Tips/experience introducing family dog to baby

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I don’t have any advice but we are in the same situation with a Charley 2 year old Goldendoodle with super high energy and am currently 24 weeks pregnant.  I’m more posting to follow to see if others have advice.  

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With our daughter, the hospital gave us one of the little hats she first wore in the hospital to give to our dogs so that they got used to her scent before they met her. We showed her to both of our dogs and monitored them closely but didn’t have any issues. One of the dogs is a high energy German shepherd who still acts like a puppy but he was always gentle with her. I think dogs just know? 

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We have two dogs including a very energetic 3 yr old boxer. We played baby crying noises and tried to cut back on the attention to get ready for baby. Sent home baby clothes from the hospital and when everyone came home from the hospital I came in first to greet them and my husband brought our son in in his car seat to let them sniff him. While he was a newborn we tried to make them feel included by letting them sit in the nursery when I was feeding our son. (They were a little neglected for awhile). Now that he’s mobile it’s harder to teach our son how to be gentle but we monitor him VERY closely.

Our boxer adores our son. His first word was dog and he crawls after him now saying dogdogdog haha. Our labradoodle is still a little more wary since his hair is perfect pulling length. They are very big fans of our son now that’s he’s figured out he can feed them from his high chair.

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Elrodien :  I bought a book on amazon about this. Most of the If.. Then statements (which each chapter was based on) didn’t apply to our dog. (Who is low energy, doesn’t care about her toys even a little, and is obsessed with kids and very gentle with them)  Most of the advice I feel could be summed up with: take care of any behavior issues now.  Resource guarding, lack of control/obedience, bad heeling, etc.. that’ll get exhausting or even dangerous later.

Some of the advice we felt will be useful for us was to teach the dog it’s not allowed in the nursery without permission, not to take food that’s easily available (she already knows this, but to reinforce it–you don’t want puppy grabbing food out of baby’s hand when baby is a toddler), etc..  Oh, and teaching a settle command.

I’d still recommend getting such a book and skimming through it.. bite stats for kids are scary.

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LGenz :  OMG! That is the most precious picture ever!

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Our dog was (….is) incredibly spoiled, so we were concerned with how he would react too. My biggest advice is to do everything you can to include him. Bring him on walks, let him in the bathroom during bath time, let him get close (only under supervision!) and smell the baby…basically, don’t let it seem like baby replaces them. Try to still give him some doggie time if you can…even just a 10 minute walk. 

Our dog had never been around newborns either, but dogs are very intuitive. It was like he knew right from the get-go to be gentle. This was day 3 at home…

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saratiara2 :  this is sooo precious. good to know your really spoiled dog adjusted well because our little dachshund is beyond spoiled. 

following this thread to see others ideas. we have a 5 year old dachshund who is a princess and a 1 year old hound mix who is very gentle for a 1 year old. our baby boy is due June 5th. 

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saratiara2 :  Your son and your doggy are just so cute!


Commenting to follow, we also have a spoiled doggy that we adore and will have our daughter in August. 

My husband thinks our dog’s instinct will kick in automatically and he will be protective of her (he’s a rott). But I’m nervous because currently the doggy is our baby so I dont want him to feel jealous of the baby or be rough with her, which he can be when playing with us (he’s still a puppy). 

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We’ve had our 12 year old lab since she was 8 weeks. From the beginning we did various things to get her used to being messed with, our main goal is that at no point did we want her snapping or being aggressive if she felt like her space was being invaded. Especially for when we had kids, or just other kids in general. We’d interrupt her eating by sticking our hands in her bowl, or take the bowl away and maker her sit before returning the bowl. Likewise we’d gently tug her ears, rub her paws, etc both in general and while she was chewing bones or playing with toys. 

We got our older lab as a rescue when she was about 6. She came with some bad habits, including growling at meal times, when she had bones/treats, or while playing with toys. We went back to the basics and started doing the same things with her – taking her food away, petting her and rubbing all over her while she was eating. If she’d growl we’d immediately stop her and take away whatever she had. Eventually as she got more comfortable we’d make sure to give her lots of praise, rubs, and treats when she’d not growl. 

All of those things I think really prepped our dogs to be great with kids. We are the last of our group to have kids. Literally all our friends have kids, including our BFF’s who have a 1 year old. They are over a lot, and thankfully our dogs are great with kids. They’re used to be followed around, rubbed on, toys stolen, etc. 

We’re currently expecting and sadly we don’t think our oldest will make it to baby’s arrival (she has cancer) we’re hoping she does because she’s amazing with kids. Our plan is to make sure they’re really involved, including coming in and out of the baby’s room. We don’t want them jealous of that space. We will have Darling Husband bring a blanket home from the hospital for them to sniff as well. Most importantly we will remind everyone who comes over those first few weeks to greet and love on the dogs *first* before coming for the baby. Aside from that we will continue on as we normally do.

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