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I am not sure that anyone’s life is ever constantly happy. We all have our highs and lows. It sounds like your body is responding normally to stress.

I would continue eating well and exercising, and make sure you get enough sleep.

You have a lot on the go, and a sick pet has to be really tough. I think once you’re less busy and your pet is well again, you will feel a lot better.

I have constant anxiety and some days are better than others. I am finding that things like chilling out and watching shows that make me laugh, and getting exercise really helps. I’ve also downloaded a couple of meditation apps on my phone. I try to distract myself when I am feeling really anxious.

I wouldn’t recommend going on any meds or anything.. they can really screw you up. Sounds like fairly normal situational anxiety that will pass. Hang in there!

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Wow I was just about to google this hah…well personally I also have depression so my doctor has me on medicine, but try going to see a therapist and try to relax, it helps to take time for yourself, try meditating, I personally light a candle I love called “peaceful waters” that makes me. Relax

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It really sounds like you need to start taking some time for yourself to decompress. You’re doing a LOT right now. Is there any way that you can cut back? Or anything that would make those things easier?

I’m a list maker. Even if I know I need to get x, y, and z at the store, I still make a list. I make lists for everything because it keeps me on track and then I don’t get the anxiety that I’m forgetting something.

All else fails, Xanax.

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@nemoandthebrain:  #1 best thing for anxiety is aerobic exercise… Walk/run/bike for 30 minutes/day.  Do a kickbox class, learn to pole dance, whatever.  It is more effective than SSRI’s or other pharmaceuticals and won’t give you any side effects other than getting in great shape.  


But if you feel overwhelmed to the point that you are having suicidal tendencies or thoughts, or can absolutely not get out of your rut, please see an MD and take the medicine they prescribe.   If you are at this point, you NEED to be medically supervised at least for the short-term.


 EDIT: just saw you said you exercise – how much and what are you doing? Are you taking any supplements? Sometimes these can mess with the chemicals of the brain. 


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A lot of times, anxiety builds on itself.  So you’re already stressed, you get to Target, you can’t remember what you wanted, your anxiety level goes up another few levels, you remember you have to take care of your sick furbaby, up another level, wedding stuff, up another level, so on and so forth. 

What I’ve seen that can help a lot is identify what you CAN control.  Ok, so you’re forgetful.  That’s what a smartphone/tablet/list is for.  I know you’re constantly busy, so schedule in a 5 minute break every few hours, even if you have to have a calendar reminder to do so.  Step away from the chaos and force yourself to stop for those few minutes.  Deep breaths and calm. 

And remember, this gets better.  The wedding will be done in a few months, you’ll have your house and that stress level will go WAY down.

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@nemoandthebrain:  Honestly, the parents will have to get over it. Explain/have him explain that you really need time to yourself to relax and that you’ll be focusing on yourself, the wedding, and your new home until after the wedding. They’re adults.

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I’m a health care professional and during wedding planning/finishing my masters degree I was experiencing stress/anxiety. I was gettng symptoms like you’re describing. I found that for myself learning how to calm my body down and stop the stress response really helped me. 

I started doing this for 20 minutes 2x a day and it really, really helped me. I did it while lying down. I trained myself to be able to calm down instantly now and don’t have to do it as often.


If you need to though, talking to a professional is also a good option, they can teach you many other skills/ approaches that may work better for you. 

And like others said exercise is helpful. I also made sure that I was exercising at least a few times a week. 

It’s kinda funny because these things (exercise, relaxation) take up time, so initially it may seem stressful to take time out of a busy schedule to do this. But it was so worth it. I feel better and work more efficiently since I am calmer. 

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I started having anxiety attacks after my mom passed away suddenly. 

I have found that eliminating caffeine & alcohol (I eliminate a lot more caffeine than booze…lol) really helps anxiety.

I also learned to tell myself that there is NOTHING wrong. It also helps me to call/text someone when I am feeling anxious. My sister suffers from the same anxiety, so I’ll call her and she’ll remind me that it’s just a panic attack and I am fine. I do the same for her. 

Also, I try to distract myself from it. I’ll go for a walk, talk on the phone, watch tv, play on the internet. 

You said you don’t feel overwhelmed… that’s often how I feel when I get anxiety. I’ll be driving in the car, and all of a sudden feel anxious/panicky. This morning I woke up and felt anxious. A lot of it is unexplainable, and happens for no reason. 


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