Tips for an at home worker

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  • poll: Do you tip people who work out of their house and only accept cash?
    yes : (19 votes)
    63 %
    no : (10 votes)
    33 %
    other (explain) : (1 votes)
    3 %
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    Honey bee

    No, since they own their own business. They aren’t paying someone a cut or a rental fee and are setting their own rates.

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    Helper bee

    sollyb :  

    Yes, a job well done deserves a tip. 

    Owning a business and working for yourself is risky – the income is all yours, but it’s never guaranteed. You must invest both time & money in advertising, ensuring you have proper equipment and a clean space. I admire these people for taking their livelihoods into their own hands. 

    The home business owner may be setting their rates, as the PP said, but they have significantly more expenses. They are paying taxes, utility bills (it takes extra power to run a business!) and maintaining their space & equipment.

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    Bumble Beekeeper
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    I was not paying attention and read this as “Tips for a Home Wrecker” and I was so excited to read this thread thinking it was going to be very interesting!

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    Busy bee
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    The only person I see that falls into this category is my hairdresser and I always tip him, but he works magic on my hair 

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    I really don’t understand the whole “they set their rates” thing. They still need to be competitive to some degree so it’s not like they can just set a rate at whatever price point they want.

    Also, to me, a tip is about a job well done or going above and beyond. So if they did that I would tip them. 


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    Busy bee
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    Another vote for I always tip for a job well done no matter the place of work. 

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    Sugar bee

    I don’t see why you wouldn’t unless it was bad service.

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    Busy bee

    eeniebeans :  WillowBee33 :  I mis-read it in thinking I might get some tips from working at home (I work 2/3 on campus, 1/3 at home and I often find it hard to focus at home, though I enjoy the freedom of it). The way you two Bees mis-read it would have been quite entertaining though!

    I would tip all of the examples given. 

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    Busy bee

    Also- I don’t see what difference it makes if they only accept cash?

    Do you interpret this to mean they’re not necessarily declaring it on their taxes as income? If you’re thinking this and have qualms about it, then you should find someone else to deal with, not use this as an excuse not to tip them ‘since they’re probably not even declaring it anyway’

    You don’t even know if this is true, it could be a very unfair assumption and using it to justify no tip means you don’t want to tip but don’t want to feel guilty for not tipping so are looking for reasons to justify not giving a tip. 

    If this doesn’t apply to you, just ignore it, I’m just not understanding why you mentioned accepting cash only as a factor. 

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    Buzzing Beekeeper
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    Same. Disappointed in the change in content. eeniebeans :  

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    sollyb :  

    Of course!  Why would I not?  Small business owners work their asses off and take far more risks than employees.

    Anyone who thinks that business owners or independent contractors make more money because they work out of their homes is very ill informed.

    An independent contractor who works for a company under IC status also has a crap ton of expenses;  including health and liability insurance. If the business owner sees clients in their home, the cost of liability insurance is astronomical. There are also local licensing fees and costs of compliance with various statutes and ordinances.

    The employer provides nothing.

    Yeah, this is a rant.  I have enormous respect for the entrepreneurial spirit.

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    i always tip, even if its an at home business, i want to imagine that the money you pay for the service goes back into their business and the money you tip pays for their bills, roof over their head, etc. 

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    Helper bee

    Maybe I should go anon for this but I hate the concept of tipping. I’m paying for a service and now I was to pay more because you did a good job? If you did not do a good job I would not come back. No one tips their nurses because they did a good job and many other fields like your lawyer or person you bought your car from. 

    It also makes a weird dynamic for waiters/waitresses. Their place of work does not pay them enough so they have “earn” their tip. I’m going to a restaurant for food. We all know that food is so much cheaper then what it sells for and now I have to tip someone to bring it to me because they won’t pay their wait staff properly. It also puts pressure on the wait staff as well. 

    Where does it stop? Should I tip my barrista at Starbucks? Chipotle? Am i tipping everyone 20%? There is no limit. I do the tipping specially at restaurants because those people need to make a living and I have a waiter friend so I know how little money they make. Other places it just depends if I have the extra cash. 

    Do people tip their baby and dog sitter?

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