Tips on how to look less frumpy (without spending a fortune)

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anonee008 :  I feel you on the clothing slump. I’m a newish mom and my body is all over the place from losing weight, then getting pregnant, then losing weight again, to then gaining weight because I lost too much and was having milk supply issues, to now I’m done nursing and my boobs are stupid big, and now we’re getting ready to transfer one of our frozen embyos this summer for kid #2 so I don’t want to buy clothes knowing the whole process is starting over! I’ve kept myself to a basic uniform of skinny black pants (elastic waist) or jeans, and blousy tops. Nothing very expensive but flattering for all the various versions of my body during this time of my life. Also my mom bought me a few new bras recently and honestly it made a HUGE difference in how my clothes fit and how I feel – unsupportive old nursing bras and/or trying to cram into my pre-baby bras were not doing me any favors. 

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anonee008 :  You’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions here from PP. I’d like to add one more thing. Get some sunshine and fresh air. It’s invigorating, good for you, can help get you active again, and vitamin D is essential. 

One more thing: go through your closet and donate anything that you haven’t worn in the past 1-2 years. Maybe list some new/nicer items on a resale site. Then buy yourself 1-2 capsul pieces, maybe a great wool blazer (makes any outfit look polished) or a pair of comfortable, classic flats, or a great designer handbag (think neutral color, mid-large size, good structure, etc.). Maybe re-organize your closet? I have mine separated into work-clothes and every-day clothes. This makes my morning routine much faster since all of my work items are in one spot and I don’t have to search through 7 black tops to find the one that’s work-appropriate. 

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anonee008 :  EVERYONE is naturally beautiful. The type beauty changes from person to person, but I have not met a single person in my life that didn’t have attractive qualities. Try to focus on what makes you unique and beautiful. 

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Accessorize!!!! Earrings, necklaces, belts, scarves… No woman who is frumpy usually has accessories. 

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One thing that always helps me is getting back into a workout routine. It slime me down almost immediately by getting rid of the insane water weight that piles on when I’m sedentary, it makes my clothes fit better, improves my skin tone, and just makes me feel more competent for being so disciplined. That and drinking plenty of water make me look and feel so much better and are completely free!

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anonee008 :  If you are pale, get a moisteriser with a gradual fake tan in it.  I am very pale with brown hair and I use one every second day and exfoliate the other day.  I still look pale (I still want to look like myself) but I have a bit of a glow which just helps me look fresh and healthy.  It’s subtle and cheap but makes a huge difference. 

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This is going to sound boring but works wonders: buy a couple of nude/neutral nail polishes and always maintain your manicure. Get one classic handbag thay goes with everything (it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, just a simple timeless design). For makeup, I usually get away with a neutral lipstick, mascara and a little bit of foundation if needed (fiy sephora samples are free, and you can have 3 per store visit without any purchase) . Depending on where you live, get a piece of outerwear or layer that is flattering and versatile. 

Make sure your clothes are ironed or steamed and that your shoes are stain free, and avoid wearing more than two colors per outfit (except for little accessories such as scarves).

Simple doesn’t mean plain, it means elegant. Plus it makes dressing up so much easier. And of course you complete that woth your signature touches such as jewelry, favorite fragrance,  etc. 

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anonee008 :  I’ve gotta share this with you. It’s from a makeup artist’s video. She said “It’s not the makeup that makes you beautiful. It’s you. YOU are the beauty. And whatever you put on top, it’s just the bonus.”

I like the concept so much that I even save her video and I would watch again whenever I don’t feel pretty. Sometimes I stop reading fashion magazines for a while because those models/celebs look so perfect (which makes me feel even worse).

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Buy the best you can afford–it will pay for itself in the long run.

Find  great tailor.  Good fitting jackets and pants make all the difference.

Keep it simple.  When I buy a piece of clothing it has to work with two {or more} pieces I already have.

accessories do make a difference.  A nice handbag, classic earrings or a scarf.  Don’t over do.

Keep hair simple.  Well groomed nail can be done by yourself if necessary.


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 I’ve definitely been in the state you’re describing.  Here’s what worked for me..

A couple of new bras. If you’ve gained a bit of weight, your undergarments may not be the right size, leading to a couple of lumps and bumps in weird places. I’m not talking about fancy bras. There are two-packs at Costco. I’ve found that the right size makes a world of difference.  Just start with 2 bras that are perfectly sized.

No more “home clothes”.  If you’re like me, you’ve got the clothes you wear outside/ on the weekend/ to work… and the schlumpy stuff for home (torn, stained, oversized, etc). However, if you’re not going out of the house to work and you’re not feeling your best, the home clothes start to become the only clothes you wear. 

Start wearing your best jeans around the house. Wear your outside-quality tees and sweaters at home.  Get up in the morning and change out of PJs. Commit to putting on 2 pieces of makeup: lipstick and mascara, gloss and blush, mascara and concealer… just 2…. every day.  It felt silly at first to put on makeup when nobody could see me, but feeling good when I passed a mirror felt important. 

The MOST important thing I did for myself was committing to getting real sunlight. A 30 min walk in the morning, going to the park, walking while window shopping, etc.  If you can find a volunteer opportunity within walking distance, even better.  Even if it’s just committing to taking a friend’s child to the library 3 days, or meeting a friend for tea at her home, getting out of the house to share a kind moment with another human was tremendously helpful.


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Hi Bee – I can so relate to your post.  I’m coming out the other side (I hope) of a depressive funk myself and body issues are wrapped up in it.  I sent you a PM.

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