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  • poll: what do you you use?

    We use missionary(or did all the way through)

    We switch it up(doggy, girl on top, mish)

    We use doggy mostly

    I am on top most often

    We used Mish prior to preg, then switched it up to me on top

    We used Mish prior to preg, then switched to doggy

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    I’ve never been preggo, but I have had quite a few candid talks with my preggo girlfriends, and it totally varies from woman to woman.  Have you tried doggy?  One girlfriend of mine said they usually have him sit in a chair, and she’s on top and that works well because she can lean back to accommodate her belly and if she’s on her knees, she can adjust the depth/angle accordingly.

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    @wbrn: I’m not pregnant but suffer badly from IBS which means that sometimes pressure on my stomach is impossibly uncomfortable. We quite often use a position where I’m on my back with him on his side beside me. I’ll put my leg closest to him over his legs and the leg futher away between them. I get good stimulation and a good angle of entry (particularly if he tilts his hips upwards slightly).

    On a related but separate note, I’ve read a few of your previous posts and it’s nice to see someone else with a similar relationship dynamic to ours.

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    We have to mix it up; I often don’t last very long on top though (go figure, I’m athletic, but I find it really difficult to stay on top since getting pregnant)… Since getting pregnant, it’s longer for me to reach climax, so he’ll usually take care of me with oral or his hands, then we get down to business. We’ll go doggy or put pillows under my butt so he can be on his knees and my belly is not in the way. Or, we lay on the side, him behind…

    As for the pain, I don’t know where you are in your pregnancy; but for me, intercourse was painful throughout the first trimester and a few weeks after that too. I was definitely tighter and it hurt; which was frustrating for me (and probably him too!) because I had never, ever had any problems having sex before. Good news is, it gets better.

    Good luck!

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    We are having a hard time with this too. Our favorite positions just don’t work anymore even though my belly isn’t even huge yet. I don’t think I enjoy pregnant sex. I can’t really climax anymore from sex, though the bullet is a good idea. I think we’re going to start trying to do it with me leaning over the bed and him behind me… a modified doggy. We hate the side by side spooning everyone talks about, which is a bummer. I don’t know, I’m curious to hear what others say.

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    When I got super big, we ended up with me lying on the bed and him standing on the side of it. Worked well for us 🙂

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    I’m not pregnant but bookmarking this for later use. Good question!

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    @colors: Love this….We use it when i’m being lazy:)

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    I’m glad this thread popped back up because it’s getting to the point where missionary just isn’t comfortable, and it’s our go-to position to end things. Time to switch it up!

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    We have been trying to figure out what to do. The baby usually moves when we are about to get it on, which is a turn off. I’m not a fan out lots of kissing and kissing sounds lol (it has only been like that since getting pregnant). So it is hard for us. 

    Maybe we can try Reverse Cowgirl or sitting in a chair. 

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    My husband’s favorite position is kind of a standing missionary position – he stands, my butt on the edge of the bed.  …But I see Colors already recommended it.  And Special Sundae’s suggestion is another of his favorites (it just confuses me.  A cross between reverse cowgirl and missionary?  WTH?)

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    My FH and I have gone through a similar issue. Tips that I have for being on top include making sure that your DH stays STILL at first. No thrusting, no tilting his hips, none of that. STILL. It’ll help you adjust & find an angle that works for you — i.e., one that doesn’t hurt & that offers stimulation. What I find works really well is sitting bent slightly forwards (not straight up & down), and sort of sliding backwards & forwards; you get that direct clitoral stimulation (especially if your SO kind of puffs up his belly), and the non-90-degree angle means that his penis is less likely to hit your cervix (the source of the pain you described).

    You can also try missionary in different positions, so that he’s not lying on top of you (where your belly would be in the way).

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    I’m not quite to the point where the belly is seriously getting in the way, but our favorite position at the moment is me on my back with a pillow under my hips, and him on his knees between my legs. It works really well for us, because I sometimes have trouble getting off these days, but I can easily stimulate myself, and the strokes aren’t so deep that it hurts me (unless he pulls my legs up over his shoulders). 

    Also, sometimes I lie on my stomach (with my legs bent up a little bit for balance) and put a pillow under my chest and hips, so my stomach hangs down a little. It’s more comfortable than full on doggy-style. 

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    Recently, it’s become quite difficult for us as well. Full on doggy style, hurts now. I’m way too big for missionary style. Plus I pass out if I lay on my back for too long. So I discovered if DH lies on his back, and I sit indian style in between his legs, not facing him, I can get an angle where he doesn’t hit anything so it’s not painful. Plus it allow for me to lean forward on my hands with out my belly hitting anything. 

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    We mixed up the positions a lot pre-preg, and still did so until mid second trimester, then we started using a lot of positions where I was side-lying (spooning, or some other ones that we have discovered along the way). I fine being on top is diffucult now, because the depth of penetration is too much and it hurts, and I hate doggy with a passion.

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