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Honey bee
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I am not sure why so many people concern themselves with the birth choices of others, or feel it is their duty to “educate” them. What ever is best for you and baby, for some that is a natual delivery and for some it is a planned c-section:) Good luck with your delivery!

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I’m in the exact same boat, went through 50.5 hours of labour before they declared I needed a c-section because my son was stuck. He was born with lots of bruising on his head because of being stuck and the cord around his neck. I also recovered well considering the exhaustion and lack of sleep for almost 3 days. Because of the nature of the reason I needed my c-section, they’ve also recommended that I get another one next time (although they’ve left the choice up to me). I’m going to go ahead with planned c-sections in the future because things could have gone seriously wrong with my baby at any time and I’m not taking any chances with any subsequent children. Although I 100% hoped I wouldn’t need a c-section (actually, I was trying for a med free birth- HA!) I had put the thought in my mind that if it was necessary, it’s what is best for me. Luckily I didn’t feel like a failure or like any less of a mom because of how my son arrived. We all have different experiences and a c-section happens to be mine.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

@mommytobee:  I think some ladies treat it as their personal crusade to “inform” others (which really means push their own view) about c-sections. It’s a personal choice between the woman, her partner, and her doctor. It really doesn’t concern anyone else and is none of their business to comment on. I have to have a c-section for medicial reasons, but I would have opted for one anyway (for reasons that will remain personal). Plenty of people think it is there place to pass judgement and it just isn’t. You don’t have to agree, but it sure is nice to give everyone respect.

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Sugar bee
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I agree and think you definitely made the right decision for you and your bebe. For some reason birth & pregnancy brings out the big mouths. 

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Honey bee

I getcha. I’m a big fan of– not your uterus, not your business. 

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Yeah women have been doing it forever, and they died A LOT and their babies died A LOT. We have better medicine now, and that’s what a c section is– not a moral decision!

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Bee Keeper

I don’t really ever see anyone talking negatively about emergency/medically necessary c-sections. I think what people have an issue with is women having elective c-sections for convenience, or to “save their vagina,” or other questionable reasons. While I don’t always agree with the decision to have an elective c-section, I also don’t really care what other women do (though the literature tends to show benefits of vaginal birth). I think the bees that post information are really trying to inform others, because when you have suffered in some way, you want to help others avoid the same mistakes and spare them the same anguish. But ultimately, everyone should make their own educated decision. 

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Bumble bee
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If pregnancy ends in a healthy baby and healthy mom, that’s really all that matters! I think people more have a problem when a c-section is performed when “they” think it’s not necessary, and of course everyone thinks they are an expert these days. You are doing nothing wrong, momma 🙂 follow your instincts and what you and your doctor feel is best and give the haters the bird! 

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@BlondeMissMolly:  I think that is part of the problem. People working under the assumption that others aren’t well informed and need “educating” just because they are making a different decision than others.

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Go you. You’re doing what you, your husband and your doctor think is best for your child and your family. Don’t let any naysayers get you down or try and convince you that you just need to be “educated” on why a vaginal delivery is the best and only option in every scenario.

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@BlondeMissMolly:  +1



If a c-section is needed to keep mom and baby healthy, I’m all for it. Cut me open as long as my baby is okay! I think sometimes I look twice at women who want to have c-sections because for example, they don’t want an ugly vagina, because I had vaginal and my vagina is still intact. I think alot of my “I would never elect to have a c-section” is because I have a fear of surgeries. I have never had major surgery and the thought of a c-section shakes me up. To each their own though. It’s not me that has to go through it so at the end of the day, my opinion doesn’t matter.

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Bumble bee
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@mommytobee:  Amen.


I’m having my third c-section next Monday.  This one and the last one were planned.  It was recommended by my OB in both cases given the extreme situations in my first labor, which resulted in a c-section after a very long and problem-ridden induction.  

I’ve been told I’ve “never given birth” and am not a “real mom” before because I’ve never delivered vaginally.  

I agree that pregnancy/childbirth/children bring out the big mouths.  I’ve already been lectured about how I’m not breastfeeding (um… starting cancer treatment… are suggesting I poison my infant?)  People are just ridiculously stupid.


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@mommytobee:  I love this and it is very well written!

I also had to have a C-section because my water broke at 34 1/2 weeks. My body just wasn’t ready for labor and would not progress. It was in the BEST interest for both my Dirty Delete and I to have a C-section.

For number two, I plan on doing a repeat C-section.

People have to do what works best for them. Bottom line!!

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