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I had my nipples pierced when I was 18, but no longer have them.  I am a full C/ Small D cup, and I had a problem with them healing…as in they just never did.  I took them out about 6 months after having them pierced due to this problem.

To answer your questions: 

1) From my personal experience, it does take a long time for bigger chested women to heal…and if they get hit when you are playing roller derby, it will hurt about 10 times more than when you get them pierced.  I made the mistake of going to the gym the following day, and hit them on a machine, and it brought me to tears.  Getting them pierced was no big deal though. 

2) Sports bra will put pressure on the piercing…which will hurt.  And removing the sports bra…OUCH! 

3) You should be able to breast feed.  I’ve had mine out for years, and you can barely see white dots (scars) on either side.  My doctor said breast feeding shouldn’t be a problem. 

Also, just to let you know of some things I didn’t consider before getting mine pierced.  Let the water from the shower hit your back after first getting them done, the direct water will make them feel like you are being stabbed with needles.  They bleed a lot when you first stand up.  And, you cannot let ANYONE play with them until they are fully healed…which can take a long time. 

I hope this has answered some of your questions!  Good Luck!  

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I have Ds and formerly had my nipple pierced, it hurt a lot and took over a year for it to totally heal and even then if I snagged it on something it would flair up again. I did like the look of it but had to remove it when I got a breast reduction(used to be a DDD cup). 

I’ve thought about having it redone but the healing time is way to long to make it worth it for me.

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Busy bee
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I have one, and have had it for a couple of years. I’m a Dirty Delete, and I haven’t heard anything about cup size affecting healing etc.

I won’t lie, it damn well hurt! Maybe because I did it on a bit of a whim… it bled a lot, and when I had a shower and took the bandage off, I went into shock and nearly passed out from the blood. I had Fiance there and he held me up until I recovered. After the initial cleaning, I was fine.

It didn’t take too long to heal for me at all, I wore a cotton pad inside my bra for about 2 weeks, and then it was fine. I think I kept Fiance away from it for about a month. I slept with a crop top on for about 4 weeks too, now my regular pj’s are fine. I have 7 piercings, including nose, upper lip and tragus, and I have to say, my nipple healed best out of all my piercings.

I know one girl who fell pregnant while she had one in, she took it out at about 12 weeks and was fine to breastfeed, which was my main concern. A couple years later she had it repierced, and then fell pregnant again, so once again she took it out.

I have another friend who had hers done for years before mine, one time she caught it on the shower door and just about ripped it out. She’s never showed me, but she reckons it will inhibit her ability to breastfeed from that side… so I’m extra careful in the shower!

And I have yet ANOTHER friend who has both done. She’s in her mid 40s and loves them. In fact her husband always jokes that he’s going to hook her jewellery up to a chain, and then loop it around her neck to pull her boobs back up! lol

Wow, that sounds like I know lots of people with nipple piercings… I don’t, really!

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i had both my nipples pierced and i took them out just before i started breastfeeding. My concern was that i didnt want the ball to come off or do any damage to bubs mouth etc. I had no problems feeding. 

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Bumble bee

I have both mine done. Mine didn’t heal much at all for two months, then I figured out it was the steel rings. They were too heavy!! So after a long talk with my piercer he suggested bioplast barbells. He showed me how to clean them and then he put them in. I Swear to GOD, my nipples breathed a sigh of relief the second they were in!

Then I just did a saltwater soak once a day (end of the day) every day for awhile, and they healed totally in about a month or so. I did wash them with dial in the am too. All in all, they healed quicker and better then say my cartiledge in my ear.

As always your milage may vary. Talk with your piercer.

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Two words: cold weathe. I have friends that got their nips pierced. It was funny to see them cringe befeye going outside in winter. They said it hurt more than when they got them peirced.

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