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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2010

wow that’s crazy….I too am having a candy buffet and I really like the idea of putting the containers at each table setting….we are also going to put a black & white cookie at each setting to hold them over until the buffet is brought out later on….hopfully this will eliminate a mad rush lol

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Blushing bee
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I had a very different experience than the OP. We had 165 guests (I planned for 200 just in case). I read on WB to plan for 1/2 lb per person, so I bought 100 lbs of candy. Maybe 30 lbs was taken. We were very wasteful and threw the rest of it away. There was just too much to worry about at the end of the reception…packing up the extra candy was low on the list. Sometimes I do think abt the delicious cherry sour balls and wish that they were in my kitchen cabinet!

I know that people saw it because they commented on how pretty it was (Chrismukkah themed). I even tried to convince candy lovers to take more than one bag, but they wouldn’t!! Also, we ordered 240 cupcakes and I would say that we had over 100 left. And no one ate them until after dinner, so no worries there.

How much alcohol did your group drink? I”m thinking that mine skipped the sweets b/c all of the guests were too drunk! Most people don’t like sweets when drinking (well, I do). Maybe lower alcohol consumption=more candy/sweets

(photos by Michael Rastall – http://www.rastallphoto.com)

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Worker bee
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Holy moley, I never would have thought people would take extra bags! that seems so insane! I can see children doing that, but not adults~haha wow. I bought 15 types of candy but now i’m thinking thats not enough….jeesh!

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Wow!!!! That was insane. I don’t know if I would have gotten mad or just laughed hysterically knowing that full grown professional adults were behaving like 5 year olds at a Dora show…lol I don’t plan on unveiling mine until after dinner.


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see, this is my fear too, i know a few of my friends are freaks,

although now I am having a favor bar instead of just a candy bar…

Because its a VR and I know pretty much everyone there, we are only inviting close friends and family, as opposed to our wedding where his family went crazy and invited a bunch of people we didn’t know….

I will put up a sign saying something witty like “you may be needy but don’t be greedy.. please think of the next person in line”

That is so me nd something I would do:)  ugh I gotta start buying bags, I love having 2 years to plan this thing.  I an’t imagine doing this in any time less than that.


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A suggestion for the greedy guests, you could use the favor container as a place card

ie. chinese take out container at each place setting with the guest’s name on it and a message saying directing them to take the container to the candy buffet at the end of the night. That way only 1 per person and you won’t have to worry about guests taking extra.

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Thanks for posting this, OP!

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Worker bee

Wow! That level of greediness is just shocking to me! We are having a small vow renwal (25-30 people) and I’d really like to do a candy buffet. This makes me a little hesitant. I’d like to get some good pictures of it and have a chance to see it all set up, I’d also like to have some of it!

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My daughter’s wedding is comming up in June and I made a ‘screne’ to go around the Candy table. I hope you can follow these directions:

I took 2 corrugated, folding, pattern cutting boards (36″x60″/each) and made coodinated cutouts in the the middle of an end of each (to tie a ribbon through to hold them together). All the supplies were purchased at online at Hobby Lobby.

I then covered them with a inexpensive white satin fabric using a spray adhesive, I wrapped the ends over the boards and made sure to wrap the ‘cuts’ I made so they looked good.

I found 2 large pink, foam hearts and hot glued them around the opening (where the boards will be tied with a ribbon, in the middle of the ends and over the cuts). I lined them up so it still looked like a full heart (front and back) then slit through the hearts to expose the cut so I could run the inch wide white, ribbon)

To complete the screne, I threaded the ribbon through the cuts; front-to-back then back-though-front and tied a bow.

This will stand in front of the candy and go aroung the table which will be backed up to a wall.

AFTER the happy couple cuts the wedding cake they will go over to the Candy Buffet and untie the bow and will fold away (accordian style) the cover (and be stored under the table skirt with the extra candy). 😉

How did I come up with this idea??? Watching someone use there windsheld sun screne…LOL!

I hope this works for us AND I hope I didn’t confuse everyone…I’ll try to take a photo of it later.

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I was not surpise at this because i have seen this happend at all of the occasion i have done a candy table for. Usually they say monitor children, but adults are the ones to monitor and let them know to save some for other folks.

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I bought white glassine lined bags from papermart.com and I bought green candy from groovycandy.com in a variety of types…. gumballs, rock candy pops, bulk rock candy, swirlee pops, twizzlers, Jelly Bellys, apple rings, frooties and candy sticks. My then-fiance was opposed to the gumballs, because he was convinced adults would not want gumballs–WRONG! They devoured them!

Because I attended a friend’s wedding earlier last year – and I was one of those people who didn’t realize the candy buffet was there until the other guests had greedily stuffed their bags – I decided to have a family member attend the candy station. Alhough the guests gave her a hard time about waiting until after dinner, it was still in tact when hubby and I arrived at the reception. We opened it up before dessert and that worked well, I think everyone who wanted candy was able to get some… and the adults LOVED it! We didn’t have many kids at our reception, it was the grown-ups who filled the bags! It was a big hit.

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Bumble bee
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Oh wow, did not think about this happening but I had planned on having my day of helper mann the candy bar so it didn’t get too messy or chaotic.  I also only plan on the candy bar being the favor for kids… I’ll have the dj announce this right after dinner.  I’ll have to instruct the DOH to make sure she is by the buffet as guests arrive as to make sure no one touches it before they should.  She will also be responsible for doling out the candy (don’t want the kids doing it themself).

Adults get a sweet favor as well that will be at their seat.

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Busy bee
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I’m still gonna do this, but at least I know what to beware of! I know I have a few guests who would hoard (a friend and a cousin in particular come to mind lol) but one bag at each seat (or attaching it to their escort card as mentioned before) and only bringing it out after dinner I think that’s the way we’re gonna go 🙂

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I have a candy buffet business, and can attest to people beeing totally greedy with the candy bar! It definitely brings out people’s inner-child-on-Halloween. My suggetstion is, if it’s possible to have the candy bar set up out of the main room, and definitely not right near the main entrance to the reception area, because that will cause people to have a “feeding frenzy”. It’s a shame to know that you’ve spent so much time, energy, and money on creating a beautiful display to have it dessimated in 15 minutes!The weddings I have done where the candy bar survived the night, were all ones where the candy was not right in the main room, or it was off to the side of the main activity. Also, having one container for each guest may help, but I’ve also seen peole just grab handfuls of candy instead, or fill up a cup or any other available container, and having a candy attendant there doesn’t really matter either – if some of your guests have poor manners, there’s nothing you can do to prevent them from grabbing as much candy as they feel entitled to… That being said, I have also done lots of weddings where everyone behaved themselves, and the candy buffet was a fabulous addition enjoyed by all the guests.

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