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I’m 31-years-old. I have a Bachelors of Chemical Engineering and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. I also have $155k in student loans, and after practicing for three years, I’ve come to the conclusion that I absolutely LOATHE clinical practice. I’ve been unemployed for the past four months, and I’m so desperate to get away from working in a clinic that I’ve been applying for $33k/yr lab technician positions, and I can’t even manage to land one of those. So yeah, you could say that I can relate to your irritation.

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You’re definitely not the only one!  There are times when I’m ok with such a strict budget but other times it is SO maddening!  I just keep telling myself it will turn around soon and try to ignore the cynical part of me that says something else will just come up. 

After the wedding we were doing pretty well and actually had a decent amount in savings and were looking forward to decorating the house we’re trying to buy when my husband broke his ankle.  And he doesn’t yet have health insurance.  $5k surgery to put in 2 screws?  Goody.  There went our savings.  At least we were able to pay for 90% with cash…

I find treating myself to something when I just can’t take it anymore helps sometimes.  Even if it’s just going to Target for shampoo and wandering around for a bit.  Even if it’s nothing exciting buying something other than gas and groceries can help take the edge off. 

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@Valhalla… right there with you. All my friends are going to graduate without student loans and go into the career world (or else med school)–and I’m going in with a TON of student loans, a wedding/honeymoon to pay for and my Fiance is going to grad school! I agree with caitlanc, I go buy myself something small when I’m really down on the fact that we’re BROKE! It always makes me feel a little better, that we can afford SOMETHING I want, but it doesn’t help about the whole friend thing… eventually, though, I know we’ll find friends who are ok with just hanging out with us at home for a cookout, or whatever. 

Good luck to you! You are not alone! 🙂

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That sucks, I totally understand though. But, i will say that while i’ts nice to have a paycheck, my cost of living is astronomical and I’m kinda right back where I started! So just cuz you have a job doesn’t mean you have lots of money to throw around.You need more practical things–like ugly work sweaters or replace something in the house that crapped out. And of course you want nice furniture, which is obscenely expensive

I’m not sure engineering is a great career for me either–i’m on the fence about it. Some days i likey, some days i hate. I’m sure within 10 years i’ll have a major career change though and drop to the bottom of the barrel. Like I told Darling Husband, If I knew EXACTLY what I wanted, I’d do it. I”m just hoping I stumble across it on my own somehow =]

And by the way, even those of us with jobs+good salaries DON’T spend $300 on BOOTS! So don’t feel bad! Maybe your friends are spending beyond their means a little…you’ll be better off in the long run. Sometimes it’s the people with the least money who spend it like they don’t have it.

Nail polish is one of my favorite “me” splurges, but i have now accumulated over $300 worth of nail polish bottles in the past 5 years, it’s RIDICULOUS how much I have. Still, cheaper than other stuff.

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I know how you feel!  I am 30 and have paid off my loans but I work at a non profit so I make a fraction of what my friends in the corporate sector make!  Add to that my husband is going back to school for a PhD… we are looking at living at a “student” level for the rest of our lives!  I don’t know what to tell you but just know you are not alone!

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I know how you feel.  I quit my job this summer and went back to school full time.  It’s hard going back to not being able to buy pretty much anything other than the essentials.  I hope you can get a new job soon and some moolah!

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I hear you on this frustration.  I sort of made a mistake with my first job because now I’ve gotten pigeonholed into this one type of position that I’ve grown to hate.  I graduated college with a degree in journalism and public relations and moved to the city to work in either one of those fields.  I had no luck getting a job, and the rent was due, so I took the first job I was offered.  I’m still in the same type of position, ugh.  While my friends/former classmates were living with their parents, working entry level PR jobs and moving up the ladder, I was getting further and further from what I wanted to do! 

Now I’m back in school getting my masters’ and hopefully that will lead me to more of the career I’m looking for.  I’m so jealous of Fiance — whose career is going great!

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Yup-know how you feel! Lots of debt,  & I graduate in May so in November I’ll be getting more, but not before I get wedding debt in August!!

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I just want to say that you are not alone, and you are not being “dumb”, but just frustrated.  At lest you are still a student so being poor is more “acceptable”, try being just poor! lol 🙂

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I’m with you.  I had to work my way through college, and I really didn’t have time to work on the things I loved.  While most kids took on interships, I had to work full time.  I graduated and had to start paying back the enormous mountain of student loan debt, so I took a job that covered the bills.  I want to go back to school, and I want to work on my dreams.  From the looks of it, I will be in my mid to late thirties when I get the chance to start doing what I want.  I suppose that’s not bad, but I wish I had been able to start earlier. 

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UGH – totally understand!

26 doing a PhD will be 29 when I am finished! It sucks! The money thing sucks and I feel like I am working towards a career that doesn’t fit with the family oriented life style I want to have.

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you’re not the only one. when i was working, i was making less than $40k a year, way less than many of my friends who are teachers and everyone knows how low teaching salaries can be. it sucked being the only one still living at home but i just couldn’t afford it no matter how many times i tried to slice my budget.

but i’m in the middle of a career switch following a layoff and am in grad school so living at home has definitely been my saving grace. i understand your frustration and from what i hear, it does eventually turn around!

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