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Having strong legs is great and that will help a lot.  The key thing with wearing heels – make sure they fit perfectly and are very comfortable.  They CANNOT slip off your feet (could cause an injury!)

Then you’re going to have to practice.  Practice, practice, practice walking in them around your house for starters.  They are different from walking in flats so start with a lower heel, not 6″ to begin with.  Work your way up to the really high ones.

I love heels and wear them all the time, but I’ve been wearing them for years.  People always ask how I can walk in the them.  It’s hard to describe exactly but stand up straight, look ahead and not down and stride – glide – across the floor. 

You’ll get the hang of it eventually!  πŸ™‚

Edit:  The first time you wear them out start with just out for dinner, not a trek around the mall, for example.  Wear them short periods of time to begin with.

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It hurts because it’s bad for your feet.  Ever seen the feet of an old lady who wore heels all of the time?  I get shooting nerve pain and migraines just from putting them on.

That said I have one pair that I have worn so much that the heels are about to pop off.  Investing in a comfortable pair with proper support is worth saving your feet.  And wearing heels around the house does build up a tolerance to the discomfort of wearing them.  For my first wedding I bought sexy red satin shoes that I wore for pictures and then I took them off in favor of a pair of comfy flats.

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First, make sure the pair of heels you’re wearing have sufficient padding at the ball of your foot, where your foot’s pressure is focused – if the shoe doesn’t have much, get gel inserts. Add heel inserts, too, if the heels slip around.

Practice, a lot. Stand up straight when you walk. Slouching to compensate for the heels will only make you more wobbly. Imagine there’s a string attached to your sternum and to the ceiling, and let it “pull” you up straight. 

Be okay with swaying your hips. If you walk stick straight, with no booty shake, you’ll be unstable. This is esp. important going up stairs πŸ™‚ Seriously, girls who’ve been conditioned against walking like this (darned repressive society) have the hardest time walking in heels. 

Also work on walking by putting your toe down first – girls still learning this are the ones who go clop-clop-clop down the hallways, since putting the whole foot down at once feels easier at first. Walking heel-toe, which works fine in flats, won’t work in heels.

Try to enjoy it. Heels can make you feel really confident. Maybe it’s the standing up straight and tall, and swaying your hips, but I always feel kind of badass in heels.

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I hate heels because they hurt, but I think I’m pretty capable of walking in them without wobbling. For me I feel like it is just a momentum/practice thing. Kind of like riding a bike. If you’re scared and trying to be too careful, you tip over. Once you let go and GO for it, it is smooth riding. 

^prob the dumbest anology ever… haha

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I’m pretty wimpy with uncomfortable shoes, so am not one of those women who can wear heels all the time.  I’ve given up on anything really high.  I’ve found the Comfort Plus shoes from Payless are actually quite comfortable and affordable.  I have 2 pairs, and I love them.  They’re the only heels I own that I can wear for extended periods of time.

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@ProfessorGirl:  Toe first is a great tip!  πŸ™‚

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@CorgiTales:  Actually that’s a perfect analogy – a lot of it is learning to balance.  πŸ™‚

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I very rarely wear heels because they’re always so uncomfortable on my freakishly wide feet, but when I do wear them, I can walk just fine.

I like the tips that others have shared with you and wanted to give you a couple more.

  • I have very weak wrists and ankles, so remembering that I need to be extra cautious about where my foot lands when taking a step is important for me not to break something.  I try my best not to look at the ground while walking, but being aware of what kind of flooring or uneveness in the ground is super important.
  • I can not walk comfortably in heels without backs- I would recommend not trying to learn in anything like that.  Make sure you get shoes that fit (not sliding off the back of your foot, but not unbearably tight at the toes).
  • Try a slightly shorter heel at first, nothing above 2″.  That way you can become accustomed to walking toe-to-heel instead of heel-to-toe.
  • I also agree with the poster who said posture is important.  Make sure your head is held high, shoulders are back, and walk confidently (even if you aren’t feeling confident).  Slouching and second guessing every step will only mess you up more!

Practice makes perfect!  You’ll be a pro in no time, I’m sure.  πŸ™‚

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When walking downstairs, point your toes inward and lift and bend the leg that’s going on the next step down (like how a horse lifts a front leg).  If you try to just extend the leg down, your going to feel unstable.

Toe first – always.  This eliminates such a need to look down when you’re walking.

After you wear them, do some stretching excercises. Your calf muscles are in a “shrunken” state when you wear heels, so some stretches afterwards will help relax the muscle and stop cramping. 


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Unttil recently I wouldnt wear anything over about 2″ or that wasn’t a wedge or thick heel. But dating a guy thats tall &loves heels has made me try to learn to like them. My best tip is to have a nice strong arm to hold on to. He doesn’t min having me clinging to him, & I know I won’t trip with him nearby. And practice short distances first. I made the mistake of wearing them to work ine day when I was just starting. My poor fert were screaming by lunchtime.

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Practice makes perfect. And the booty sway is SO important. I’m a runner too and while I run smooth, walk smooth, my hips don’t move much which initially hurt me when wearing heels. It felt silly and unnatural for my hips to sway so I’d try to suppress. Mistake. Life is so much easier and my balance is so much better then I just let it happen. 

The ladies have given such great tips and I don’t really have much to add. But if you look like you’re bending your legs like you’re an extra in Thriller or clomp, clomp, clomping instead of gliding then the walk is definitely off and it could hurt your balance as well. Also, like it was pointed out, having heels that fit properly are very important as well. Not every heel is made the same and just because it’s “in your size” doesn’t mean it works. Can’t have your feet slipping but you don’t want them pinching either (which can throw off your walk). I wasted a lot of money and had to do a lot of googling before I figured out how a good heel was supposed to fit and buying good shoes has helped my walk and balance tremendously. Also, if you can’t at least lift yourself out of your heels by an inch the heel arch may be too high for you at the moment and it could also affect things like gate and balance. Right now my limit without a platform is 4.5. 5 puts me over the edge. Maybe one day. πŸ™‚

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