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Sugar bee

Wash and dry your hair the night before and then curl it in the morning.

Laser hair removal so that you don’t have to shave every day or ever.


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I think this is a hard thing to change because it’s just how you are. I have to leave my house at 6am for work, which means getting up, showering, walking and feeding the dog, cooking and eating breakfast and packing a lunch. So no chance in hell I have time for an ordeal to get ready, but if your lifestyle doesn’t necessitate it, it’s hard to change. 

ask your stylist for a more low maintenance cut? Don’t curl and blow dry every day (bad for hair anyway), shower the night before, lay out your clothes the night before, cut down on make up? It’s the high maintenance unnecessary things that make you take so long, even if they do probably look fabulous. 

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Practise doing a 5 minute makeup routine and do the same every day using the minimum products you can to achieve the look you want. Put only those essential products in a makeup bag/drawer so you don’t have to think or waste time looking for what you need.

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Do you need to shave every day? Can you do it in the evening if yes? 

I understand the pain of needing to shower in the morning though, my hair is a disaster if I shower at night. But I don’t wash my hair every morning, could you try leaving it every other day and using dry shampoo on the off days instead? 

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  • Wash/dry your hair the night before, then style it in the morning. Use dry shampoo, a spraybottle fo water, hair product as needed. You also also take a quick shower with your hair in a showercap if a shower helps you to wake up.
  • Would getting your legs waxed or using Nair help you to avoid shaving or shave less often when traveling and visiting family?
  • I know you said when you try to pre-select your clothes the night before you wind up changing your mind.  I’d try to find a way to make it work for you – it really does save time! I wake up at 5 am through the week and it’s a lifesaver for me!
  • I can do a full face of makeup in less than 10 minutes.  I haven’t timed myself lately, it’s probably closer to 5 minutes.  If your makeup routine is taking too long or you’re conscious about how long it’s taking, is there anythign you can do to simplify it?  Or, maybe a travel lighted makeup mirror so you’re at least not hogging the bathroom when traveling?  (I have one from Simple Human that I LOVE.)
  • You mentioned blowdrying and curling your hair.  It’s expensive but maybe something like the Dyson Airwrap would help?  I finally broke down and bought one and I LOVE it.  I’ve found it saves me a lot of time in the morning.  After my shower, I put my hair up in a moisture wicking towel for a bit, then I use it to cur/dry my hair while it’s still damp.  
  • I don’t know what your usual makeup routine involves, but would something like eyelash extensions help?  I know when I’ve had them, I wore much less eye makeup and often didn’t even bother with any.  
  • Shave the night before to at least shave a few minutes off your morning routine.
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Busy Beekeeper

-wax or laser your body hair

-choose your clothes the night before and commit to your choice

-hot rollers instead of curling, you can get dressed, take care of the dogs, pack your lunch while the rollers are doing their job. I have fine hair and they are a lifesaver for a loose, clean look as long as you spritz dry hair with something before rolling.

-focus on improving your skin/complexion so that you don’t need as much makeup, tint eyebrows/lashes once a month, visit a makeup artist (or someone at Sephora/a major department store) to establish a tried-and-true 5 minute daily makeup routine. 



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strawberrysakura :  I’m not a hair dresser but I do have a suggestions. While my hair is opposite of yours as far as thickness, my hair gets very greasy very quickly and use to have to be washed all the time. My new hair dresser gave me clarifying shampoo for free to convince me I need to use it on my hair. I go 3 days between washes with no grease now. Just a thought, and the one I use is only $9! 

Also, try Coochy by Pure Romance for shaving. It won’t cut down on shave time but I haven’t had a single ingrown hairs or razor burn since I switched and I’m an every other day shaver. Literally even got my fiancé using it on his face 😆

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Honey bee

I decided to love my natural face without makeup and no longer wear it except for special occasions (and I love makeup – have a ton of it).  But I love sleep and not showing up to work late every day more.

I would also stop viewing clothing as “mood” based.  I mean, does it honestly matter if you’re in the “mood” to wear it?  Does it fit?  Does it match?  Does it cover the necessary body parts?  I mean, you aren’t sewing your clothing to your body.  You can wear something else tomorrow.  Put something on and get out the door.  The only time I spend more than 2-3 minutes on this is if I have a big presentation or meeting with outside vendors the next day (about once a month) (and even then I rotate through 2-3 outfits for that so it’s not exactly a lengthy process)..

Honestly, I used to get up earlier and earlier and it never made a difference.  The thing that made a difference is actually waking up later and not giving myself the option to hem and haw.  I can be ready and out the door in 15-20 minutes if necessary (and usually take about 20-25 minutes, with 25 being if I shave my legs) and the only things I set up the night before are my gym bag and coffee that I have brew while I’m in the shower and bring in a travel mug with me to work along with yogurt and a piece of fruit that I eat while I wait for my computer to start up once I get there. 

I shower, then let my skin care serums and moisturizer sink in while I brush my teeth and blowdry my hair at least mostly dry, apply deodorant and perfume, grab socks (only got two kind – black or white), underwear, and a bra out of the dresser, grab the first pair of jeans and a shirt that look like they’ll suit the weather that day and put them on, head to the kitchen to get my coffee and breakfast, and grab my gym bag and my work bag with my keys from the hallway on the way out the door.  I can get make-up done in under 10 minutes when I do wear it and most of that is just sorting out what eyeshadow palette I want to use.

You take as long as you let yourself take.  If you let yourself take an hour, you’ll take an hour to get ready.  If you give yourself 20 minutes, you’ll take 20 minutes.

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