(Closed) Tips to bring down a Baby Fever!

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Helper bee
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Get a new pet 🙂

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Busy bee
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Haha. I thought you literally meant a baby’s fever. So my Tylenol suggestion will not work. Lol.

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Sugar bee
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Talk to new moms or experienced moms, about the sleepless nights, colic, all the pee, poo & spit up (ick)! Horror stories usually tame my uterus!

My 4 year old has an attitude like no other (mr. sassypants!), it`s like having a miniature teenager in the house. Not fun. makes me wonder how much WORSE it would be with 2 or 3..

or, how about the near heart attack I had over him cracking his head on the foot of his bed last night because he always forgets NOT TO RUN IN THE HOUSE. It took me a few minutes to quell the hysterics of OMG CONCUSSED?!?!?!

The last fail safe? offer to babysit a newborn for a fmily member or friend, an especially difficult one.. then you will be able to *enjoy* parenthood. 🙂

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Buzzing bee

think about the down sides to having a baby

$$$ — research how much everything costs!

fun times — do something spontaneous – like a weekend trip – realize you can’t do that anymore after baby (and sometimes not even during pregnancy)

body — research what all happens to your body..it’s WAY more than I thought it was…I just knew about morning sickness, labor, etc….wow, there’s a lot going on w/ my body right now!!!  (and hopefully not too offensive, but see what is can do to your tummy!  I’m already 6 mos pregnant, and I saw some pregnancy before and after pics that even frightened me, and this was PLANNED!)

Babysit someone else’s baby, and you might change your mind after the first hr or so, especially if you are imagining doing all your other work/housework.

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Helper bee
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Spending an afternoon with my two bratty daughters ought to do it! Where do you live? I’ll send them right over!Wink

Seriously, though, as PPs posted, spending time taking care of a kid and thinking about how expensive they are and what you DON’T have time for when they come along is key. For instance, this summer my 5 yo is doing gymnastics, swimming and T-ball. They all come with fees and gear and that starts to add up. Birthday parties? She a dozen this year, at about $25 a pop, not including her own summer birthday extravaganza, which will be a pretty penny. Dance classes for the year, I spent almost a grand for evrything involved. Dentist appts? About $500. Field trips, fun fests, carnivals?? EEK! School clothes, sneakers, holiday dresses, snow pants, boots, mittens, hats, gloves, that inevitably get left somewhere. It never ends. I won’t even go into the expenses for my 9 yo daughter with special needs.

I don’t remember when the last time was that I went to the movies or my husband and I did something that was just silly fun. I used to go to concerts and shows ALL THE TIME! I used to blow my paychecks on ridiculous shoes. Now, I have gladly given those things up for my kids, but it’s something to keep in mind. And yeah, I clean CONSTANTLY. I do at least three loads of laundry a day. It is never ending!

And, if that doesn’t cure baby fever, keep in mind that you will be peed on, pooped on, spit up on, barfed on, and probably at some point have any combonation of jelly, peanut butter  and honey in your hair! 

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Honey bee
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Babysit. Seriously. I’m working as a part-time nanny this summer and it has totally squashed any thoughts I had about having a baby anytime soon. I’m SO not ready!

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Um, hang out at Chuck E Cheese for the afternoon? You are welcome to borrow my twins, too. Let me tell ya, having 2 is much more work than 1! Plan some “newly married” activities you guys can enjoy together b/c like Miss Starlet said, you won’t be able to be as spontaneous once kids are in the picture!

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Sugar bee
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Hmmm, you are more than welcome to take my 4 year old nephew for a weekend. He will change your mind lol!

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Sugar bee
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Go shopping.  Spend some money on yourself, thinking about how if there was a baby with you, you wouldn’t be able to!  Also, while at the mall, force yourself to look for elevators.  Avoid all the esclators and stairs to see what a pain in the ass it must be to push around a stroller. 

Go buy a watermelon and walk around with it in your shirt all day?  Ok, skip that one…it could be embarrassing if it fell out and splattered…

I have baby fever too, so I feel your pain!


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Busy bee
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Think about the possibilty of having twins instead of just one, because I don’t know yet, but I’ve babysat twins before and they are a handful, and when one is sleeping and you think you got time to yourself the other one is up and running around, is hungry, and has pooped, haha, and then when that one decides to sleep the other one is up doing and wanting the same thing, and then eventually they are both awake. Fun fun fun. =]

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Sugar bee
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Take 200 dollars out of every week’s paycheck and put in a bank account and live without the money. Stay up an extra 4 hours every night to oversleep your morning alarm. Throw food and spoiled milk on your clothes, and ask your husband to scream in your ear every once in a while. Put locks on all your cabinets and move all your breakables to storage.. Eat a bunch of food and gain some weight. Program your DVR to only record horrible children’s shows. That’ll get you over your fever!

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Sugar bee

Do you have any nieces/nephews or friends babies you can babysit?   I want a baby soon (probably a year) but every time we are around our nieces and nephews its a nice reminder that we dont have a baby yet.  We get to play with them and then go home.  No discipline, no crying kids we have to take care of and no diaper sniffing! 🙂

Melissabegins, I love your solution!!! haha

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