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Zinc, scarves, not going outside with wet hair, making sure to get at least 6 solid hours of sleep a night, flu shot, gloves at gas stations and other germ pools, lots of fluids and vitamin C. Every year I get a horrible throat infection so I know that’s coming soon. Joy!

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@KatyElle: So the wet hair thing is true?

I am undecided about the flu shot, but when I did casemanagement and was in and out of houses, I used to use hand sanitizer everytime I left a house, and always washed my hands before eating. This year, I got lots of airbourne, am trying not to stress myself out too much, and am trying to allow myself to rest and have sanitizer ready at every turn!

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I got a flu shot for the first time this year. Otherwise, I wash my hands a lot, get enough sleep, and try to get enough vitamin C.

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@soyjoy222: People say it’s not, but I swear if I go out in the cold with wet hair I get sick without fail. Plus it just feels gross.

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@Aure: aww im sorry your sick! Whenever I get sick I drink lemon ginger tea with honey in it. I actually have been sick for about 9 days now. It started out as a head cold that moved into my lungs and turned into a bronchial infection. Ive already used up all my sick time and I know Im going to get sick again!

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@soyjoy222:  The wet hair thing is a myth.  You can only get sick by actually coming in contact with the germs that cause the cold.  BUT.. it will make you feel really cold and uncomfortable so that’s not fun.

The best thing you can do to prevent getting sick is wash your hands like it’s your job!! 

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I’m sorry you’re sick. ๐Ÿ™ Feel better soon! Get lots of rest.

And, wait! Oh no! It is the season! Last year, I got the real influenza flu and the doctor told me I was not to go anywhere near the general public for a week and a half and I had to take heaps of pills. I don’t actually remember any of this, since I was so sick I couldn’t stand or really focus my eyes. I just faded in and out of fevered sleep while my mother cleaned my apartment (which was awesome when I got better).

This year, I am getting the flu shot!!! I used to think the flu shot was silly, but I am not risking getting that horrible thing ever again. My mother had been ill (with something else, not the flu) for a few months, and the doctors had given her a bunch of different shots, including the flu shot. She spent a lot of time around me when I was super viral and convinced I was dying of the flu, and she never caught it! Anything I can do to hold it off, I will do. I didn’t realize it was flu season again… I have to go buy some vitamins later today. Eek.

@KatyElle: Also, I agree, wet hair outside just feels gross…

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I am so sorry you are sick. ๐Ÿ™ I hate getting sick but yet this is my favorite time of year! Hmmmm… lol 

I had bronchitis to start with then I got a nasty cold! My eyes was watering, nose running, sore throat/cough. The works! 

Now I am over the cold but still got this dang cough & now my runny nose is back. ๐Ÿ™

Here is my best advice –

Drink more Orange Juice.

Buy a humidifier.

Use a saline nasal spray.

Stay warm & rested.

Gargle with warm salt water to ease your sore throat.

Drink hot liquids such as tea. (Add 1 tsp of Honey.)

Take a steamy shower/bath.

Vicks, vicks & more vicks on your chest/throat.

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I’ve had a perpetual runny nose/stuffy head this entire week, and everything on my body feels dehydrated.

The two things that help me feel better are hot water with honey and lemon (no caffeinated tea, I find that it usually dries out my sinuses even more) or just plain mint tea.

Also, if you have access to a Korean restaurant, kimchi jjigae (spicy kimchi soup) has always worked wonders whenever I’ve been sick.  Clears my sinuses right up.

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@KatyElle: I think the wet hair thing is true in a way, For me it doesnt give me a cold or the flu but if I dont use a blow dyer then I get an ear infection (which I think I have one starting now, great)

doctors always say the best ways to avoid getting sick are to wash your hands and try to not touch your face,get a flu shot, get enough sleep (if you dont sleep atleast 7 hours a night it can weaken your immune system)eat as healthy as you can and try to avoid stress

Some people just have a weak immune system like I do and no matter how careful you are your going to get sick. I am usually good for 2 colds a year

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