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Well, the good news is… you’re young.  🙂  Find a new job, it’ll be better and hopefully you can actually advance your career. 

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If you’re in the US and your company is an equal opportunity employer then “you’re young” is an illegal excuse for not granting requests.  They can say “you’re inexperienced” but then you have to get their help proposing a plan to build your experience.  Ask about cross-training opportunities, etc.  My husband fell into a similar trap.  He kept really on top of them for feedback and ways to grow in his position, though.  After 7 years, he’s not young anymore.

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@jpalm13:  I was very young when I started my first job (I started my full time position while I was still in college and I entered college eariler than normal) and hence I was very young for all my positions while I was in industry(I’m in grad school now and now I’m older than most lol). I kept my age as a secret to all my clients because I experienced some unfair situations when they found I was very young but my employeer never mistreated me for my age. Occasionally I had people working for me much older and some of them didn’t like that I was too young, but never the company itself or my boss(es). 


I’d recommend to look for something else. Mistreating someone by age is a great sign that it is not a good workplace even if you’re not the target.


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@jpalm13:  Do you have it in writing what your benefits package should be? If so, I’d go to him with that.  Sounds like you’re better off looking for a new job.


It’s totally wrong (may even be illegal) for them to bring your age into anything.  Doesn’t sound like the right environment for you. I definitely wouldn’t want to work there.


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I am sorry you are going through this, however at least you have a job We all have gripes and vents. And I have been at my company for 8 years and havent had a raise in over 2 years. So you got me beat there.  And probably won’t get one this next time either due to the Healthcare Reform since I work in the health care insurance and all money is being spent to for that. 

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I feel your pain. In my job I get crapped not for being young, but more for being a woman. My boss generally ignores me, will shout at me for stuff out of my control, completely forget or fail to acknowledge my good work and generally treat me like I am an idiot. He seems to have plenty of time, help and patience for male employees though. 

I intend to find another job as soon as I am able. If you can, you should do the same! 

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This is awful. I know a little bit how you feel, I stated working at a corporate old school mainly male dominate company. I was of nine people of color in the office, and one of four female workers who wasn’t in a support position.


I was kind of shocked the first in a meeting when a client turned around and asked me to get him some coffee, like seriously I’m sitting at a conference table with everyone else,  why would he ask me to get him coffee. The coffee placed in a central location for everyone to serve themselves. I completely froze luckily one of my other coworkers who felt sorry for me, was like I’m getting coffee I can grab you a cup.


My boss had completely confidence in me so that was great, but sometimes I was completely disrespect and I think that was because I was minority in every single way.


I think when you are  young and female people sometimes discount you. I sometimes went over and above to gain the confidence and respect from the clients. I had one who I worked with for two years, who called and doubled check every single thing I did, especially with people in my team who weren’t as experienced or knew what they were doing. At one point I was over it and told my boss we should let someone handle it. He was put with someone else, who did a good job but obviously was still learning and guess what a few months went by and he asked for me to start working with him again.  It’s really sad but you have to explain yourself more, and work twice as hard.


As for traveling and staying in the same room as a coworker wtf, I traveled for work and I know people who traveled for work I never ever heard of being put in a room with a coworker. I say learn how to assert yourself more, address the room sharing with HR.

The reason why I stayed at my job is because I had people who looked at my skills rather than my age and gender. At a certain point if this is the mindset of the companies and your bosses then it’s time that you start looking for a better position. Your boss sounds like a real piece of work, and if you have weak Hr w coupled with horrible leaders it bound to start a hostile work environment.


Stay Strong!


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I understand your frustration but take a deep breath be thankful to have a job….yea I’m kind of going there. And at least you got a raise! I work in healthcare and IF we got a raise it was roughly 2%…this past year, no raise at all due to budget cuts in preparation to the ACA.

I’m one of the youngest at my job and I hear it a lot…yes it gets tiring but I’ll soak it up as much as I can because I wont be young for long.

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@jpalm13:  Ageism happens whether you are old or young. I don’t let it get to me.

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Well honestly your post shows that you’re young.

A 4% raise is awesome.  Companies that regularly give raises usually give 1-3% and many companies (like my own) are using the economy as an excuse not to give raises at all.

Most companies have crap vacation policies.  You’re lucky if you get a week for the first year you work for a company and then most will give you a second week but you won’t accumulate any more until year 5.

As far your boss taking time off, he’s the boss and can do as he pleases until his boss tells him otherwise.  My boss comes in at 9 and leaves by 3 most days but if something major goes down, he will work through the weekend or get midnight phone calls at home.

If you hate your office then stay long enough to get the necessary experience and find another job with a better company and better benefits then move up so you can become the boss and do as you please.  The best thing about being young is you have time to strategize and move up; your boss is probably as far up as he’s going to go so he just doesn’t care anymore.

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Ugh, that totally sucks – I’m a bit younger and I know people do a double-take when they meet me after speaking with me on the phone, and realize I look a lot younger than I sound, and pass judgement.

When I started working full-time, I never told anyone my age or hinted at how young I may be. It helps that it’s a Human Rights Code violation to discrimate based on age and as such, my boss had no right to ask or know how old I was, only HR did. Does whatever State you’re from have any protection like that?

The opportunity with your dad sounds amazing! Good luck with it 🙂


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