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i’m sorry you’re in so much pain! i have it too. it SUCKS! once it’s bad it gets harder to make it better, so when it starts to get bad i have something to relax me that i take, got a script for it from my PC, but had seen oral surg first. wish i could say some over the counter thing was able to help, but that hasn’t been the case for me. it does feel better if i put my fingers in the corners of my mouth and stretch it, somehow it takes some of the tension away, but you’ll look ridiculous and you’ll want chapstick first. hope you feel better soon!

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Sometimes temperature changes help me. Try using a heat pack or cold pack on your jaw.

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@notintoplanning: i’ve had it since i was a teen. i went to get my wisdom teeth out and the surgeon asked if i had a lot of pain in certain areas, of course i did, but i guess she could feel it in my jaw during my exam. i didn’t know why my head/jaw hurt before that. mine gets worse during the night, because i often grind my teeth/lock my jaw during the night. mine is worse when i’m under a lot of stress (like planning a wedding!). it does go through times where it gets better. i find things with caffeine make it worse, but it’s prob different for everyone. Fiance will massage it sometimes, and it’s amazing! hopefully with time you’ll be able to figure out what makes it better/worse for you and adjust things accordingly. good luck!

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Oh i have this and it SUCKS. I had a really bad bout in college that was caused by stress. I clenched/grinded my teeth at night. Couldn’t eat. They put me on a liquid diet. Last year it acted up again. I saw an oral surgeon, multiple dentists, orthodontists, and an acupuncturist. Turns out it was NOT muscle spasms this time. They all wanted to mess with my bite and stuff and i wouldn’t let them (i have perfect teeth, back off with your equipment people). I even had my jaw joints flushed (arthrocentesis) to clear out the scar tissue. Then i went to a chiropractor. They took x-rays and showed me that i have Forward Leaning Head syndrome and 3 curves in my neck (instead of 1). They put me on muscle relaxers, vicodin, etc etc. Since August, I have spent a few grand getting my alignment back but the pain is DEFINITELY going away. TMJ could always have an underlying cause. I don’t chew gum, I don’t eat beef jerky–it’s all a no-no for me. I go on a soft food diet occassionally. I take this every day: Formula 303. It’s a natural, safe, herbal supplement that is a muscle relaxant. But it doesn’t make you drowsy or tired like regular muscle relaxants. It just focuses on the one overworked muscle. It does work–you can get it at a chiropractor’s office but i buy it online cuz it’s way cheaper this way. It’s seriously amazing. It smells like stinky gym socks, though. I know, weird.My chiropractor adjusts my jaw back into place, too. One side would close faster than the other and it was just a never-ending pain cycle.

Anyways–TMJ can be caused by a whole shitload of reasons. Check them ALL out. You don’t want to be stupid like me and waste a whole year going “no WAY is it that!” Working at a desk makes it worse–i have to have an ergonomic set up and take breaks and make sure I am comfortable.

Oh–i also got a mouth guard at night. My MIL’s orthodontist made me one. It’s a very thin, semi-hard plastic mouthguard. It keeps me from clamping down in my sleep and has trained my mouth to be comfortable slightly open. He calls it bio feedback.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions about what worked for me. I still get shoulder/neck pain but it’s a VAST improvement from last year. I get massages occsasionally now to work out the kinks in my shoulders. Hazards of a desk job.

Every type of doctor you see will have their own idea of what will work. For my oral surgeon, he said surgery+narcotics+muscle relaxers. My dentists wanted to put me in braces. The orthodontist wouldn’t touch my teeth. The TMJ specialist wanted 5 grand to readjust my bite and possibly do jaw surgery. The acupuncturist thought heat and needles would help. And they all said phooey on the chiropractor except for the dentist. The chiropractor thought fixing my alignment would fix the issue. Glad SOMEONE was right!

shit, sorry for the novel!

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I have TMJ!  I wrote a post about it a couple of weeks ago.  I first got TMJ when I was little- by sleeping on a couch and using the hard arm rest on the end as a pillow.  It put my jaw out of whack.  I haven’t read the other posts, so I apologize if I repeat things.  I will tell you everything I know.  In 6th grade my jaw got completely locked open- when I was chewing gun on the bus.  DO NOT chew gum!  Ever.  I also had braces put on and they made me keep my jaw so wide open so long I thought I would trip out from the pain.  This made it worse.  Then, I had a dystonic reaction to some medication after a surgery and my jaw unlocked and relocked in the wrong position- !!!  I also cannot be cold for very long or my jaw locks up.  It is so painful.  Also, I never sleep with my jaw on my pillow- I never let anyone push on my face at all- any of these things could put my jaw out of whack even worse.  I personally cannot use a mouth guard- that would cause mine to lock.  I never really close my jaw, I just sort of leave it a little open with my toungue almost resting between my teeth.  Never eat things that you have to chew for too long (chips and popcorn can even cause problems).  I never open my mouth very far- I can’t!  So anything that requires me to do that is a no go.  Warm wet presses can help relax the muscles.  I am at a point where I constantly manage the TMJ, and know what not to do.  Just knowing these things helps, but it is a constant battle.  It hurts to even kiss!  🙁  I needed some dental work done and was super afraid so I found a specialist- a TMJ specialist- and they were super sensitive to my problem and let me rest my jaw.  I also got sedated (consious sedation) and that helped me relax.  I know a specialist like that can help/ make you a device to wear at night to help.  Otherwise there is surgery.  Good luck!  Feel free to ask any questions.

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