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Wear make up like its the 1990’s – not like its 2019 Instagram Makeup Tutorial. Coutouring can die with the fire of a thousand suns as far as I’m concerned.

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I definitely take my time when getting ready for an event, but day-to-day I still have to look put together, so these are my “sleep as late as possible” tips.

1. Wash and blowdry my hair the night before.

2. Dry shampoo and blowdry for 1 minute upside down for volume. Curl or straighten as necessary.

3. 5-minute makeup face – BB Cream, powder, eyebrows, blush, mascara.

4. I have done laser hair removal for my armpits/brazilian. Despite the tech assuring me I would only have to do touch ups once every two years I have to go about every 4-5 months. Because I am back so frequently I do get a discount, so the $100CAD is worth it to me to not have to fuss with as much shaving. I let my leg hair alone if I can cover it up with pantyhose/pants so I only have to shave every 3-4 days instead of every day.

I totally get the bathroom hogging though. Can you do any of it in your own room? When I go home to visit my parents for Christmas we have four sisters sharing a bathroom and it’s a disaster. We usually keep the bathroom for showering and everyone is banished to the two bedrooms we share for hair and makeup. Annoying that the hair is in the bedroom, but gives everyone time to shower.

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Are you a fan of dry shampoo? I will often wash my hair the night before and dry shampoo it the next day to save some time. Also on rushed days I use the type of eyeshadow you can apply with your fingers as opposed to applying a full eye look with brushes. Colourpop makes super shock shadows like this and they’re so nice.

t I have a job where sometimes I have to be up at like 3 am and I loooooooove sleep so I will wake up 20 minutes before I have to leave sometimes and I still apply makeup lol.

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I can usually get ready in about half hour for a full face of makeup on special occasions if I’m on a strict timeline and don’t have extra time to really take my time. Granted I don’t wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis though. On regular work days i just do foundation, eyeshadow and liner. For a full face in 30 minutes:

-primer + foundation 

-fake lashes +eyeliner 




-contour stick and highlighter 

*hair- sock buns are easy once you get it figured out. Also- if I want my hair curled/wavy I put my hair in sock curls while slightly damp the night before and I sleep in it and take the socks out and BAM- you’ve got waves with no heat! YouTube has some good videos on how to do it- it takes some practice!

*have your stuff organized as pp mentioned


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I’m late to the party, but look up Jasmine Rae Hair Co. on FB and Instagram. 

I haven’t tried her products or techniques, but a friend did and she can now go 14 days, DAYS without washing her hair. So I second a PP who mentioned training your hair to be less maintenence. 

Sounds like a closet purge is in order as well. I feel you on the only having a few clothes that make you feel pretty/comfortable in, so I would look on pinterest for ideas on how to style the same piece a few ways that won’t be noticable to a lot of people that you’ve worn the same pair of jeans or blouse 2 days to work that week. 

This also sounds silly, but I tend to hog the bathroom too. Could you split up your “getting ready” routine into chunks? I used to wake up and be in the bathroom from the moment I woke up just about until I got ready and DH and I would fight for the bathroom.

I always got up a little earlier than DH but now, I’ll prioritize going pee, putting contacts in, brushing teeth, moisturize face THEN will step out of the bathroom and feed the dog or come back to the bedroom to get my outfit ready at which point, DH goes and does his bathroom routine. While he is in there, I’ll get dressed/make lunches/coffee, etc and when he is done, its my turn to go in and finish my hair and makeup. 

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Definitely konmari your closet so that you have a good capsule wardrobe for most days. Any top goes with any bottoms, so that means no time to pick out clothes, just grab what catches your eye.

If you want to get down to washing eod or every three days you have to train your hair. Maybe on a week off work, or wear it up more during the week you don’t wash it. It’s worth it though. I went from having to wash everyday to every 4 days. Then you can grab a 2 minute shower in the morning if you want. 

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strawberrysakura :  If you can afford it and do the right research about it- I have eyelash extensions and I LOVE THEM. I’m a helly lazy girl, and my lash lady is super experienced, so I don’t have to worry about her ruining my real ones. I have had them for 6 years- and haven’t owned mascara in that long. I usually don’t put on makeup to go to work, the lashes help with that. IT’S THE BEES KNEES. I also have really fine hair, but I shower and blow dry my hair at night, and usually wear my hair up- again lazy AF. But I don’t wash my hair for like 3 days. At first it would get really greasy, but after a while it was fine and my hair is way healthier from not washing/drying it so often. The natural oils in my hair seemed to have helped a ton! And yes- dry shampoo is my best friend. I take like 5 minutes to put on makeup- just a basic foundation, simple eyeshadow and I love this stuff for my brows:

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just fyi, i didnt have time to read all the replies.

Last year for valentines day i asked me fiance to help me create a makeup and hair area upstairs out of the bathroom. He had been voicing his displeasure with sharing our one bathroom, and i admit i did spend a lot of time in there so i thought it would be nice to have my own area to take away some of the excessive bathroom time. We have an open area at the top of our stairs the size of a small bedroom so he helped me paint it pink, and bought me some wall decor and a fuzzy stool. I had an extra mirror, desk type stand, and a small night stand with drawers for all my makeup and hair stuff. it actually came together realllly nicely and was actually pretty cheap to do. if something like this is an option for you i definately suggest it because now nobody in my house gives a crap how long i take getting ready, lol. 

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