world.


Run while you can and take ownership of your time in your next relationship. Wishing you all the luck in the world!

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Helper bee

As Ariana Grande said, “thank u, next”

That’s what you should do with this one. I wasted five years with someone myself and I know how much it sucks but do what you have to do for yourself. You’re gonna drive yourself crazy with this. I’ve had my fair share of jackasses in between, but with the advice of some of these brilliant ladies, I gave someone a chance I never thought I’d date and we are seriously so happy and on the same exact page with everything. Would you really wanna marry someone you had to push to do so? I can’t imagine that will feel well.

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I am in the same boat as you! This is what you should do-start making plan B in case he doesn’t propose by Dec 31st and in the meantime enjoy what time you have left together.  If he proposes bye Dec 31st great if not you break up and move on without him. That is my plan!


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I agree with @sunburn. Give him until January 1. Then move on. This man doesn’t want to marry you. You can’t force that. You have different life goals and you shouldn’t compromise on what you want the rest of your life to look like based on how you feel now or what you put in in the past. Think about it this way, would you want to give 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40… years to a man who doesn’t want to marry you and will probably never marry you? Don’t waste another year on him.

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