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@monitajb: I hear you on this one. I did get one person (who had a sapphire too!) say something about sapphires were a good option because they were cheap. I have a custom made ring with an heirloom sapphire. It wasn’t chosen because it was inexpensive (it also wasn’t inexpensive), it was chosen because I love sapphires and because it was important to me to know how my stone was acquired. If I wanted a diamond, I would have had one!

People do ask sometimes about why it’s a sapphire (and esp. assume that it must be my birthstone) but no one has ever said anything rude–though I generally don’t hang out with people that are so without tact anyway! Regardless, I also don’t wear a ring because I need people to comment on it or I want them to think anything of it at all…I wear it because it is a beautiful present from the man I love. I think you just have to own that.

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That stone is gorgeous!

I don’t get negative comments, but I do get a lot of double-takes, which I enjoy.  I actually LIKE that a stranger staring at my finger doesn’t know what it might or might not represent, since I think it’s weird if I’m off announcing my relationship status while my boy has a bare ring finger.  But if you want something that says “sparkly, I’m engaged” then it doesn’t have quite the same effect.

Though I’ve found that non-diamonds seem to be fairly popular (still the minority, but not uncommon) both in our area and our group of friends.  So people aren’t overly surprised by mine. 

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@sapphirebride: Yeah, don’t get me wrong, sapphires can be less expensive, and that was nice. Fiance was able to go a little crazy on getting a custom ring because he didn’t go broke on paying for the center stone. But it is an unfortunate stereotype. And it is particularly hurtful for people who are on a budget, and choose something other than a diamond in order to get a really special and interesting bang for their buck. What the heck is wrong with that?

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That stone is absolutely stunning! I have an aquamarine e-ring and I have gotten two truly unpleasant comments about it, but most of the time people are just curious about why it’s not a diamond, which I don’t mind.

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Funny that you ask.  I actually have a lot of men comment on my ring that they love the non-diamond look!  Not a lot of women make comments but if they do they are usually nice and usually from people who know what a fine colored gemstone is all about.


I have an Aquamarine cushion cut halo ring.  And it means the world to me because it is both of our birthstones and we met on his birthday.

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Oooooh, what a gorgeous stone! Your SO has a good eye!

I just got my emerald e-ring, so I haven’t had the full colored gem e-ring experience. But I’ve gotten only positive comments so far. The FB comments on my ring pic include the words wow, beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning. Not too shabby, haha!

The best part about having a colored gem is that people notice it, as Entanged said. They stand out, in a good way. I think most people find a little color very refreshing and unique. 🙂 Those people that don’t get it and feel the need to make rude comments don’t deserve your time or explanation.

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@allihappy: I love the halo setting ala Katie Holmes for your stone.  I think the color contrast would be so beautiful and still very delicate with the pave halo. 

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I have a round cut sapphire with a vintage looking band and let me tell you, I have had more compliments on my ring than any diamond ring wearer I have seen.  I think people are interested in its uniqueness and they comment on that.  I have never had a negative comment.  Some have asked if it’s also my birthstone, which it’s not.  I simply wanted a sapphire ring and wasn’t interested in a diamond.  The picture of your tourmaline looked gorgeous! 

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oh my gosh that stone, and in a halo setting??  that is going to be incredible!! 

my husband gave me the blue sapphire in a vintage replica setting i really wanted, so i am very happy with it.  i haven’t gotten any outright “nasty” comments, but i am constantly getting the “oh that’s interesting” line.  sometimes it’s genuine and other times you can tell the person is just trying to cover up their internal negative monologue.  it’s annoying when you get that initial pause, like they don’t know what to say.  most people only know what they’re told, and debeers tells them that a diamond is the only stone good enough to get married with, so there you go.

the truly nasty comment i recieved at work was actually before i got my ring. i didn’t get an ‘engagement’ ring until the night before the wedding, and when a girl at work found out i was getting married she looked at my left hand and with a face full of shock said “but you don’t have a ring! You can’t get married without an engagement ring!”  i just looked at her for a second and said, “I’m pretty sure i can.”  and walked away.  it’s really sad where some people set their priorities in life.  don’t let them get you down, enjoy rocking that rock!!

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@allihappy: ugh, rude people suck. If that happens, you should look them in the eye and inform them that it’s not “cheap,” but if they really think your choice of ring means your guy loves you any less, and see what they say.

I have a tanzanite ring and I love it. The only rude comment I got was from a friend, before I got it back from being re-sized, and when she heard it was tanzanite, she asked how many carats it was. Maybe that’s a normal question, but I found it judgemental…

I have had people ask why I chose “purple,” but they’ve been really complimentary about it.

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We got engaged five months before we emigrated so didn’t have the money to spend on a diamond. Together, we chose a tanzanite ring (I love, love LOVE) tanzanite and I am so happy we did, it’s much more ‘me’ than a diamond would have been and I’ve only ever had one person act surprised and say “why would you do that?” and I just said “because tanzanite is my favourite stone”, which it is. Everyone else has loved it. Also, tanzanite is a very soft stone, you have to be careful about knocking it and running it under very hot then cold water etc…..you can’t just take forgranted if you don’t look after it it will be okay, and I like that, it’s kind of like a relationship, you have to look after it and not take it forgranted. So in that sense, it’s a PERFECT stone for an engagement ring! Smile

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I have an aquamarine center stone with rounds and baguettes down the sides, but my aquamarine is so light in color that in anything but direct sunlight it just looks like a diamond. I think it’s weird some people act like “oh, why did you tell me” when I say it’s not a diamond– like it was okay before because they didn’t know?

The only truly rude comments I’ve ever gotten is actually from a different franchise of the jeweler where we got the ring– mall store, I usually go to the one that’s closer to us even though we bought it at one a little further away. It’s been the same guy the last two times I’ve been in there and I kind of hate him now because every time he cleans my ring he makes comments like, “So when are you going to swap this out for a diamond?” and “A ___ cut with 120 facets would look really stunning in here!”

I’m like, I picked the freaking ring out myself! I wanted an aquamarine, I got an aquamarine, leave me alone and clean my darn ring!

Ugh. Obviously it ticks me off 🙂

 Edit: Aquamarine is my fiance’s birthstone, hence the wanting of one.

Jerk. Ugh.

Edit edit: the jeweler is a jerk, not my fiance!

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My engagement ring isn’t diamond but blue sapphire, not because of financial reason. Fiance has bought me a diamond ring for my birthday last year (before he even proposed to me!) and we decided to get a gemstone engagement ring instead of a diamond one. I love gemstones jewellery, sapphire and ruby are my favourites. I’m not really a ‘diamond girl’.

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