Tips for dealing with a shitty shitty job

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Hear me out – day drinking. 

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Busy bee

I would quit and if you won’t than you’ll have to suck it up. 

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Busy bee

Get out. There is zero sense in allowing this. The job market belongs to employees right now and you should be able to land just about anything you want, barring terrible job history and actually most companies are being way more flexible now, than ever. It’s impossible to find employees. Get your resume up to date and get it out there. 

Until then, have you spoken to HR or maybe your supervisors manager? Are they aware of the situation? He should be learning how to do other people’s stuff too… You can’t do it all. 

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Helper bee

I can’t see your previous post but vaguely remember it. Is there HR in your company? Is your career field narrow and finding jobs within it difficult? The only suggestion I have is to get out because your supervisor isn’t going to change. I would think that the company would be on his ass if all but one of his reports quit. Where did your coworkers leave to? If you still communicate with them maybe ask if they’re hiring. Hugs!

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crazychickenlady :  I agree. If it’s THAT BAD, there is always something else you can do. Even taking a short-term temporary job would be better than working yourself to death.

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Honey bee

Why are you working nights and weekends? I mean I get that you are likely doing it because it makes your work life easier the rest of the time so you aren’t as far behind, but really why are you doing it? Are they mandating it? Have they said you’ll be fired if you don’t? And are you being compensated for it either through overtime pay or time balancing to take more time off in the future?

I would say the answer is stop keeping it afloat and just work your normal work hours. Yes it will suck to be far behind. But also it is above your paygrade to figure out how to keep it afloat and to have the department adequately staffed. Show up, do what you can do, go home and try to find a way to brush the day off you. If your supervisor isn’t staying late and working on weekends trying to learn the jobs himself and help you out, then I don’t see why you are there. It’s his job to make sure the department stays afloat and that it is adequately staffed. And it is up to whoever is above him to determine whether or not he is doing his job and if he is unable to keep it adequately staffed then it is that person’s job to throw the resources that are needed at the problem. Whether that’s transferring people from other departments or hiring temp workers or what have you.

So just stop. Stop being a martyr.  Stop trying to be the savior of the department. Do your job to the best of your ability during your prescribed working hours and then go home. 

Use that time at home to job hunt.  And since your last post mentioned only wanting to find jobs within a certain pay range and duties, I would loosen up on that criteria so you can get your foot in the door at another company.


Note that the above may not necessarily apply if your job has to do with direct patient care but I am making the assumption that it is some kind of an office or possibly even manufacturing setting.

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Honey bee

You gotta get out. 

Get a recruiter and have them scout jobs for you and send out your resume. Then when you get an interview you take a day off or long lunch whatever. This is not sustainable.  

And I hate to advise this but lie about the interviews obviously.  

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Sugar bee

How has the rest of the company not noticed that the entire department quit? Why are you killing yourself to keep it afloat? I would just stop caring until I found another job.


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Bee, I’ve been there. I had a job that I HATED with a manager that was a legitimate psychopath. But I couldn’t afford to quit. The thing that helped me the most: Apply for jobs like crazy. Seriously, feeling like I had some sort of control over the future and some light at the end of the tunnel was a huge help for me. I applied to all sorts of jobs, in and out of my industry. I even applied for some different types of jobs just to have a shot. Just apply everywhere. It will make you feel better. 

Second, I stopped putting in the extra effort. I didn’t worry if something was behind, and no matter what I did, my boss screamed at me and called me an idiot, so I stopped putting in the extra hours. I went home at 4:30, stopped working weekends and did my job as best as I could while I was there. I was worried if I started just not keeping up with my job, I would get a bad review or something that would go in my file. So I didn’t slack off completely, but I stopped doing all the extra and got my work/life balance back. 

I’m so sorry you’re going through this, I know it sucks so bad. Just do your best to find anything else right now. Apply to everything. Find a new job as quickly as possible. 

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Busy Beekeeper

If you want to keep the job, start pushing back on the supervisor. He thinks the idea is dumb? “Lets just try it for a while. I’m the one doing XYZ, and its going to make this easier for me, why would you be opposed to trying it?” What else is going to make things easier for you? Focus on that, and push for it. 

I would also definitely cut back on evenings and weekends. If they only need 1 person to keep everything running, why would they bother trying to hire other people? I think you need to let them know you can’t do it all. Really – what are they going to do, fire you? Take your severance and GTFO if thats the case! 

If supervisor is being an ass, I’d start cultivating a relationship with his boss. CC big boss on your idea emails. CC big boss when you complete something big. Some people might think this is overstepping, but if this guy has no business being a supervisor, he might not be there long anyways. 

If you want to apply at other jobs, do it! Supervisor has no right to question what you do on your day off or lunch break or whatever. 

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Worker bee

People if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Shm ritzybee :  

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slomotion :  Totally made me laugh- on my crappy, supposed day off (spent working since 6 a.m.)- it would have been better to day drink- sometimes we all just need a laugh!

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ritzybee :  Just popping in to say hang in there! I went from having a pretty awesome career to relocating after marriage- it has been rough. I try to focus on all I’ve learned, the skills I’ve built, and I do keep my eyes open for other positions. If you have to stay for now, I think it is ok to work on setting some boundaries with your supervisor. And, practice self-care- good luck.

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