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Helper bee

Shellac is sturdy stuff, so you should be fine! Try not to use your fingernails to pry open/pick at anything, becuase sometimes that can break the seal between your finger and the polish. My polish also tends to start peeling off if I’m cleaning with Clorox wipes, but I’m not sure if that’s from the moisture or from the chemicals.

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Buzzing bee

the beauty of a gel mani is really that you shouldn’t have to worry about it. many gel manis will claim to last two weeks…if you’re particularly hard on your nails (like me – i lift weights, rock climb, etc), i usually get a good solid week out of mine – over that they start to peel or grow out noticeably. you *should* be ok, but if you can get the done closer to the wedding, i would.

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Sugar bee

Gel manis usually last a solid two weeks for me if not longer, but I’ve had some bad ones that chipped or peeled after only a couple of days, so you never know.

A few tips I have are to make sure your nail beds are completely clean and dry before your nail tech puts on the base coat (ask them to do an extra wipedown with acetone if necessary); make sure they let you cure your nails in the UV dryer for an adequate length of time (I have had some nail techs rush me because they just want to get the job done and move on to the next, but I push back); and make sure you keep your cuticles moisturized after getting the mani to minimize peeling from the bottom once it grows out a little.

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Helper bee

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cjin2016:  I don’t mean to scare you or anything but you might want to do a trial run with the shellac, especially if you’re doing a pastel. I just started getting shellac manicures and the first time I got a deep burgundy and it was beautiful until it looked too grown out after like 3 weeks. No issues at all. The last two times I’ve been in a spring mood so I got light pink and then lavender. Well…after a week the pink started to change colors. It was started to turn yellow and brown. And I was like what on earth. So I painted over it until got it redone.

Now I’ve had my lavender for like a week and it’s starting to change colors too. I have no idea why it’s happening. I don’t really use hair and face products that would be consistently messing with my nail polish over a week. I don’t wash my hands excessively. I don’t tan. Like I have NO idea what it is. I’m starting to think my nail people have a bad top coat but they refuse to accept responsibility for it. So I’m probably on the hunt for a new nail place because it’s way too expensive to only get a week out of it.

So all I’m saying is I would try to get them before your wedding just to see if the polish changes at all.

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Bumble bee

I agree w/PP–I’m fairly abusive toward my fingernails (forever using them to pry things open, etc.) and I’d say my average Shellac manicure lasts 11-13 days.  I don’t do anything extraordinary to care for or protect the polish.

ETA: Make sure you go to a place that is well reviewed.  I’ve only had a few poor performing Shellac manicures, but they were done by people who were very new to doing Shellac. 

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Buzzing bee
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I honestly wouldnt do it as early as a week before. Because sometimes around the week mark the color starts to crack. Or if you are getting a French tip the white part starts to dull or even look dirty. 

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Bee Keeper

I would echo the caution around cleaning supplies. I’ve ruined the shine of a shellac manicure with cleaning supplies before. The color remained, but matte and almost cloudy. I also have issues with a little peeling if I soak my hands too long, such as when doing dishes. I guess the lesson here is maybe get some gloves for cleaning and dishwashing for that week!

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Bumble bee
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Oil. Oil. Oil. More oil. 

I have a mini cnd solar oil and I apply it 2/3 times a day. The oils keep the shellac hydrated and prevent it from going brittle which can be one of the reasons for any chipping. 

It is pretty hardy stuff though 🙂 

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Bumble bee
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Don’t do things with your hands. Don’t touch your nails. Always add oil to your nails and cuticles. think that a trial run is essential too. Personally I always have my nails done, but my first shellac manicure taught me it would never be for me because it grows out in a week and damages my natural nails. Perhaps get a shellac mani the day before or two days before? 


Here is is a pic at 6 days:

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Worker bee
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I always have gel polish/shellac on my nails, and unfortuantely, I am in the minority with how long it lasts. I’m a nurse and wash my hands/use an alcohol-based sanitizer tons of times throughout the day which probably contributes to my polish not lasting though. A professional shellac manicure lasts about a week tops for me (have gotten lucky a couple of times and went almost 10 days), sometimes I get chips within a couple of days though. I actually do my own gel nails now though cause it pretty much lasts as long and is more economical since I can’t get 2-3 weeks out of professional job. My nails grow fast too, so I have noticable growth after a weeek anyway which makes me want to redo them. 

I think you should absolutely do a trial run or two before commiting to having them done an entire week before your wedding. Other than that, I second avoiding cleaning products and doing things like peeling stickers off a surface or prying things open. If I get a chip, I try to immediately file it down so the edge of the polish doesn’t catch on things and peel off. Keeping my cuticles moisturized helps my nails look better, though I’m not sure that it helps keep the polish itself looking nice. 

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Honey bee
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I would no way get it done a week before, you want those nails looking perfect!

I have done shellac for years, and at the end of 1 week mine look noticably grown out, and may even have a small chip or two. If your nailbeds are remotely oily you may find they won’t last as long as others say.

I would think 2 days before would be best.

ALSO if you get a pastel nail, it can discolor. If your hair is dyed it may come off on your nails, jeans dark fabric can transfer onto the ends, which is not a bridal look. I also manage to get a bit of blue pen ink/ biro on mine every time I do a pale color.

Pleaaase do a test run rather than assume a mani like this will look fab at the 6 day point.

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Busy bee
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I will say, shellac is very sturdy and long lasting. However, for a wedding, I wouldnt do it that far out. After a week mine starts peeling on the edges & you can see the outgrowth. 

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Sugar bee

I just got mine done to give my nails added strength, and to stop me from ripping them off in the next two weeks leading up to the wedding. I have an appointment Friday morning for our Saturday wedding. Just make sure there is enough nail for the polish to adhere too. I would get them done a week or two before the wedding, and then again within a short day or two window for the wedding itself. Also allows more growth for better shaping, so I’m told. 

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