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Equine_Breeder:  Is having the carpet removed and installing hardwood an option? 

I have one dog that doesn’t have much of a smell to him and barely sheds (ie we don’t even bathe him), and still I vacuum twice a week and wash the floors once a week.  He’s allowed on furniture but we have blankets/throws that we use for easy washing.  I probably wash the bed blanket 2-3 times a week, and the sofa throw once a week. 

I would also clean the cat litter box daily.  I can’t stand going into a home with cats and smelling it.  Trust me, to someone who doesn’t live with cats, it stinks.

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I would also clean the cat litter box daily.  I can’t stand going into a home with cats and smelling it.  Trust me, to someone who doesn’t live with cats, it stinks.

leembee:  +1

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Equine_Breeder: I would try to air out the place whenever you have the chance. Also, perhaps do a little more vacuum cleaning and changing the kitty litter every day. If you’re comfortable swapping litter, we use clumping pine litter and it literally smells like forest. It’s a little bit expensive, but the cats love it, you can flush it and it’s long lasting – so totally worth the money.

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There is no sure fire way. When you bring an animal indoors, you just have to tolerate the smell. I personally feel that animals are best left outside, and I abhor going into houses with indoor animals. No matter how much you don’t notice it, people without pets ALWAYS will. Animals are nasty, plain and simple.

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The furminator IS amazing, it’s the best price on Amazon By The Way. And yes removing the dog’s undercoat with a good brush will reduce the wet dog smell if you ever have that.

Did he mean in general in your house, or in the carpet, like pee? There’s definitely a difference. No amount of bathing the pets will get rid of the pee smell if that’s what he was referring to.

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Equine_Breeder:  People never think of this, but when was the last time you scrubbed your walls and cabinets. All those “not dots” from shaking get gross. Walls absorb a lot of smells. I scrub my walls with Murphy’s soap every few months, and that helps a lot. 

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Equine_Breeder:  I agree with all other posters – litter boxes should be cleaned every day, then swap out the litter regularly.   Even if the box is clean, old litter will smell.  I also use Arm & Hammer’s Pet Order carpet cleaner.  One of those powders you sprinkle on before you vaccuum – works great.  My sister found it at Fred Meyer.

Birds stink.  That’s all there is to that.  lol.  I have one.  I understand!  Never getting one again…!

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As the owner of 4 cats (with 4 cat boxes), you should definitely clean their litter box nearly every day. I know that if I don’t keep their boxes clean they will pee elsewhere, and thats not pretty.

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Equine_Breeder:  Scented candles, plug-ins, scented carpet cleaner (specifically for pet odour), and clean pets all work for me!

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My stepmother was neurotic about keeping a clean house and I probably couldn’t ever be as good as her about litter boxes, but here is what she did. She kept a 5 gallon bucket lined with a trash bag, with a lid, next to the litter box, and she scooped the clumps into the bucket every day. Every week she would throw out the trash bag. You would never know she had a cat.

I have friends who have two big dogs and for some reason their house smells like dog more than any other house I’ve been to. They are clean folks but I think the problem is that they don’t bathe the dogs regularly. My mom bathes her dogs every Sunday and I think it’s a good habit to keep.

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You can also get something similar to a Diaper Genie (it’s called, fittingly, the Litter Genie) to stick next to your litter box. That way you can clean the box once or twice a day, and the smell is completely contained inside the bin until you change out the bag. I’m planning to get one after we move in a few months (we have 3 cats and two large litter boxes)

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Equine_Breeder:  Please don’t take this the wrong way but litter needs to be changed daily, at least. Carpets need to vaccumed daily – my dog sheds all year round and there is just no other option. I also clean my ringneck parakeet’s cage daily. Not only for the smell, but because rotting matter (bits of dropped veg or fruit, or even just a lot of poop) can cause bacterial infections. I also make a point of changing the linen and throws on the couches often, because the cats love to hang out there.

Dog beds I shake out and they are placed in the sun all day, and the blankets are washed regularly.

I know it sounds like a massive task but it’s really the only way I manage to control pet smells.

Oh, I read somewhere that scented candles, incense etc is apparently bad for birds but I don’t remember where I read it or how true it is. Also, it’s just masking the problem and I don’t think that’s what you want.

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