(Closed) Tips for morning routine with a toddler? (getting out the door)

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I have a 2 year old also and I’m in the same boat with no help in the morning. Here’s my routine:

6:30 am – I wake up, get dressed (I shower at night) and make his lunch

7:15 am – I wake him up. Most of the time he’s happy to get up, so this really isn’t the hard part. 

7:15 – 7:25 am – I sit in our bed with him which he has a sippy of milk and we cuddle and talk about the day

7:25 – 7:30 am – I get him dressed. This is where the “no’s” seem to kick in the most, but I basically end up telling him that he can either choose to coorperate or I will make him. I have had to hold him down and physically force clothes on him before. Today was one of those days because he wanted to take his diaper off so he could play with his “Peanuts”. But getting dressed is not negotiable.

7:30 – 7:40 am – I get together all of the last minute stuff (heat up whole grain waffle to bring to school for breakfast, shoes, jacket, bags…etc) while he watches 10 minutes of Mikey Mouse Club on Disney JR.

7:45-7:50ish – Out the door and into the car. Daycare by 8.

Mostly, I set expectations that I won’t take any crap in the morning. After school we can daly and play and goof around. The morning is all about business.

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greaselightning:  There are so many variables that could affect your routine.

Is this in home care or a larger daycare facility?

Some in home caregivers are fine with the child being delivered in their pj’s and carrying their lucnh.

Does the daycare allow you to send breakfast with him? Or do they require the child to be fed at home before arriving?

How long is your drive? Can your child eat breakfast in the car on the way to daycare?

Do everything you can the night before. Prepare the child’s lunch, set out the outfits you want them to wear. Yes, I said outfits. Pick two and give the child the choice. Rather than saying “You are going to get dressed now”, you say “Do you want to wear this or this?” . That leaves them with no doubt that they are getting dressed, but gives them some control to choose their outfit.

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julies1949:  oh i like the idea of the choice of outfits! my son is only 1.5 years so he doesn’t give us any guff yet in the mornings but i know it’s coming. that is a great tip!

we divide and conquer in the mornings now though. I’m usually gone before hubby and son get up – so I set out breakfast, turn on the kettle, get milk ready etc. That way he just has to assemble when he brings baby downstairs. He tends to get ‘hangry’ so the pre planning helps.

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I usually let my 3 year old sleep up until I’m pretty much ready to walk out the door.  Then I just get him dressed, brush his teeth and out the door we go.  If he wakes up before it is time to go I will throw a movie on in my room, cuddle him up in my bed and let him watch while I finish getting ready, then get him dressed and again right out the door.  The longer he is dressed and up running around the more difficult he is to wrangle out the door.  If that happens I just bribe him with picking between two toys to bring on the car ride.  That usually is enough.  If he fights and cries oh well, I just pick him up and off we go. 

My daycare feeds them breakfast, lunch and snacks so I don’t have anything that I have to get ready for him other than getting him dressed.

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Im not a mummy (yet) so no tips here im afraid. Your post reminded me of this funny. 

I tell you…hats of to you parents.  Deep bow.



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ExcitedScaredBee:  I don’t know why but everything about this, including the forced clothing-putting-on, is adorable and makes me want ten babies. Quick, someone talk me out of it! 

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What does your typical morning looks like? Like a usual schedule and what areas are the hardest. Is your child still in the crib or in a toddler bed? Does daycare give them breakfast?This is exactly how I am, my husband leaves for work before I even wake up, so I get up, get ready, get my 21 month old ready (I’m also pregnant with #2), and do daycare drop off. So here is what my routine looks like.  I’ve found that having some toys in the room to keep her entertained gives me some time in the morning. 

6:00: I wake up, get myself ready and eat breakfast (I shower the night before to save some time and usually have quick breakfast like a bowl of cereal, coffee is already brewing when I get up)

6:30: I get my daughter and get her ready. If she’s not up I wake her up but lately she’s actually been getting up around 5:50-6 but with the books and few toys in her room she is content to stay in there while I get ready.  If by chance she wants to come out, I bring her in my room, plop her on the bed with the TV for a few minutes while I finish getting ready.

6:45: Out the door to daycare.

Our biggest fight is her getting dressed, she hates having her diapers changed. So now i pretty much grab her and force a change of diapers on her. She’s not too bad to get dressed.  She’s also more compliant when I ask her if she wants to go see her friends, she usually says “yeah” and will help me out a little more with getting her dressed. I will also say that I have taken her to daycare in her pajamas before and last week she almost went in just a diaper because she was throwing the biggest fit. 

I also have tried to give her a couple “chores” in the morning to build the routine more. So she knows to put her pajamas in the laundry basket, diaper in the trash and she carries her little daycare bag to and from the car.  It helps give a little distraction when she’s acting up if I ask her to do one of her jobs. 

Oh and if she’s throwing a tantrum while I’m getting ready I just ignore her and finish what I’m doing. There have been plenty of times where she wants to play in my makeup or get in the cabinets or play in the shower and I tell her no. She ends up crying at my feet while I’m finishing up. It’s gotten so much better though since I’ve not been giving her the attention for it and then giving her tons of attention when she decides to do something else and stops the tantrum. 

Last year I was having to do breakfast with her and that added quite a bit of time to our morning but got it down to where I pretty much prepared her breakfast the night before, or at least knew what she was getting. This year daycare has been giving her breakfast and it’s honestly such a relief, one less thing to worry about in the morning. 

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My daily routine with twin toddlers, goes a little something like this.

5:15am I wake up, make some coffee and take out the childrens vitamins and a small breakfast choice

5:35am Wake up the kids, change them out of pjs and into school uniforms. Take them into the bathroom to brush their teeth and use the restroom. 

5:55am I go into the shower. Unfortunately I cannot start my day without one to really wake me up. (More due to lack of rest)

Daycare bags, uniforms seperated, my clothes ironed and hung, done every night and ready for the morning. 

6:10am Get dressed quickly and head downstairs with them. Do my daughters hair last and brush my sons hair. 

6:25am Throw my lunch in a bag, grab purse, keys and daycare bags and while all that takes place, the kids select a single toy for the car ride. 

6:30am I’m loading them in the truck and on my way to daycare 40 min away with traffic. 

7:15am drop them off and head towards work and arrive by 7:45am for early morning meetings.

It’s NO easy task but it’s worth the journey.

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marriedtopizza:  Mornings are my favorite time with my son. He’s still kinda sleepy and cuddly and his bed head is adorable. The way he folds into me when we cuddle reminds me of when he was a baby. If he were like that all the time, I might consider having a bunch more, but the second his energy kicks in and he’s non-stop running all over the house screaming like a crazy person, it reminds me why we’re most likely 1 and done.

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I would recommend getting yourself up and ready and as much of his stuff as you can ready to go so that all that’s left is wrangling him. 

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ExcitedScaredBee:  You’re doing a terrible job at this talking me out of it thing, haha. But I’ve always thought I might be a one-and-done kinda gal as well. I don’t think I have two children’s worth of patience within me.

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greaselightning:  Why do you get him up before you get ready? I’d suggest letting him sleep as late as possible and just getting him up in time for milk, dressed, out the door. It looks like you only need 30 minutes to get him ready, so you can wake up him at 7 instead of 6 and have time to get everything else done by yourself. Plus, it won’t give him time to play so you don’t have to “pull him out of the playroom” every morning, which I can imagine is a battle.

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