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@Chrysoberyl:  Yep! Ask your doc if you’re interested. For ladies with heavier periods (more uterine lining to slough off) it might not work as well- more spotting upfront, anyway- but there is absolutely nothing unhealthy or dangerous about it. The only downside in my mind is that I don’t have a period every month reassuring me that I’m not pregnant! I test about every six weeks instead.

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I’m currently on continuous birth control (which is awesome because it means I don’t hurt), but before I got on BC, my periods looked something like this:

Days 1:  Bad cramps but regular flow.

Days 2-5:  HELL ON EARTH.  Cramps that had me doubled over, super heavy (like, 2 overnight pads per hour heavy) flow, and bad headaches.

Days 6-10:  Bad cramps and a heavy flow.

Days 7-12 or sometimes 14:  Cramps are better, regular flow.

Yeah.  It sucked.   On birth control, my periods lasted about 5 days and weren’t very heavy.  I had some cramping but it wasn’t too bad.  Until the endometriosis started to give problems, that is.  But that’s a different story.

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@Pink Asawa:  Mine are just like yours. I spot for a day before it actually starts, then the next day is regular and by the third day I just need a liner. It’s been this way since I got off BCP’s in January. Teenage years were 8 day long, painful periods. Much prefer it this way 🙂

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My period is so irregular.  But here is both scenarios that typically happen:

Day 1: Super heavy, horrible cramps, breast soreness, bloating – I have to use a super tampon and wear a pad throughout the day.  I’ll typically go through 2 super tampons.  In the night I’m still dealing with horrible cramps and typically don’t get a good nights sleep

Day 2-3: Regular flow.  Might still have some cramps but not as bad.  I’m able to use a regular or super tampon and not wear a pad.

Day 4-5: Light flow.

Day 6-8: Spotting.  Still wearing a pad just to keep undies from staining.

Scenario 2:

Day 1-3: Spotting.

Day 4: SUPER SUPER Heavy flow.  Horrific cramps that are only relieved by Vicodin.  I will go through 3-4 Super tampons per day and have to wear a pad as well. Cramps continue through night as well as heavy flow.  I will have to wear my ratty pj’s to keep my good pjs from staining because I will leak through in the night.

Day 5: Heavy flow. More cramps, bloating, fatigue. Serious PMS.

Day 6: Regular flow

Day 7-8: Light flow/spotting.

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I’m not on BC, but mine are usually pretty regular as far as timing goes. 

I have bad cramps for a few days before my period actually starts.

Days 1-3:  Super heavy…like I go thru at least 5 Super tampons a day and have to use those + pads while sleeping because it will bleed through.  Cramps, bloating, sore boobs…the only good thing is I don’t have mood swings! 

Days 4-5: Nothing

Days 6-7: Light spotting


I also tend to “sync up” really easily with my female friends if we spend a lot of time together.  This can cause problems if I’m not expecting it.

My period was heavy like this when I was a teen and I got on Depo and stopped them completely for 5 years.  At the 5 year mark, the Dr. told me I couldn’t take Depo anymore. After that, I was pretty irregular (skipped months, or had 2 in one month) for about a year.

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Blah, I’m in the throes of PMS as we speak. 

My periods are different depending on whether I have an IUD or not. At the moment, I have a copper one (Flexi-T), which I love.

So, here’s an outline of my periods with a copper IUD:

Week before period: PMS. Breasts sore, very grumpy and impatient, urge to clean and fix everything in the house (if I don’t I’ll go insane). Bad bloating– I think I gain 2 or 3 pounds. Occasional cramps. Delightful variety of digestive disturbances.

Day 1: Fairly bad cramps, easily cured with ibuprofen. Digestive system problems of all sorts. Light to medium flow– I go through 3 or so tampons. By evening it’s pretty heavy and I have to wear a thick pad to bed.

Day 2: Medium to heavy flow. Have to change super tampons every 2-3 hours. Cramps less, and then I get super hungry and my digestion improves. Still super bloated. Have to wear pad to bed.

Day 3: Light flow, feel like a normal person again. Don’t have to wear anything to bed.

Day 4: Light flow in AM sometimes, with a couple gushes. By the end of the day it’s gone. It take a few days for me to un-bloat and not feel like a balloon anymore.

So, without a copper IUD (strangely enough) my periods suck a lot more. In the week beforehand, I get all the mood/digestion/bloating/breast discomfort issues, but no cramps. Then:

Day 1: Horrible cramps, feel wretched, don’t want to do anything, can barely get myself to move. Digestive disturbances. Medium to heavy flow. Might soak through (around) the pad and my panties at night.

Day 2: Heavy flow, bad cramps continue. A number of super tampons. Feel like crap. Have to wear pad to bed. Still have a stomachache.

Day 3: Medium to light flow, cramps mostly gone. Don’t need anything at night. Stomach getting back to normal.

Day 4: Light flow, comes and goes so just when I think my period is gone, and I remove the tampon, I stain my underwear/pants. Yuck. I like the reusable sea sponge tampons for this stage because some of them are tiny and soft and I can’t really feel them (not that I can actually FEEL tampons up there, but somehow I’m always aware of them being there and by day 3 or 4 I’m really tired of wearing one).

Day 5: Spotting in AM and possibly into the afternoon. Usually by nighttime it’s gone.

I am glad I am one of the few people whose periods are made lighter and less crampy by the COPPER IUD!!


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Day before day 1 – extreme bloating, which is ridiculously painful, tiredness

Day 1 – intense cramps and backache, medium flow for half the day, light flow for the rest of the day

Day 2 – no more cramps, spotting

Day 3 – usually over but I might spot a little

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Gone anon for this one.

Saw the dr about 2 1/2 months ago because of heavy periods and blood clots on BC pills (the ones with a 7 day break). Was having 5 days of bleeding – 2 very heavy (changing super+ tampons every hour or two!). I knew this was quite bad, but it’s only after reading this thread that I know how bad it is!

She has now put me on the progesterone only pill (and sent me for some scans to check everything). In theory, I should have some spotting for three months max then no period at all. In fact, I had one week on, two weeks off, and then the next six weeks mostly on (in an unpredictable, randomly bleeding without warning type way), including some very very heavy days.

i guess I better go back to the dr…

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Day 1 through the middle of Day 3: 5-6 super tampons with a panty liner, period panties, yoga pants or leggings because my jeans don’t fit. Cramps, bloating, and I eat everything in sight.

Day 3-4: 1-2 regular tampons. By the end of day 4, a panty liner is enough.

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Day 1 – Spotting, then very heavy. 

Day 2  – Heavy

Day 3 – Moderate

Day 4-5 Spotting


Diva Cup all the way!  I’m never going back to tampons and pads again.  

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