TMI- Have a stomach parasite and husband will not get tested

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catskillsinjune :  I literally just sat here for a solid two minutes trying to understand what anus to vagina is.  I’m *pretty sure* I’ve got it now lol

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blondewithdog : ah, sorry! i see now how that could be confusing since it’s a different mechanism than mouth to anus (though now i’m trying to visualize a vagina rubbing against an anus. possible?) i simply meant that once fingers/dicks/toys/whatever touches or is inserted into the anus, that it doesnt then go into the vagina. vagina first, then ass, totally fine. but the other way around is a big no no. it’s the sex equivalent of the “beer before liquor” rule.

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catskillsinjune :  Or very literally the sex equivalent of “always wipe front to back”

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tracyb101 :  Ugh, I’m sorry bee that sucks SO much. I have had a parasite before and it is truly awful. Although I found the treatment was much rougher than the symptoms so I wouldn’t recommend that he be treated without testing positive first ( i think you already said this wasn’t an option). Can you bring him with you to the doctor and have them explain that just because he isn’t symptomatic, he still may have it and in fact no one is immune so the testing is very important and may save his life if he happens to have it? If he wont come to the doctor, I would tell him that I’m going the tell the doc all about your sexual adventures because it puts him at risk for this and it will go in his medical file so everyone who pulls up his records will see the details of his sex life hahahaha. I don’t know if he’d fall for it or not but short of that, I would honestly just sit him down, tell him how incredibly important this is to you that he get checked and if he doesn’t, you will be really upset & will lose respect for him. 

Is there any way there was a sexual indiscretion on his part and that’s why he’s fighting it? I know some men refuse to go to the doctor because they’re just stubborn and indestructible… but if it’s life-threatening and he’s participated in risk-inducing behavior, it doesn’t make much sense. 

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OP, based on this post as well as looking at a little of your posting history, I have 2 very strong recommendations:

– If you have not already, please get your child tested for this parasite.

– Please stop ALL sexual activity with your husband until he gets tested, not only for this parasite but for sexually transmitted diseases in general. If he does agree to get tested, please request to see his results directly from the doctor: unfortunately his resistance so far makes me suspect he could lie that he got tested just to get you off his back. Or even worse, not be entirely truthful about his test results.

This is as much about his health as yours.

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livster : “Please stop ALL sexual activity with your husband until he gets tested, not only for this parasite but for sexually transmitted diseases in general.” Thankk you. I didn’t want to be the one who said it. But OMG yes! (and that was even before I read the thread history. Now I am even more worried than ever) 

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Are you sure that you didn’t catch this from your husband? I have gotten a parasite before—I got guardian from swimming in a lake. Did you get something like that or did you get something that is often transmitted by sex? 

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Not the same but my husband ignored his cough did 2 weeks and now I have a thrust and ear infection.  Smh. Men. 

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Comment removed for baiting.

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Wow I didn’t realize this was that husband till I read the previous posts. Reading the posts again was just as bad as the first time.

OP, you have way bigger issues with your husband than him refusing the parasite test which obviously was said throughout the other topics.

He’s the douche that shoved your face in his junk after you declined sex and also didnt respect any of your feelings surrounding other sexual matters. Point blank you don’t force sex on someone asleep and/or barely awake without clear verbal consent. Or force it period really. That’s sexual assault. You don’t continue to pester someone for sexual services they’ve made clear they aren’t comfortable in. You also don’t put your spouse’s health at risk by refusing a test for sexually transmitted parasites.

All I can say is I hope one day you realize his BS isn’t worth it and you deserve better out of a partner.

edit: I also realize this topic is 4 weeks and has been bumped. But I’m going to leave my post anyhow since clearly OP has been coming back for three years.

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