Tips/Advice for raising 2 puppies at once

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Babies!!!!! I have no idea, to answer your question, but good luck and enjoy your adorable babies!!

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I don’t say this from personal experience exactly, just witnessing it with family. If you get two at once, make sure you make a huge effort to train them and bond them to YOU. My in laws had two dogs from the same litter who loved their humans but definitely had a little pack thing going on and weren’t very well behaved. With two big dogs, you need them both to listen to you instantly and not go around doing their own thing. 

Regarding the breeds, golden retrievers are lovely (grew up with them) but they can be very ‘puppy’ level of energy for like 3 years. I believe labs can be the same. You sound ready for that, just a heads up that even a calm puppy could really need a lot of attention and exercise for a long time. 

Good luck, and enjoy! They are such cuties!

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ohdarling :  Separate classes is a great idea! I got a puppy, put him in classes, and shortly after my dad’s wife adopted his brother. The trainer for his classes recommended separate classes, and some separate home training sessions as well.

You might learn this in your classes, but since they’ll be together before then, here’s a tip for when they’re playing: if one dog seems to be getting kind of aggressive or rough and you’re not sure if the other one is okay with that, do a “consent test” by pulling the more aggressive dog a short distance away. If the more submissive dog needs a break, he’ll take that opportunity. If he was enjoying the play, he will return to the other dog and initiate play again.

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Oh man, I would not wish two retriever puppies at the same time on my worst enemy!! You are brave! Little land sharks until 2-4yrs old. 

Great idea taking them to separate obedience classes. You two will definitely need to be regimented and adhere to the same corrections and way of training otherwise you’ll end up with very confused pups. Lots of bonding exercises individually will help loads.

Good luck and enjoy!! Puppies are exhausting but so rewarding.

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ohdarling :  

Well first up, how utterly gorgeous. Secondly as the ‘owner’ of a 10 month old pup, just the one and quite a small breed….. good luck. 

There is some great advice from pps, can l just add two things that were invaluable to me

  • it will take longer and be harder than you imagined
  • it will not however, last forever and every day/ week will bring progress. And joy.  

Make sure you and husband are on the same page re discipline and treats and rough play and the like. You will almost certainly fall out over something, but try for consistency at all times . 

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I agree with all that is said, and have advice on the cats.

Keep then separated at first (we had a baby gate on our stairs, dog couldn’t go up and cats had no interest in coming down). Then as the cats began to explore downstairs we kept him leashed and we would call him and have him sit EVERY time he saw the cat. Then we went to a longer leash and did the same thing. Basically training each time he saw a cat he should walk away and come to us. The important thing is to NEVER let them have the chance to chase a cat in the first place so they never get that “reward”. Don’t let them do it while they’re cute and young…. because they will quickly learn bad behavior you can’t break when they’re big. 

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Most breeders don’t recommend two puppies at the same time, but assuming that ship has sailed…make sure you socialize them separately quite a lot. Two puppies kept together all the time tend to bond to each other instead of their humans, and that can cause behavioral issues. I’d recommend regular outings, walks, training, etc, alone until they are at least 16 weeks old.

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Get crates! I always adopted older dogs and they never needed to be crated. I thought crates were cruel.

Well, we got a puppy and hes awesome, BUT he chews everything! He leaves a lot of things alone, but since he will chew/eat anything… it became dangerous. People on this board suggested we crate him and I was really reluctant, but did it for his safety.

Well now he LOVES his crate. He goes in there happily and even just naps/hangs out in there during times when he has free range to roam the house.

We only crate him at night, and when we leave the house. We dont leave him in there too much and we make sure he gets lots of play and attention.

Also – a tired puppy is a happy puppy! Ours is 8 months old and fairly mellow, but he still needs a few hours a day of activity – walks, fetch, games, etc,

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Westwood :  I second this. Don’t do it. You even said you’ve never grown up with a a dog and you’re going to be taking on two puppies, one is plenty. ESPECIALLY considering you both aren’t even home most of the time. Keeping one dog in a kennel most of the time is enought to manage with regular potty breaks, walks, play time, etc let alone two. 

Growing up with dogs is a lot different than getting a puppy on your own for the first time too. Just speaking to you referencing your husband “growing up with dogs” my husband and I both grew up with dogs, but it did not prepare us in the slightest for what life would be like with the responsibility of bringing home a puppy. 

Good luck. My best advice would be prepare for puppy blues. 



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They are so precious!!

That being said, you are very brave for taking on two puppies at once. My dog is a golden/lab/poodle and he was an AWFUL puppy (though the cutest thing I’ve ever seen). I cried on the regular because he was so overwhelming and I couldn’t believe what I’d gotten myself into. I can’t imagine dealing with two of him at the same time. Labs and goldens are both high energy dogs who will need a lot of exercise and stimulation. If you can, reconsider your decision and go with one pup for now. You can always add another puppy once the older one ages out of the puppy stage. Otherwise, I wish you luck!

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