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I also lost a large amount of weight (about 30 lbs) and how I’ve kept it off is I weigh myself every day (I know this is not recommended), but when I see it creeping up for more than 3 days in a row I watch what I’m eating like a hawk. Normally I eat whatever I want and make sure to keep the portion size normal, but I’m not perfect so sometimes I start eating more and more without realizing it and need to cut back. I gained 4 lbs in about a month recently and started counting calories online (spark people) and it’s almost all off, I needed a jump start to get me back to normal.

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I definitely pay attention to my weight, and I do weigh myself most mornings.  I understand that weight naturally fluctuates, and I’m always a pound or two heavier after a night of margaritas and chips, etc.  But it helps me keep track of trends, so I can be more proactive about staying on track.  That means having a big salad for dinner instead of a heavier meal, or having carrots in hummus instead of chips and dip, etc.  And if I know I’m going out and going to eat something unhealthy, I’ll work out that day and eat healthy light meals before going out.  Or if I’m craving chicken wings, I’ll order them to share, and I’ll eat 4 wings (sort of satisfying my craving), instead of an order of ten by myself.  Those tips generally work for me, so I hope they help!

ETA – I’m a big believer in “a calorie is a calorie is a calorie.”  Meaning that I can eat 200 calories worth of salad, or if I’m craving it, I can have 200 calories worth of wings.  Generally I keep my sodium in check, and I eat enough veggies to get all my nutrients, but the big thing is to listen to your body.  Ten spoonfuls of mashed potatoes is a lot of calories, which you may not realize as you’re eating because it goes down so fast.  So feel free to eat mashed potatoes, but take small bites and savor, so you only end up eating five spoonfuls.  That’s my general strategy when I want to eat richer food, so I still enjoy myself but don’t regret it the next day.

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Basically, portion control. Do you eat the potato chips out of the bag? If so, stop. Pour a reasonable sized serving into a bowl, reseal the bag and put it away, and don’t go back for refills.

For eating out, eat slowly and only until you are full, and have the rest wrapped up for you as the next day’s lunch. Do not feel obligated to clear your plate just because you’re not at home.

I counted calories obsessively while I was losing weight, but once I reached my goal I stopped analyzing my food and maintained my weight by just eating sensibly and using the portion control tips above. I allow myself to eat like a pig on special occasions, but I make sure such occasions are spaced out so that I don’t go hog wild all weekend, and I get by just fine. You can do it!!!

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I’ve lost about 15 pounds over the past year, and I’m looking to lose about 5-10 more altogether.  I don’t count calories per say, but I keep a rough running total in my head throughout the day, and it helps me to not be obsessed with the counting, but does make me more aware of my food choices.

Drinking water is huge because your body will retain water, making it look like you’ve gained, when really, it’s just holding on to water because you’re dehydrated.  Water also helps me feel full and distinguish between thirst and hunger.

This can sometimes backfire, but I usually eat gourmet salads when eating out.  I know sometimes they can contain a LOT of calories, but I always get a lighter salad with fruit and cheese, plus ask for the dressing on the side, and that helps.  I also figure that even if it’s the same calories, at least I’m getting vegetables, cheese, sometimes meat, and not getting as much sodium or fat…. it makes me feel healthy, anyway. 🙂

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^^ With PP on drinking lots of water.

During my initial weight loss journey, I re-evaluated my relationship with food and made life choices that I knew I could stick with. I don’t deprive myself, but I also don’t use food as rewards for most personal achievements. So while I am on WW, I don’t treat it as a diet, but more as a lifestyle.

When I have a craving, I think about how I would feel after eating that cupcake compared to a healthier snack option. If the bad choice gets devoured, the satisfaction is gone, and all that is left is guilt. So I reach for something else that’s sweet (fruit, popsicle, etc) but won’t blow my dinner. That cupcake I would’ve eaten the other day doesn’t change how I feel right this morning. Totally kills the craving for me. It’s just like scratching an itch…feels good at the time, but the lingering scars suck.

That’s not to say I don’t splurge. I give myself one day a week to not fret so much so Fi and I can go out and not obsess over the calories of a piece of cake. If I plan to do this twice in a week, I plan ahead and eat lighter than usual.

(I have maintained healthy habits for years, but taking prednisone for months last year threw everything out of wack and I gained weight)

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I am exactly the same as you. I go up and down like crazy. I feel like I’ll never be thin enough. What is thin enough? Can’t I ever just be happy with myself?

Anyway, I have a “ceiling.” It’s at the top of healthy weight/BMI for my height. Once I hit that I kind of panic and start being more careful. For the last year I was weighing myself once a month, but now I’m doing something on here that has me weighing myself once a week. I think that will help me notice sooner when things are going awry!

PS–It’s been a couple years, but I did a 45 pound loss once. I’ve never gained back all the weight, but I did gain back 25 pounds from my lowest (which was suuuper hard to maintain, but I still hope to be 5 pounds less than that, lol). After the 25 pound regain I decided to create my “ceiling” at 15 pounds heavier than my lowest. Right now I am at only 5 pounds over my lowest!

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@oracle: CONSTANT VIGILANCE! Although, I have gone over my ceiling too when not paying attention. . .

Another trick, which isn’t too painful, but which has prevented me from gaining back more weight and helped me lose weight, is walking. I walk about 5 miles a day on weekdays. I get off the bus a mile early on the way to and from work, and take a walk during my lunch  break. It makes a huge difference! You don’t have to do nearly as much if you are just trying to maintain. I have this pesky 10 pounds I want to lose. But seriously, just walk whenever you can–even just an extra 20 minutes throughout the day–and it will help!

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@oracle: That’s how I am, too.  I feel like the minute I stop being vigilant, I gain back at least a little of the weight (it doesn’t help that I’m short), but…isn’t life too short to watch what you eat all the time?

What has worked best for me (and I’m trying to lose a little of the weight I gained over the winter) is making workouts something fun that I do with Fiance, so at least I know if I splurge a little and have a glass of wine or whatever, I can make up for it with an extra couple miles the next day.  We use long runs as date time, and chat about things that have been on our minds.  However, when Fiance hurts his ankle, this doesn’t work :-/

I am also on SparkPeople to try to keep my intake in check, but feel like it’s easy to get obsessed doing this.

What I’m trying to do and not doing very well at (yet) is substituting other things for food when I want to reward/treat myself.  Instead of a glass of wine, a bubble bath.  Instead of a handful of chips, a walk through the park to play with the dogs.  Instead of chocolates, a trip to the zoo (I love animals).  Etc., etc.  Baby steps!

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@oracle: I am not constantly vigilant either. I like to enjoy myself, and I hate feeling restricted. I allow myself treats but try to be reasonable about it. It’s a tough balancing act! As soon as I start feeling restricted I have the “WHO CARES?’ attitutude. Why do I have to be thin, anyway? Stupid America! Sigh. Just be good most of the time, try to up your activity. If you know you’re going to have a blowout (or have one) try to be better for a few days. . . Never let yourself feel deprived for too long–that leads to binges (in my experience). I mean, do give in every time you think about chocolate, but if you have one of those deep hankerings that you know will plague you, give yourself permission to have that chocolate. You probably know all this! I wish there were a real secret out there.

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