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Busy bee
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The best advice I can give is BRING YOUR MOM! Haha, seriously, my mom told us all the kitchen stuff we should register for. I got WAY overwhelmed in the bakeware/utensils section of BB&B, and my mom saved the day.

Other than that, I would suggest that the first thing you pick is your plates. Those can help you determine the color scheme and feel (formal, casual, etc.) of your kitchen. For example, we didn’t get fancy china — instead, we got these dinner and salad plates from Crate and Barrel:


And then picked out yellow applicances, dishtowels, even wine glasses with yellow stems! 

Also, most stores have a “must-register-for” list that they give you. That’s a good place to start 🙂 Good luck!

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

  Mine is to wear comfortable shoes and leave your purse at home (or, carry a wristlet). We were in BB&B for five hours, and my shoulder hurt so bad after that!

  I agree with the previous poster…pick your plates first, because that’ll help you figure out the color scheme of your kitchen. Also, don’t be afraid to register for a few big things. Fiance and I had something like 10-15 items that were in the $100-$200 range…two are now left (we’re also having a wedding of 200 guests). Just make sure you have a variety of prices for people to choose. Think about what you realistically use around the house. It’s fun registering for a ton of stuff, but when you get all brand new spatulas when you really needed plates…it’s tough!

  Our favorite things were our bedding, plates, flatware, and some decorative items.

  Finally, have fun with it! We had a great experience with BB&B. Our consultant was helpful, yet she stayed out of our way. She brought us some bottled water, which was very helpful.


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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: August 2013

We did ours online mostly. We’re only registering at Target, and I set it up online, added stuff, and then we ended up going in store to scan things. They give you a fun little packet and scanning stuff is awesome. We’re going to do it again closer to the wedding, but I usually just go to the site and add stuff on there. I know a lot of people don’t like/have problems with the Target one, but I haven’t had any so far. 

It’s really not that hard–we just went through aisles or pages and added things we’d like to have (new/nicer vacuum, steam cleaner), things we want to upgrade (utensils, silverware, dinnerware, serveware, kitchen gadgets/appliances), but it’s hard because we want to buy a house, but we don’t know how we’d decorate it until we do.

I agree with registering for big things. We have a few big things on there (Target doesn’t break down anything over $50, it’s just $50+), like the vacuum, steam cleaner, and a memory foam mattress. We aren’t registering for things that we’ll (realistically) never use–as much as I would LOVE a KitchenAid stand mixer, we aren’t ever going to use it.

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Helper bee
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I think it’s great to bring your mom! If she’s even kinda familiar with the kitchen, she’ll know exactly what you need. Most stores will give you a check off list you can go off of that too…but i found some of that stuff unnecessary. I’d also recommend going for the good stuff. Register for the set of pots you actually WANT not the ones that fit into your budget the best. It’s nice to register for top notch stuff because you won’t have to replace it as quickly down the line…let your guests decide if they want to pay that for you or not. I’ve been shocked at the things purchased off my registry…I’d NEVER pay that much for myself for some of those things. With that in mind, you also need to register for things that will fit into everyone’s budget so make sure you have a wide variety of prices for your guests to pick from. Also, when we were registering, we thought about how much we’d really cook and stuff like that so we’d know what to get. It kinda hit us that part of marriage is growing, and while we may not use that stuff today, in a couple of years when we have kids or we’re out of that ‘single’ mindset, we’ll probably be cooking. Someone told me that your registry is your one chance to go all out…so even if you’re not sure how much use you’ll get out of it, go for it if you want it. In 2 years when you find this awesome smoothie recipe you’re gonna wish you registered for that blender. You will never get another opportunity to start totally fresh like this again, so take advantage of that…that’s why people are getting you your registry gifts. If you end up not getting all the stuff you needed from your registry and just most of those dream items, you can always exchange!


Lastly (and this has less to do with what you register for but where you register), look at their return policies for registries. We chose BBB and Macy’s because the had the best return policies. BBB will even give you CASH for items you return that were purchased from your registry but paid for with cash/debit without a receipt. For both those places, your registry acts as your receipt so you don’t need a gift receipt or anything. I can’t remember exactly, but I think for both of them, you have a year from your wedding date to return stuff from your registry, even if it was purchased for your shower 2 months before the wedding. Talk about awesome! Target had the worst return policy! Their return policy is the exact same for registries as it is regularly…which means you only have 30 days to return/exchange an item and get credited the amount of money paid for it even if it’s from your registry!! That’s awful! Think about it this way….someone finds out where you’re registered 2 months before your wedding, while shopping at Target, decides to pick up your gift then it goes on clearance but you need to exchange it for whatever reason…you can’t. That’s really awful. A good store to register at is one with a great registry return policy. So do your research first! 

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Buzzing bee
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@little_cricket:  I agree!  Target’s return policy is horrible.  We went with Macy’s and Crate & Barrel.  We skipped BBB because all my friends who registered there have the same B. Smith serveware.  No thanks!

This is the one chance to get the good stuff.  We registered for china because we will never have that chance again.  A woman at Macy’s also told us to register for 16 sets as she had registered for 12 and this Christmas they were short a set because of all the grandkids!  Her pattern is discontinued and she was searching for a NEW set of china.    

I cannot stress enough getting good pots. My sister(who was married 10 years ago) bought pots from Target and has had to replace them already.  Calphalon, All Clad.   Get pots with a good reputation and they should last you forever!

Do not register for utensils, dish towels or cloth napkins.  To start off you really only need one spoon and one spatula.  These items can be bought as needed and you will be kicking yourself when you need that slow cooker and have only a drawer full of gadgets!  And for some reason people love buying these things.  My friend ended up with 50 different BBB utensils(that brand that is all black plastic) and no pots!!

Register for electrics that will last.  A margarita maker sounds fun but a good toaster is a must.  Food processor, hand blender, blender, slow cooker all make my list too.

Have fun and enjoy this!  Don’t do it all in one day.  Split it up into housewares today, bedding next week.  I loved registering.  In fact we are going today to purchase some extra stuff. 🙂



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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2012

Our registry consultant really helped us feel better about going ‘all out’ on our registry. She reminded us that lots of our guests will look at our registry not only for wedding related events but for birthdays and christmas. We registered in November and when it was a bit closer to Christmas, people asked my mom if we were registered yet. We got several registry gifts for Christmas and our wedding isn’t even until August.  

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Sugar bee
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I didn’t really know what we were doing either.  But having lived together and been in our home for almost 6 years and on our own for a bit longer, I knew what I wanted and what I needed.  

Plus I got certian things in coordinating colors that match my kitchen paint (like dish towels, etc).

I just knew what i would use and what I didn’t need (and put a few similar items in different prices for people to have options…if I happen to get 3 different pot holders, i can return the 2 I liked the leaast and get another item of the registry).

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Busy bee
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This is kind of along the quality theme, but decide together what you “want” out of the registry.  For us, we wanted things that will last a lifetime (or a long time, anyway).  For my lil bro, they basically have nothing starting out, so what they’re after is a bit different than us.  We had “real jobs” so went for classic, long lasting stuff like silverware and china, but we also have the luxury of being able to afford to buy whatever else we feel we need down the line.

My bro’s more into replacing their two sets of Ikea kitchen starters and getting nice towels, bakeware, dishes and such. 

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Busy bee
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some answers to your Q’s (all my own personal opinion):

What do you think are the most essential/must-have items?

– pots and pans (good frying pans are SO MUCH nicer than the crappy ones I had forever)

– a really good knife or two

– some nice linens – sheets or a comforter or towels (or all 3 ;-))

– some things that you both want – ie if camping is more representative of both of you, get some camping gear you don’t have, some board games, a video game, bike gear, etc.

– a crockpot can be useful, but does take up space.  likewise with a rice cooker.


What are the items that are a waste to register for?

– Don’t get pressured into anything you’re worried you won’t use.  Especially as you say you need everything, put your own needs/wants before others.  ie if you’re not into fine china, don’t get it, put your foot down!

– super cheap stuff.  splurge for the $3 more expensive spatula, or whatever, you get the idea. 


Also – know what your future living situation will look like!  If you’re going to be in a 500 sq ft apartment, you probably don’t want 35 towels. 

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Bumble bee
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I recommend thinking outside of the kitchen when registering – his & her bathrobes and new luggage were the things I was most looking forward to and also the first items purchased off the registry, I love our new rolling duffle bag – it fit everything we both packed for our honeymoon and still weighed under the 50lb limit.  Macy’s and Crate & Barrel are also great because if you end up with store credit or gift cards you can buy furniture – we ended up with nearly $500 in gift cards which we used to purchase patio furniture!  Crate and Barrel has a great completion policy – I think its a 10% discount on anything, including furniture, for 6 months after your wedding.

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Honey bee
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DON’T try and do it all in one day.

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