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Honey bee
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I try to keep it looking decent everyday and detail once a week. It would be fine if someone showed up.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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My husband is a little bit of a neat freak.  I usually consider our house clean enough, but his typical after dinner routine is to clean out the microwave, wash all the cabinet fronts, use ceramic cleaner on the stove, and wash and put away all the dishes. 

He cleans the bathroom including tub every monday on his extra day off, and usually dusts and vacuums that day. Today’s Sunday, so i guess if a guest came over, we might do a five second tidy, and throw some clutter in our bedroom, but I think it’s presentable enough for everybody but my mother in law.  We’re in the middle of doing laundry, and like to fold everything into piles of like things (pants, shirts, undies of all colours so they’re quick to put away) so at the moment our first two loads of folded laudry are a bit strewn…

The only thing we don’t do is make beds every day. 


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Worker bee
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I am a terrible housekeeper.  I am very neat – just not good with soap/duster/vacuum, etc.  SO – I have always had a cleaning lady – and I made it very clear to Fiance that if he wanted to have a clean house, we would have to have a cleaning lady.  I introduced him to mine and he loves her.  Everyone is happy… me, Fiance and cleaning lady.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I try to clean on a schedule (everything is done weekly)

for example:

  • mon-dusting and wiping down surfaces
  • tues-laundry (clothes, bedding, towels, etc)
  • wed-bathrooms and kitchen
  • thur-floors
  • fri-general tidying up (fridge, closets, craft room, etc)

Then I take the weekends off, however I do dishes/cooking everyday.  I also don’t work, so I have a lot of time.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

Tips for keeping a clean home – hire a maid to come once or twice a week. We tidy and organize (if we don’t keep it up as we go, we have to do it the day before the maid comes so she can clean without having to move all our crap). Once every month or two we have a barbecue, which forces us to clean even further because we’ll have a bunch of guests over. As long as you don’t look in the guest room (junk room!), our house is pretty much acceptable to have guests/work colleagues/family over at any time. We try to do our own laundry and dishes but don’t always… anything we don’t want to do that needs to get done we ask the maid to do, even if we have to have her come in a second day to do it.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2013

i clean a little bit daily. i clean all my dishes after i use them, wipe surfaces whenever they get messy, and sweep daily. i normally save big cleaning like vacuuming, dusting, and scrubbing (tub, fridge, ect) for weekends or days off, unless it gets really bad. i do laundry when it needs to be done, and i make sure to put all my clean clothes away immediately. i can’t stand piles of clothes or laundry baskets laying aroud. i am a huge neat freak though.

my biggest trick: have a spot for everything. when you are done using whatever the item is, put it back in it’s place. it makes things much more tidy and neat, and you end up spending much less time “straightening up.” this also comes in handy with paperwork/bills.

my other rule: i don’t leave the house until it’s clean. i like to come home from work to a clean home so i can relax. my house is always ready for guests.

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Blushing bee
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To maintain, try “resetting” your rooms whenever youre done with them. If you’re using something, put it back after youre done. It helps when everything has its place and is already in its place.

For example, if Im hanging out in the living room and I have some books out to study, I make sure to put them all back in their place when Im done. If I grab the remote to flip some channels and watch some TV, the remote goes back to its place when Im done watching TV. If Im leaving a room, I’ll do a quick glance over to see if anything is out of place or looks kinda crappy, and I’ll fix it. It takes like a minute to do honestly. 

Its a lot easier to maintain a tidy home this way. Make a habit of it and it’ll get easier!

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Blushing bee
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I hate clutter so much. I used to be constantly throwing things out/donating my stuff, but now I just simply dont buy anything I dont need. I didnt need 3 of the same nail polish color. I didnt need those old textbooks that I’ll never touch again. And I sure as hell didnt need 6 broken computer mice!

Gather all the crap you dont need, figure out what you can donate and toss the rest out. Clutter makes it hard to keep things clean, so do yourself a favor and get rid of it haha. You’ll feel so much better.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: July 2012

  • How often do you clean and what do you do?  Every weekend–vacuum, dust, mop, clean bathrooms and kitchen, change bedsheets, change towels
  • What do you consider clean? to me, picked up doesn’t mean clean (but maybe tidy)
  • How does your house/apartment look on a daily basis? it looks the same every day but better on weekends when we do what is listed above
  • How often do you do things like clean the microwave, wipe down the inside of  the refrigerator and clean the pans under the eyes on stove? not enough—we consider this deep cleaning, along with cleaning the blinds, fan blades, etc.
  • Do you have a schedule? Or do you just clean when you see something  dirty? we clean on the weekends and do dishes and laundry as needed during the week–we do a quick “pick up” around the house before going to bed at night
  • Would you be embarrassed if an unexpected guest came over right  now? no–but the bed is unmade…it is always unmade unless guests are expected


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Honey bee
  • Wedding: June 2013 - Upstate NY

I clean a little bit daily as well. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs so what I consider clean is not “spotless” by any means. I spend 2-3 hours cleaning when I’m super motivated (vacuuming, dusting, organizing, wiping baseboards, using Mr Clean Sponge cleaning the stovetop, cleaning the fridge) and it literally looks dirty within ONE DAY.  Such a losing battle. You can spend your life cleaning it or living it.

Cleaning the pans under the oven??? Do people even…. do that?!! I do clean my fridge b/c we let leftovers fester for a while.

So my big thing lately is windexing my granite; that makes everything looks nice.

I wouldn’t be embarrassed if someone showed up. They should be embarrased for showing up unexpected!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 2013

My approach to housekeeping is…shall we say casual! I try, but I’m kind of a slob at heart. I love having a clean, tidy, tranquil home though.

I try to do something every day, whether its cleaning the bathroom, scrubbing the kitchen, changing sheets, vacuuming, whatever. That way it’s over pretty fast and I can do something more interesting!

My biggest tip is to clean up messes as you make them. If you wipe up spills right away, they won’t harden and stain. Eash the dishes as you cook, so they don’t pile up in the sink. Clear the table as soon as the meal is done. If it’s lots of small jobs that only take a minute it’s a lot less overwhelming.

Also, make the bed! It makes the bedroom look instantly better, and at least for me, makes me want to keep the rest of the bedroom tidy?

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: May 2013

  • How often do you clean and what do you do?
  • I clean every Sunday morning! I clean all the tables, the kitchen counter/sink/sweep the floor/ clean the bathroom mirror/sink/toilet/bathroom floor. I also do the laundry on Sundays. I put the dishes away after each meal, and run the dishwasher as needed! I vacuum and dust about once a month.

  • What do you consider clean? SPOTLESS.
  • My apartment is not clean unless you can eat off the floor!

  • How does your house/apartment look on a daily basis?
  • It’s generally fairly clean by my standards, very clean by everyone else’s!

  • How often do you do things like clean the microwave, wipe down the inside of the refrigerator and clean the pans under the eyes on stove?
  • As needed, and every three months.

  • Do you have a schedule? Or do you just clean when you see something dirty?
  • I have a scedule! So nothing EVER gets overlooked! Also, if you clean everything regularly, it takes no time at ALL to get everything done!

  • Would you be embarrassed if an unexpected guest came over right now?
  • YES. I clean obsessively for HOURS before guests come over!


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Buzzing bee
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Keeping it clean is key.

you shouldn’t have to do more cleaning then once a day

unless you are tackling some type of large project.

I have a schedual and its for both my self and my husband… (pictured below) – I couldn’t get all the purple/option area in but what that is is stuff that needs to be done monthly, such as cleaning the dryer lint vent, the fridge, the car, washing our dogs, cleaning up dog poop from our back yard etc. I do 2 a week and he does one. If there is something that needs to be done – like fix something that breaks, or something seasonally like rake leaves, I add it to a white space at the bottom.

we have a new sheet every month and every time you do your “chore” you put an x to it. If at the end of the month all your boxes have x’s you get a 20$, if you miss 1-3 chores you get 10$ and if you miss 4 or 5 you get 5. and more misses and you don’t get anything.

If for some reason like sick/ or out of town, you can do the chores the day before or after and have it count. If both of us are out of town it of course doesn’t count .

This works really well for us beacuse we are on a fairly tight budget so its a great way for us to justify having personal spending money, and it is encouraging for us.  Our laundry system is set up so that he always has a clean work uniform and so that loads of laundry are small. I only do one load of laundry a day so thats nice.

We pick up the house every day. You would be suprised how much that clutter makes the house look messier!

you have to also think of your personal needs, for example we have to high shed 100 pound inside dogs and a high shed cat- needless to say our house can get hairy. Vacuming must happen every other day or every 3 days, our floors must be moped and hair must be getten out of corners and all sorts of other places.

another big help is dishes always go in the dishwasher never in the sink – unless its something i have used right before serving dinner ( like a large pot and thats cleaned right after with the dinner plates.)  also when the dish washer is finished it is emptied.

When I vaccum I also vaccum our tv stand, coffe table – things that would normaly be dusting, it helps reduce how often I need to dust- also dust after you vaccum because vaccuming puts all that dust in the air.


We have wax warmers that melt smell good wax. That helps with the over all feel of the house beacuse it smells good and feels good, you’d be suprised what a differance that makes!


also and one of the major things that helps is how well our home is organised! Everything is organised except for my crafts in our guestroom- that btw is our most dirty room, the closet and a shelf are very clutered becuse it has not been organised since all the wedding diy stuff, so once I tackle that I cna’t even imagine how much easier our system will become!


anyway thats my two cents- here is the image of our schedual



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