Timeline for Saving/Budgeting/Putting down deposits

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I’m about 5 months out from my wedding and we have only had to pay deposits so far, except for our photographer and videographer who require monthly payments. Our budget is pretty tight as well, but we saved our tax refund this year and like you, we decided on how much we needed to set aside each month. We currently have all the money we need saved, but we’re putting aside a little out of each check in addition just in case. 

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You should only have to put down deposits now. Vendors typically want the remaining amount anywhere from a month, two weeks or a week before the wedding. 

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Bekah Boots :  unless you are having 10-20 people at home serving for you make, and no dj photographer, etc  idk how your going to have a wedding for 2k .. just being honest. 70 people is unrealistic. If u spend $20 pp on food and alcohol that only leaves 600 for rings,  music, dress, photos, etc

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futremrswhite17 :  yea, totally agreeing w this. I don’t even know that you could do in home catering for 70 ppl for less than $1200 (with heating pans, utensils, delivery fee, etc). Add on just the bare necessities: marriage license, officiant fees, rings, venue – you’d be at $2,000 very quickly. Not to ruin your dream, just being honest that you may want to scale back your number of guests or you may want to consider either a cake & champagne reception? Maybe something super casual like pizza? Good luck.

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Most vendors are going to require a deposit and then the rest of the payment sometime close to the wedding or on the day of the wedding. My coordinator requires full payment a month in advance because that’s when the heavy lifting is but my caterer requires the full payment on arrival. 

You may have to negotiate a payment plan that works best for you. But also, you may not have many vendors so maybe you’ll just need a payment plan for a caterer and diy the other stuff. In that case, you would just buy stuff when you can afford it. I’d say wait for sales since you have 17 months. And definitely shop around. 

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Bekah Boots :  What are you thinking of for a location? Keep in mind that if you need to rent somewhere that will impact your costs a huge amount (even just a license for a park can be a few hundred dollars where I live).

Depending on that, I think most of the points about vendors and deposits won’t apply for you. You might actually find that the bulk of your costs are done along the way (ex. dress, rings relatively far in advance, food right before).

With a budget that small, I would just make sure of a few things: like any budget, allow for things to go wrong and allow some wiggle room of a couple hundred dollars, be sure that your saving is realistic for you guys as a couple and that it isn’t ideal/won’t be a huge struggle from what you’re saving and spending now; also, budget very, very well – include taxes, budget knowing prices will increase between now and then, budget for any gratuities. With your budget and how you’re saving, being accurate (and keeping your costs/budget updated) will be key.

Good luck bee 🙂

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Bekah Boots :  Its not too early! Definitely give the church a phone call and ask what their processes are. I started reserving vendors over a year in advance, and a lot of them let me lock-in their 2016 prices even though I’m not getting married until 2018. Definitely not a bad idea to look into this stuff early.

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A few more suggestions, take ’em or leave ’em & good luck with all your planning 🙂 

You’ll run across this a lot but: DIY doesn’t always save money, so make sure to compare costs carefully. & I also found it helpful to look at a generic wedding budget list, then go through it with my Fiance, crossing off the things that were not for us, then reconfiguring a rough allocation of budget. Omitting things was the easiest way to stay affordable, and no one misses a ring bearer pillow but sometimes it’s easy to find yourself down a pinterest hole looking at DIY tutorials to make a thing you don’t want or need. (: 

It may be the case that $60/month is all you can set aside right now. But it might also be worth looking at your budgets and seeing if there’s anywhere else you can save money for a little while. There are some awesome online communities for frugal healthy eating that can trim money off your grocery bill, etc. You can set up a “wedding fund” change jar and drop your change from cash purchases in it. This may or may not be for you, of course, but any buffer will help and if you don’t spend it on the wedding, then roll it over to your next vaca or something fun or a slush fund for unexpected bills.

I’d also look at the things you can “buy as you go” so that you get the best deal. Once you decide on venue/location and make some decisions about how you want to enhance that space you can put out alerts or manually check sites that have sales or listings. I like ifttt.com for setting up alerts so I get an email whenever someone posts something on craigslist with the word “wedding” in it. 

You probably already know this, but leverage those craft store coupons for all your DIY! Also, since you’re aiming for 17 months away it can help to have a place to wrangle all your wedding stuff. I use some great organizational bins I already had to keep ongoing projects and supplies.

But yeah, in general I think when you’re keeping things affordable, you’ll be dealing less with vendors who need %50 upfront, but be sure to read any contacts carefully so you know when things will be due. It doesn’t hurt to use a planner/gcalendar or something to organize all that as well. 

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