(Closed) TMI but advice please…men shield your eyes!

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Honey bee
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Sounds like folliculitus. Which is basically a clogged pore. They go away on their own eventually. I’ve been perscribed antibiotics for them but have also been told that they will go away on their own. They occur when you don’t exfoliate enough, get an ingrown hair (from shaving or waxing), or if there is a buildup of sweat. I would keep the area as clean and dry as possible. Don’t wear lacy underwear until it goes away. Plain cotton ones are better. Also wearing tight pants/stockings can encourage them, so avoid wearing those as much as possible.

It could be something else though. If it is painful and doesn’t improve I would see you gyno.

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I’ve had one before.  It was an ingrown hair from shaving.  The doctor actually prescribed me an antibiotic to help rid of it.

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Let things ” air” out as much as possible, like sleeping urestricted on your lower half (naked no undies), wearing cotton panties, loose cloting on the bottom half etc.

EDIT Also, as a general rule, only let water touch those parts. Be wary body washes, vaginal washes, anything with perfume , etc.

That will go away in time 🙂

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This sounds like a backed up duct.  You actually have ducts on your inner labia that lubricate your vagina and labia.  They’re normally very small, and smooth to the skin, so they’re hard to see unless they’re backed up. Sometimes, they are classified as Bartholin Gland cysts, if large enough and they repeat. If they do, your OBGYN may suggest removal of the naughty Bartholin gland. Problem with that is…you need to self lube.  Positive? No more ickies. These ducts can become backed up easily if you’re using a lot of powder down there, perfumes, TTC on Clomid or similar drugs making your ovulation thicker than usual, I could go on.  It is nothing to be embarrassed about. If it really hurts, I recommend a hot compress (a wet wash cloth warmed in the microwave for about 30 seconds) Be careful not to burn yourself. What is warm to your hand is sweltering to your sensitive areas. Your body should re-absorb it within a couple of days. If it DOES “pop,” call your OBGYN and let them know. They may want to prescribe antibiotics, just in case.  Neosporin generally works well, though. 

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Busy bee
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I had a small “lump” a while back in a similar spot. I went to the GYN thinking I had cancer! She didn’t seem concerned, it was gone a few weeks later.

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Buzzing bee
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I have a weird zit looking lump in that area.. I’ve had it for a long time. Sort of comes & goes. My GYN doesn’t think it’s anything to worry about at all. I would just watch it, chances are it will be gone in a week or two. If it would make you feel better, there’s no harm in calling your GYN’s office. 

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Sugar bee
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I have a hair in that area that seems to become ingrown all the time… exactly the same hair, becuase it’s in exactly the same place.  That follicle must be crooked or something :S

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I get those quite frequently. For me, shaving would trigger them so I do not shave “down there” anymore. Besides, Fiance loves me “au natural”!


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I get these from time to time from shaving. They’re always ingrown hairs from shaving. They go away after a couple of days, and I personally put alcohol on it but that’s just me.

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@Mrs.Elivs:  You can use acne cream too!  Just be careful about keeping it on the outside.


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Best thing for these lumps cause by ingrown hairs is take vitamin e pills. These lumps can hurt at times at i take vitamin e and have seen a great results.

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Ugh. I get probably one or two a month.  F’n sucks. I know how you feel.

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Busy bee

It could be a sebaceous cyst, which actually is caused by what some of the PPs said, a blocked follicle. When the blocked follicle/cyst becomes infected it takes on the appearance you described, with the white head.

I’ve had one (in the same spot) twice. The first time I thought it was just an ingrown hair but it kept getting bigger and eventually it actually popped. Some pus came out and it was super gross. The next time I had one it wasn’t going away so I saw the gyno and she prescribed antibiotics and told me to try putting moist heat on it until it “came to a head” and then it would pop. She told me that if I got another one to come see her for antibiotics because once it’s gotten to that point it’s considered an infection.

I would schedule an appointment with the doctor if I were you. If not, try putting a warm wet washcloth on the area and try to get it to pop. Once it does make sure you get everything cleaned up really well down there to avoid infection.

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