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Ah! The OCD – planning ahead – organizer inside of me just did a little cartwheel!

We just got married almost 3 weeks ago and the biggest thing I’m glad for is that I planned ahead on everything! For instance I had DIY chair reservation cards done about 4-5 months ahead of time. It was still a little hectic the week of but we were NOT up until 3am the night before tying ribbons on anything which was my worst fear!

The biggest thing I’d suggest is to take stock of any DIY projects you want to do. Those are the things that will have you up late at night the week of. As long as you have a clearly defined and solid vision for your wedding (i.e. color scheme, level of formality, any overaching themes like fonts or florishes) and it doesn’t involve perishable items, then it’s never too early to do a project. It feels so good to have something done and tucked away in your closet knowing that you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Also, if there is something that can’t be completed until right before then do everything you can ahead of time. For instance, we were doing cookies for our favors so we couldn’t finish them until the day before. But I had printed out all the labels i needed, printed and cut all the photobucket tags, cut and burnt the ends of all the ribbons I knew I’d need, and so on. That way when my girlfriends went to help me put everything together the day before all the had to do was assemble because the pieces were all there.

Also, it’s never to early to start thinking about day of and week of timelines. Once you have your document set up it’s so easy to add or subtract stuff as needed but if you leave it to the last minute you’re going to be scrambling and forget stuff.

Tip: if you’re totally OCD like me and like to work on computer files at home and the office then consider using your iPod or a thumb drive to store the files. That way you’re working on the same file both places and you don’t end up with a confusing set of documents not knowing which one is the most updated.

Finally, make a list of the things that absolutely cannot be done before the wedding, (ex. picking up rentals, picking up food for girl’s luncheon, etc.). Everything else should be done as soon as you can.

That’s all I can think of right now. But feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. Doing things ahead of time was one of the things I was most happy about our wedding. It really left me plenty of time to enjoy having my friends in from out of town.

Good luck!

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this is a really helpful thread — thanks bonniebelle!

i would add that google docs does basically the same thing as a thumb drive. if you have a google acct, you can either upload a document or create a new document, then access it and edit it (in a web-based version of Word or Excel) from any computer. i LOVE it!!

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I am busy assembling all the various parts of our few DIY projects – favor labels and packaging, wish tree cards, the various components of thank you notes.  Our wedding is in July, but FI’s son is having some pretty serious surgery at the begining of June, so we are anticipating day after day of mostly sitting around the house in case he needs anything.  Not really a vacation, but certainly enforced downtime.  I want to spend those hours getting everything ready and stashed in boxes, and so want to have all the supplies on hand.

Because we knew we didn’t want to be crazy last minute anything, we purposely picked mostly favors that were not perishable.  The one exception is locally made chocolates – but since they will put them in the boxes for us, we just need to have the boxes ready for them. 

iPod is great!! But it will take time to get your playlist together and song transitions optimized, so you can certainly work on that.

One thing I am just starting that I wish I had thought about earlier is venue decor.  Our venue comes pretty well decorated already, but I am starting now to think about what decor I want (if any) other than flowers.  And about a basket or box for cards.  You can go scope your venue and think about those kinds of things.  Also a seating chart, if you are going to have one, could be started.  Even if you let guests seat themselves, the logistics of who sits at the head tables can be complicated.

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My wedding is in July…

I’ve been focusing on the bridesmaid gift. I ordered flip flops for dancing, made them personalized stationary, bought them their jewelry. Once it’s all in and here I plan on packing up their bags and putting them in a box and not think about them until July!

I also got the ringbear and flowergirl gifts and T-shirts I wanted them to wear at the Rehearsal.

I’m laying out the program I want to do, since I can’t completely finish it yet since we haven’t picked all of our music.

I’m trying to get all the little DIY projects down now and out of the way so I can focus on any last minute big things!

What about Out of Town bags? You could start on those now too!

So I’d say start on:

Out of Town Bags,Bridesmaid/Grooms Gifts, Flowergirl/Ringbear gifts, Parents gifts…


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Getting things done early is defeinitely the way to go!  My wedding is in May and I was totally OCD during my year long planning process.  I was so ahead of the game it was ridiculous.  So whenever anyone asked me if I was stressed I was able to say "no, I’m sooo ahead I feel no stress at all"! 

Ok, I think the important things are the little details which takes the longest time.  You should be able to do most of these things now.

(1) You have the dress.  Have you found the shoes, undergarments, jewelry, veil/hairpieces?   (2) Photographer – do you plan to have a must take list or special instructions?  If so, prepare the list and get it out of the way.  Will you be having an engagement picture session.  Have you scheduled it and have you decided what you will wear?  Trust me, takes a ton of time to decide what you want to wear!  Will you be using on of the pics to put up at your ceremony/reception.  Will photographer provide frame?  If not, try to start looking for a frame that you like.  (3) Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses – have they been altered, have you decided if you want your girls to wear similar hair styles to you or get matching jewelry or shoes?  Have you bought the gifts for them?  (4) MUA – have you had scheduled or had trial yet w/veil and hairpieces just to see if it would look good together?  (5) Florist – will you be having your florist do a mockup of the centerpieces?  (6) Chairs – do you need to rent any or get any chaircovers?  (7) cake – have you found a baker or do you have something in mind that you like.  If not you can look at the web and see if there are designs you like and take it in to baker so you have a starting point instead of trying to look at picture books for hours.  (8)  Sign-in book and money box – If you are going to DIY, you can make that early.  Buy the pens that you will need for the sign-in.  (9) Buy and cut all materials for DIY projects – Will you be having ribbons w/name and date printed?  Deciding on ribbon takes a lot longer than you think!  (10) Car rental – Have you decided on the car you will be using?  (11) Ceremony – Any decorations for sign in table you need to buy or make?  Need silk rose petals for anything?  Decorations in general such as pew bows?  Will you be needing to provide drinks after ceremony?  Bartender?  Galvanized tubs to rent or buy?  Printed napkins?  Can you start designing your programs?  (12)  Reception – can you start designing your menus and placecards?  What decorations will you need?  (13) Invitations – start trying to finalize guest list.  This was very hard for me with parents that like to procrastinate.  (14)  Task lists for everyone helping you.  Who will be responsible for set up, tear down, who gets left over items at end of night or which car items go in. (15) Flutes/knive set – have you purchased them? 

Sorry it was so long!  Hope it helps. 

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I don’t know if you will change your beauty regimine, but now may be a good time to look ahead. InStyle has a great wedding book in hardcover (I checked it out from the local library) that has a great beauty countdown. I don’t know about you, but I always enjoy an occasion for a new cosmetic purchase or some pampering

Here are some articles online:




None of these are fantastic, but they have some general ideas that might be helpful.

Have fun!

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