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When I was in high school, it took me forever to get ready. Full face of makeup, I would blow dry/straighten my hair, etc. 

When I stopped wearing so much makeup, it helped a lot. I also have thin, fine hair so I feel your pain there. I honestly only do my hair when I’m going out (date night, concert, fancy dinner, etc). On a normal weekend day or work day, I don’t do anything besides put it up or a bobby pin for my bangs and wear it down if I’m in day one of washing. Day 2-3 I wear it up, then wash on the third night. 

I also wear zero makeup unless I’m going out. And if I am going out, my routine is quick. I don’t wear anything on my face besides maybe some blush (this is like once a month). My complexion is so much better now since I wear no makeup. Then, I do some eyeliner and mascara and that’s it. Maybe a lip balm. Lol

I also very rarely “do” my hair, even when going out. I probably use heat on my hair once every 4-5 months if I have a special occasion. Other “going out” days, I’ll wash it and then twist up into a bun while it’s drying. It gives it a little wave while it’s drying.

On a work day, I probably spend 5-10 mins brushing teeth, hair, washing face and getting dressed. 

On a going out day, I might spend 45 mins showering, doing makeup/hair, etc. But I’m not picky about my clothes so I usually just throw something on quick and go. I also definitely never shave every day! Lol good luck ๐Ÿ˜Š

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When I stay with family, I try to do as much of my makeup in the room I’m staying in (vs the bathroom) as possible with a small mirror. Same with drying hair.

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Busy Beekeeper

I found giving less shits super helpful lol. But maybe if gone too far on that side and now have no problems leaving the house looking pretty ragged ๐Ÿ˜‚

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strawberrysakura :  about the makeup…what do you wear on a daily basis?

And I agree with showering and washing hair at night. I’ve done that for as long as I can remember. My hair is long and thick and takes forever to dry. I can usually get away with washing it twice a week. Dry shampoo is life! 

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strawberrysakura :  20 minutes max. 5 minutes to put on eyeshadow and eyeliner, 5 minutes to tie my hair back for work and 10 minutes to track down my least dirty t shirt. 

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Helper bee

Takes me 30 mins.

I usually shower the night before, blowdry my hair, put some styling product in it, then bun or plait it for bed – wake up with curls, spray if necessary. Makeup is basically lipstick and tinted sunscreen. Then, 5-7 mins to sort out clothes, earrings, watch and grab my bag.

Can showering, shaving and hair washing, blowdrying etc. be done the night before?

Honestly, if you force yourself to only have X amount of time (eg. wake up 45 mins before you have to leave the house) to get ready in, you’ll suddenly find out what steps you prioritize and what is important to you for starting your day (eg. some people MUST shower in the morning to wake up etc.). Once you figure out the parred down routine, stick to it.

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Honey bee

For makeup it used to take forever so now after creams have sunk in.  I use a CC cream, powder, blush and I curl my lashes and either a swipe of an eyeshadow stick and mascara or nada. The eyelash curler really helps open things up. 

I do other stuff while the creams sink in. 

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Helper bee

Pretty much everything you can do to cut down on your morning preparation has already been covered here, but I would like to add, just lay out clothes and wear them no matter how you feel. I’m sure you’ll get used to it in time, after all if you thought they looked good last night then they still do.

Ever seen the movie risky business? Sometimes you just gotta say “what the F**k” , if you can’t say it, you can’t do it! (basically means wing it even if you don’t feel prepared)

Good luck Bee!cool

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I think the main thing is to shower and blow dry your hair the night before, that way in the morning you’re just curling your hair and doing makeup and that isn’t hogging the bathroom as toy can do it in your room.
I don’t think people’s suggestions of skipping makeup or just wearing whatever even if you aren’t feeling it are going to work for you. You like to put time into looking put together and that’s okay but there are a few easy changes to make it a bit quicker and most importantly to be respectful of taking over the bathroom. 

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Bumble bee

I started showering/washing my hair the night before. The next morning I get my hair heavily damp, not fully wet, then dry and style it. To get it “heavily damp”, I use a wet brush to brush through it. I have thick hair so it cuts down the drying time to just a few minutes. That in combination with not having to shower cuts a good 15 minutes off my routine.

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Okay… so this is a stupid thing to point out, but showering the night before isn’t spending less time… just dividing up when you use the restroom. 

If this is truly a gift for your spouse (for a limited time), then shower quickly 5min or less. 2 min- Hop out and put your hair up in a towel. You get 5 min for makeup essentials. For me that’s sunscreen, moisturizer, foundation, blush, and a swipe of mascara.

5 min to put on clothes… what you laid out or a new outfit doesn’t matter as long as it’s on your body in 5 min. 3 min to put on jewelry and brush your teeth. 

2 min to brush your hair, 2 min to blast the front with the blow dryer, 1 min to collect your stuff. 

congrats, you’ve completed your new 25 min morning routine. It’s impossible to get the results of your 1.5 hour routine, move at a casual pace and somehow reduce that time. So you need to move faster and sacrifice quality… aka no full blow dry, no curling, and speeding up your shower/shave. On the days you shave, shave only the necessary bits (underarms and below the knees). Try this above routine and adjust until you find the right compromise. 

I have a half hour routine that then goes to 1.25 hours for special events. But special events only happen 4 times a year. Not every night out. Also, if you’re just having a chill day at home with his family, what about just taking a 5 min shower, brushing your teeth and going?

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strawberrysakura :  in order to wash your hair less you really need to train it. Which means a few weeks of dealing with greasier than ideal hair while your body adjusts. Get some hats or cute headbands to hide it. The more you wash it the more oil you produce! I have fine light hair and I used to wash it every day (sometimes twice) but I suffered through and retrained my hair and now I’m every other and somedays can stretch it to 3 days if it doesn’t get sweaty. 

Depending on if I need to shave/wash my hair I can be ready in 10 minutes or up to 30. Even my most elaborate makeup for going out takes 10 minutes MAX. My daily I have down to a science and can pull together in less than 5. BB cream, concealer, quick eyebrow fill, mascara, eyeshadow (skipped if I’m in a super rush), and a cheek/lip stain. 

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LilliV :  Agree with the hats suggestion. I have a couple of hats and beanies that I wear when I don’t wash my hair, and I make it part of my outfit.


Also, OP, I think trying out the outfit the night before will help you cut down time, and also help you figure out what look you want to go for when doing your make-up and/or hair.

I get ready in 20 minutes in the morning before work, and lay out my work outfit the night before, but if it’s a mix that I’m not sure would work, I would try it out before heading to bed. I like to sleep in as much as I can before work, so that all I have to do in the morning is brush my teeth, take my dog for quick walk, and head out the door. All my workstuff is packed and by the door the night before as well. 

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